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Lemonade, last week of July and an interesting bit from The Fall

I finally finished The Fall by Albert Camus, surprisingly it took me quite a few days to get through with it even though it was just 92 pages. First of all, it takes sometime to get onto the level where you are able to enjoy it, to learn from it and to ponder about it and secondly, it simply forces you to look inside yourself and that gives a sort of a liberating feeling, which to be honest is quite difficult to explain properly, however, it is simply like connecting the dots once you get the hang of it.
The beauty lies in not the maze of complexity which you will find yourself lost in, but simply in questioning a lot of the things that come to your mind.
For example, if you have the book, then do turn to page number 47 and the tenth line I think, here he mentions one of the most beautiful bits of the book, something that resonates inside of you and makes you search for the meaning of what punishment really is and who are you punishing. Out of courtesy or because of being naive, we li…

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