Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Life, learn to enjoy or wait to be perished.

Being a doctor is a privilege, there are so many things you get to observe, so many emotions to experience, which if you are lucky enough and have some empathy inside of you.
Everyday when you walk into the ward, into the emergency, the clinic, the operation theater you feel this vibe, this energy surrounding you and pushing you to do the best you can. And you try, sometimes its enough but at times things are beyond the human reach.
What I have learnt is this, time will fly away, you don't need to curse about the tough moments, you need to make the most outta them. Learn what will help you the next time you're in a similar situation, always ask for help wherever you need assistance. But the most valuable lesson is, learn to enjoy yourself, appreciate yourself, go out and try to break free from your comfort zone.
The more you stress yourself, the more you will wear yourself out. Everyone has their own definition of enjoyment, some prefer to go out, some prefer to quietly sit with a cup of coffee or tea, some want to read a book, a few would enjoy talking to someone about their feelings, their thoughts and discuss life. Whatever brings you relief, you need to work on that, you need to grow closer to that and enjoy yourself by experiencing it.
Life is strange, even if you enjoy it you'll not get out of it alive, if you don't enjoy it well here's some news for you, not only that you won't make it out alive but you'll have a ton of regrets and unfulfilled desires. So enjoy yourself, enjoy the good people you have in your life cause tomorrow who knows where I might be and where you will be. 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

The how not to series, Episode 03 how not to deal with a situation

Once you're handed down a certain number of blows you start to realize that things would go down one way or another, no matter how much you worry nothing can change what has to happen.
Once you reach this point, life becomes fairly simple for you. You worry, you take stress and it negatively impacts everything in your life; eventually things have to fall on one side at the end.
The second option is you take a step back, you analyze the situation and think your plans through, your options are 1) you can continue to worry and try to do what you can do. 2)  you can try your best and try not to worry.
I did the first one a number of times, well did it impact the outcome? Not really, did it impact me? Oh yeah it did, but it was a lot of negativity, something which had stopped me from growing. Your company has a huge influence on you if you can find someone to boost your morale after suffering a fall, you are very lucky.
The second option requires some effort but again you need some positive energy to get you going.
If you worry to much your thinking is confined by your fears, if you stop the excess worrying you are able to see things more clearly and they actually make a lot more sense now.
At the end of this post, i can tell you this, if you want to know how not to deal with a situation, you need to stop worrying too much and accept what happens, since everything has a reason behind it.
Dont worry that much, it won't effect the climax but you'll end up losing your hair and gaining weight a lot more quickly! 

Saturday, 9 November 2019

the How not to series; Episode 02 getting over people.

In life, you can never be certain who will be a part of your tomorrow and who won't be there anymore. We meet so many people everyday, some days you barely remember what you had spoken about the last time, with a few people you develop a connection, this connection is what gives you confidence and hope when you need them the most.
People will leave you, people will disappoint you, the sooner you learn that, the better it is. Next off, so what if they have left? Ah now that is the hard hitting question, you need to know that when someone is about to leave, you tend to find some hints here and there. Usually the dots are connected once the damage is already done; the only good thing is if you're able to connect the dots so now you won't be clueless anymore.
You cannot control them, if they leave well they leave. So what can you do to lessen your misery which follows all this excitement. You cannot just rewind and correct things, you need to let things take their own course, life never stops, there is still a beautiful world out there, you're hurt and you need to get back up again. You won't find a person like that again, better or worse yeah but not the same. You lost something, you won't get it back. But it doesn't mean that you stop living, you had good times, you learnt somethings, the experience is what matters, mistakes were made and you are now able enough to realize them. What happened in the past cannot be destroyed, instead of focusing your attention on destroying focus on bringing a desirable change overall and that'll bring in the results that you wanted, cause you can't destroy memories like that, you can forget them but you cannot erase them just out of the blue just like spot fat reduction doesn't work so this can't also work. Maturity comes when you have fallen but are able to pick yourself up again, confronting might make you feel better but it will have a big impact on your ability to handle stress the next time you're in a similar situation. Everyone loves a good drama, it doesn't hurt them. But it does hurt you, being rejected and thrown away, and once you choose to love someone; be unconditional about it.
And lastly the important stuff, closure is something which not everyone can give you. It takes courage for that and you're sadly mistaken if you think you'll get that every time.
Love unconditionally, cause when you're able to do that, you will always be able to love and appreciate, this is important for you; the ability to love is what distinguishes you from the crowd.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Zero F***s

