Thursday, 26 December 2013

To every life is, it's own harvest

So the topic is pretty straightforward and pretty simple but it actually gets quite complex because of the intensity of the relations being involved.
A few seconds ago, I used to be very proud about the fact that my cousins are studying in the best colleges, whether here or in Europe or in the states, I was quite ecstatic when ever I used to mention them but hardly anyone of them acknowledged me. All of us like to be linked to the people who are at a peak higher than where we are but the people on top, most of them, don't like to look down and acknowledge you.
Well what happened is a long story, to make it in a summary all that happened made me realize is that even the closest of the blood relations will refuse so why do you expect of your cousins because compared to siblings, cousins are a long way from blood relation.
It honestly doesn't matter if your brother or sister or cousin is famous because if you're not acknowledged by them you're probably worse than a distant acquaintance of his or her.
So it's about time that I forgot to rely on people for even the tiniest of the help and just pull myself to do everything on my own, even if what I have is far less valued than what they have at least it's mine and to me my stuff means a lot more, realizing that your belonging is far more valuable will get you to realize how to make progress and that simply is by acknowledging that you made mistakes and learning from them. Nothing is ever easy, no test is ever easy unless you are prepared.
Just stand tall at your own table and learn from the flaws, mistakes and the weaknesses which held you back.

To every life is it's own harvest
To every winner it's own toast 
And to every loser it's own mistakes

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Have you wondered?

So looks like cobwebs are all over this blog.
Anyhow time for another post, have you ever sat around and wondered how many people you wanted to meet, spend time with, hang out and carry them along for years but all of a sudden they just vanished away just like the wind, yeah I was wondering that but hey the leavers will leave, you'll come across the ones who stay.
It takes two hands to clap and so if you wanna continue on making people to stick around then you probably should tell them that you're interested in their company, else-wise this world is full of people. They'll find new people and you probably will find substitutes too but there'll be a time when you'll remember them.
Tons of work remains, I guess that's what you get in med schools. Study, study and study some more.
Sweet and low by Augustana.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A cycle

At some time you'll have a lot of friends and there are so many that you don't find sufficient to give to them and then bam in some days you're all alone, waiting for someone to talk, missing the time when you didn't feel alone. It's a cycle, it comes and goes just like.

Friday, 29 November 2013


As an observationalist, I have been observing the fact that how much emphasis we put on the superficial details of someone or something. Superficial or the cosmetics is what catches the eye in the beginning if one was only to use the sense of sight to find something rare, fortunately or unfortunately we only pay details to the superficial and the cosmetics, the other important values are not accounted much these days.
So is it wrong to want something which appeals only on the bases aesthetics, well the answer is no. The human mind is complex, we wants things and yet we need things, the only difference is that for something there can be a substitute for others there simply is no substitute, like you can find friends and acquaintances but you definitely need someone in a class or a lecture to help you keep up with the topics being discussed, while you can either hang around with a friend or just with an acquaintance.  You need someone caring but you want a beautiful person to care whether the beauty lies superficially or deep inside, that depends on your choice.
The question I put here is one, does not being up to a certain mark of superficial standards set by someone means that a certain someone is not attractive enough?
Beauty does not lie only in the cosmetics, it lies beneath the superficiality laced with the make up and in some cases it is merely hidden beneath the experiences of the past.
Next time, someone seems a less attractive maybe you should try getting to know them before giving a refusal to talk.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

My views

Humans are social animals, in some cases we are worse than the actual animals, an animal is not intellectual enough and hence is overpowered by it's nature, while we on the other hand are intellectual enough to realize what is right and what is wrong but still there's a lack of humanity in the humans.
Go back thousands of years, let's pick up the history and see how a revolution went along, let's see hmm the people were pushed too far and decided to take matters into their own hands and we had bloodshed, filled the streets with blood, men, women, elders and innocent children were killed, it doesn't really matter if the child was the child of a ruler or a rebel, he or she was and is innocent. But still everyone seeks out threats and chooses to get rid of a possible future threat.
You can't account for anything the people on either side do, whether it be the good guys or the bad ones, damage is damage, there were cases of rape from both the sides, slaughtering and torture of innocent people was participated by both the sides so actually in a war no one is a good guy or the bad guy, good or bad is defined by the people who are oppressed and those who oppress.

