Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Learning German

I've started learning German, not my first attempt. I wanted to learn it and now I shall try.
Now just to find someone who speaks German

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Your Topics

I've been wondering if there any topics you would like me to talk/post about?
Would love to hear your suggestions.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sex Education

One of the controversial topics to be talked about over here.  Taboo, definitely. Can it be pushed under the carpet? No. Can you avoid it today and expect it to have resolved tomorrow? No. If you don't talk about it then would your children know about it? Oh they definitely will, they probably know a hell of a lot of things. Is it your responsibility to let them be aware of it before they learn about it by some experiments? Yes. Why are you afraid to talk about it? You can answer that one for your own self. 
I remember how I got to hear about it and the majority gets to hear about it that way, from one of my very good friend. When I got to know about it, I was confused, wait how and when, but why? Then came one of the abundant resource on the internet to teach a lot many like us, and what's that resource. Pornography. and what is pornography, it can be printed,visual or even audio content which is made for the purpose of sexual excitement. Harmless, yeah it seems pretty harmless. What bad can you get from jerking off? As most say you'll be blowing out the frustration, you'll feel better and the list goes on. 
The first few times it was just out of this world, fast forward a few years, it became more of a habit, I became contained in a circle, the way everything was portrayed in the xxx films, it all clearly made me think what the actual fuck? Is life just about fucking till you can no more, why did I get hooked to it. Is this what I am gonna do for the rest of my days, to just jerk off, to fantasize about screwing someone just like in that porno? 
Things started to take a toll somehow I went on a clean run, and I felt so good, so free and independent. I was free, I was happy and I wasn't watching it. Then the relapse came again and until recently I got the wake up call again, why? There's simply no point in doing it. And I felt like my life was just not mine anymore, I felt dependent and trapped. It was hard to look away, especially since SEX just sells like hot cakes and it's almost everywhere, you can look at movies,  TV series, internet, frankly speaking the next person you might meet probably had it a while ago. Why? Because SEX is physiological need of the body. 
So what was the whole point in typing this post? A rant? Nah. A rant would be describing all the personal experiences in detail, like how, when and where, and what happened afterwards.
The point was, this topic demands your attention, you need to talk about it. Did I wish I was given some information about this when I was a kid. Yes, it would have helped so much. If you can send your children to school to learn about academics, then you need also to teach them this topic as well, hiding and shying away won't help. Kids are curios, if you can satisfy their curiosity chances are they won't put them in harms way, but if you don't, they will explore on their own and can probably land themselves in trouble. But in this age, Sex education is not merely about what sex is, it is also about teaching why and when. What people can do to take advantage, how to protect yourself, what are safe sexual practices and the most importantly How not to get used, how to protect the self esteem and have self respect. 

Explicit and to the point

When I first thought about expressing my views I was worried what people would think. Some may make fun, a lot would leave reading my blog and what not.
But why should I care about what you think? It's your choice to come here and read, not something you are bound to.
So starting today I am going to be start posting about what I think needs to be read.
and yes it will be explicit!

Monday, 29 May 2017

All time low : Boredom

So the vacations are here and like always I am just bored. How much can you just push yourself into course books or notes. I tried but this does not work, not for me.
I miss someone, but wait who is that someone? Someone who'd talk, but doesn't everyone talk. Yes, everyone talks but you don't always relate to them. It's just like standing in front of someone who is speaking Mandarin and you don't even have slightest of the idea what they are talking about or what language are they speaking for that matter. I can say I'm a little frustrated, a little lost and a whole lot bored. What to do and what not to do.
Can't you just text or call, but who am I talking about? Someone who probably doesn't exist, not in my surroundings at least. May you be breathed into my surroundings, technology is advancing and yet Miss wherever you are, you are simply just too far away to even make the slightest of the thoughts to rain and finish the drought of boredom.
But by some chance if you get to read this, you can call me maybe :P

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Happy mother's day

For that one special lady in everyone's life. To those of us who still have them we are lucky, to those who lost them, they will forever be with you!
Like always I'll email her something by tomorrow morning. My way of showing how I appreciate her efforts & everything