Time teaches you a lot, one of the things that you take some time to learn is that people are sh!t.  It takes sometime not to give a f*** but you know the earlier you learn how to, the better life is for you. At the end of the day, in all honesty you wouldn't even want to be in touch with 90% of the people you once worked with. 
The best description of someone is their work ethics and the respect they give to their co-workers. Respect does not simply mean just being polite, it means honoring your words, owing your mistakes and finishing your part of the job.
This world does not stop for anyone, mostly people never consider what you had done for them instead they show their true colors, sheer disappointment in its finest. Those who enjoy the most market value are the ones who don the mask of hypocrisy. 
Once you're surrounded by this crap, you realize these people pull you in such things which drains the stamina you have, fills you up with frustration and you're just standing there wondering what kind of people am I dealing with?

The best thing is to put your head down, give zero F***s  and just let them do whatever they want. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Life becomes a routine, wake up and get ready for your classes or job, come back dead tired and carry on with things at home. Whenever that happens the excitement dies down, everything becomes calculated, you know how many steps will get you to the fifth floor, you know how much gasoline you need for a week, you know how much you'll spend when going out. Sure its great to be prepared but there is no thrill left behind. 
I got to have this really great dog named Alpha, he may not be the brightest boy out there but he's the best one. Having a pet really teaches you a lot of things, one of those is "patience". 
But the best one is being loved. Most of us are lucky to have parents as we grow up, but little do we appreciate the fact that love is what keeps us attached to them, while we fail to appreciate that, we tend to look outside for appreciation and love. When you force something it just doesn't come out right. Get a pet, you learn patience and the art of appreciating being loved, it is so very important to love but equally important to feel someone's love, nothing is infinite, learn to value things while you still can.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Connection, attachment and honesty.

Genuine concern is visible when there is a connection, an attachment with someone or something. Part of the reason that most of the people don't hold genuine concerns for the welfare is because we lack the ability to connect, the ability to attach with people, with the profession and with the responsibility that comes along. 
But the whole scenario changes when its the people who we care about, when they are treated the same way, I wonder why they become so emotional then? If you cannot do your job properly, you should not question others. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, it actually makes sense when you put it in practice.
People get tired, you cannot give a 100% every single day but you can give 50% perhaps, but if you cannot give that 50%, you should really question yourself that should you be entrusted with the lives of people; surely you wouldn't like to entrust your life in the hands of a doctor as "competent and dedicated" as yourself if you cannot do your duty properly. 
Fortunately or unfortunately, there are quite so many prime examples of what you shouldn't do as a healthcare provider, learning is learning. Sometimes its not about knowing what's the right thing to do, its about knowing what not to do. 
A good surgeon knows when to operate but the best surgeon knows when not to operate!

Monday, 9 September 2019

Can you guarantee?

Its been quite a while since I last typed on this laptop, your daily schedule when it becomes a routine transforms itself into a plateau.
When you rush into things, you stop enjoying them and it comes to the time where you count down the hours for that day. We have read books, seen plays, series and films where emotions are expressed but not quite, the perfect emotions are not practiced, the perfect expression is something raw, something which is devoid of any hindrance which would alter the final look.
When observing you have to start at the basics, the basics are the essential bits to anything. Part of the reason medicine keeps me interested is the ability and the authority to observe, being a doctor you need to be able to observe, your observations can make a key difference, and you being given the role of a healthcare provider are blessed with the authority to observe; not everyone can observe and similarly not everyone can be given the authority to observe other human beings. There are so many flaws in the system, but of the reasons we can blame on others, a key contributing factor to the current situation of this system is the failure of the people who form the integral part.  Being doctors, most of us fail to observe the importance of simple words, of the impact they can have, they will have and the impact they had. Counsel the family members whenever you can, keep them up to speed on what is the management plan, you can never guarantee anything, nothing is for sure and nothing can be under your total control cause there is always something you just cannot control. When someone is suffering from a terminal illness the least you can do is be honest with their family members, before you go about to taint everyone else in this profession just because you lack of compassion, of honesty and of ethics, go and think that you might be at the receiving end someday.
Always know your limits and the limits of those who you are dealing with, dealing with human lives is a delicate matter and one for which you need to crystal clear, next time you think you can control something, just for a moment can you be sure that you'll be here tomorrow?