Mostly the faces change, while decisions remain the same.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Speech I wrote

I wrote this a while back for a friend, thought should put it up.

                           Culture, Traditions and Teachings

Culture is not about traditions it's about the way of life. Traditions are not related to the times, they are applicable at every time and every age. Every situation is covered and explained through the words of traditions. Whether in times of joy or sorrow tradition always has a cure for every problem. Every new generation learns from its elders and traditions are a complication of how our ancestors dealt with situations that need thinking.

Whether its about giving a shoulder to cry or its about sharing a smile, giving sweets on the occasion of celebration traditions help us out in every nook and corner of life.
Most of forget traditions which is driving a wedge between the essence of humanity and driving us closer to machines. Tradition gives us something to hold us together, a feeling of passion, a feeling of love,  connections and emotions that's the very thing that separates us from machines.

Forgetting traditions will deprive us and our future generation(s) of a valuable asset for which we can not find a substitute. Tradition is what unites us and it's what defines us.

To be lost without guidance is what it feels like to be alone and without cultural values, just a little open knob of conscience and maybe we could actually learn from the words spoken by ones before us. Technically, the situations are the same today as they were thousands of years ago, the only difference is that people these days have a lot of say and freedom of speech which was not in the past and this freedom at times presses hard leading to a misunderstanding which ultimately leads to a decision resulting in the loss which you can't account for. 

You can't put a value on the teachings being passed on from the elders, say for example you help someone and this act of random kindness has a positive impact on the life of the other person, that person will remember you for a very long time.
The other day while driving something struck my mind, all you need is a bit of support and some encouraging words from the people who are a part of your life, family or friends. All you need in the time of trouble is flick of hope and that's it but these days most of the people aren't even willing to show you that flick for even a fraction of a second.
You look out for the people you love, that's one of the basic lessons any culture gives out to it's presenters.

If you forget culture, traditions and the teachings passed from a father to his children then you my friend are going to have to start from scratch and that is one heck of work to complete in your life time, cause it's a collection of millions of lives and the lessons learnt by those millions. If something is repeated to a number of people only then is it counted as a lesson and is worthy to be passed along to the future generations.

That's all I have to say.
Thank you for your attention.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Grow up

So these past few days I was on this social app called, "Kik" oh the wondrous world of kik.
I was looking for people to have a conversation with and there were some people who had their junk as their photos, man no one wants to see your ugly junk, every guy has the same junk so get over it and keep your pants up, then we had some ladies showing off cleavages and their butt. Oh yeah you got a nice butt so what? It doesn't mean that only you have a cute butt or that only you can get attention. Even hookers have the looks so it's way old. A hint try some dignity, the world has already got enough of teenage mommies and it's old.
You try some one to talk and most of them say, a photo first, oh yeah sure I'm gonna propose to you.. Oh grow up will you? Buddy there are millions of other girls with more of an appeal than you, why do you think you're an exceptional case for me?
There are 40 year old plus pervs who try to have sex-ting with girls of their daughter's(s) age and still feel no shame, how would you feel if the tables were turned.
Just a realization that what the values are narrowed down to these days, a good face and some money, both of which porn stars are quite blessed with.
Sex isn't the only thing in life and a bit of make up can make anyone look stunning so just grow up

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Faith, hope and trust

been a long time since I posted but back with a new one. Hope that you'll find it helpful.
Suggestions will be really helpful :)

