Monday, 29 May 2017

All time low : Boredom

So the vacations are here and like always I am just bored. How much can you just push yourself into course books or notes. I tried but this does not work, not for me.
I miss someone, but wait who is that someone? Someone who'd talk, but doesn't everyone talk. Yes, everyone talks but you don't always relate to them. It's just like standing in front of someone who is speaking Mandarin and you don't even have slightest of the idea what they are talking about or what language are they speaking for that matter. I can say I'm a little frustrated, a little lost and a whole lot bored. What to do and what not to do.
Can't you just text or call, but who am I talking about? Someone who probably doesn't exist, not in my surroundings at least. May you be breathed into my surroundings, technology is advancing and yet Miss wherever you are, you are simply just too far away to even make the slightest of the thoughts to rain and finish the drought of boredom.
But by some chance if you get to read this, you can call me maybe :P

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