Hope, faith and trust are the torches that get us around the darkest of the times, when you don't have hope you can't see through anything even if the solution is simple you are just blind cause there's darkness all around and everywhere you see there's just pitch black.
Giving up is easy, anyone can give up. You lose hope and you fall down, let's presume your favorite team is losing a match and you just walk away losing hope, yeah a lot of us do that we walk out when we can learn something that maybe we weren't hitting hard enough to get through the day and get something out in out favor.
You get life once and there's no turning back the clock, you can either sit in the darkness or give yourself some hope that you can get past this darkness and shine away.
Nothing is impossible if you only believe that you can do it, believing that it is impossible will actually make it impossible for you to even think of getting past it.
Have some faith and have some trust cause up there all your efforts are being seen, and you may not know when your prayers get answered and things turn around.
To all those who are dragged down because hope seems like a luxury nowadays just remember that things do turn around even when you don't believe they will, all you need to do is just put in effort and just hope that what happens should happen for the best cause at times what seems is the best option is not the best option at all.
Try hard so that you're satisfied at your heart, have faith and hope and just wait out to see what happens.

Monday, 28 October 2013

confusing thought

So I was going to someplace a few days back and there was this guy standing in the middle of the road holding a pistol and started shooting in the sky to what seemed a showoff contest, pfft in the middle of the road, wow nice spot genius. Anyone can shoot a gun, no heroism there but to use it for this sort of reason yeah the mental clinic is just around here.
And everyone of his friends were like yeah, you did it man. And certainly no police would have ever come because the dude was something of a political worker, some attitude they have.
Can't do anything about it so that's that, if I could I would have changed something 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A wish and a poem

I know this won't ever happen but still hopeful that someday someone reads my verses and poems, gives me the opportunity to make the most out of it but I don't know maybe I'll have the chance or maybe I won't but still may a miracle happen soon and i get acknowledged if I'm good.
Anyhow, here's the new one in case you guys read, it's about what goes on and I think that people can relate to it, would love some feedback if any of you read then do let me know
thank you :)

It’s best to leave than to apologize, it’s best to leave where the worth is forced into worthlessness
Why would anyone be interested when there’s nothing to offer, why would you be remembered when there’s nothing memorable about you

Why do you look back into the darkness of the failures, when all you can make out is how you fell down
No matter how much you think, time will not come back to take you up in it’s arms, once a drop falls it can not go back up in the clouds

Why are you giving up your values for a bag made of ice, beauty never lasts but the character does last for eternity
Why are you sacrificing everything you hold dear for the leavers, why waste your time on the ones who lie and hide.

Live the life I always wanted, alone but surrounded by the achievements of my dreams, a best friend always on hand
To be able to say I lived it all when the time comes to depart, depart with a smile and not with the cry of regret 

With a gaze on the horizon when the gentle breeze blows, I’ll say it aloud I lived the life I wanted to
Made a few smile, made a few cry but there’s no regret cause I realized that this life is about me not the leavers.

If I'm good then may I get the chance, please?

Monday, 21 October 2013

New verses

Not every rich person is bad, but not all of them feel the pain that the less blessed suffer

To the ones who breathe but yet don't have a heart, to the ones who smile but lack the compassion
To the ones who sit in bright lit rooms, surrounded by the blanket of warmth and comfort
When it snows, you don't feel the cold, when it's burning outside you don't feel the heat
When the poor dies, no pain is felt, when the rich departs the tears begin to fall like drops of rain

When a life is lost for the country, they are crowned as martyrs, but yet lives hold no value for you
Ego and pride go hand in hand, friends and foe they are both but yet you never stopped to realize
Your tables are filled with the exotic dishes, but yet a peasant strives to earn bread for his family
Your flesh is washed with the extracts of the fruits but the less blessed yearn for the taste of fruits

Not everyone on the top is born with the silver spoon, not every achiever is from the family of the fortunate and blessed
It's the strength, the courage and the desire to win which gets you ahead, the rabbit was fast but lost the race
Not every theory was accepted, not all the fights were won by numbers of soldiers, to every fight a spirit is a need

Not all the rich are whom I talk about, the only ones who don't consider the worth of a life are whom I point at
Health and wealth are the dreams of every man, to every man is his gain or loss, but to everyone is the story he lived
To crush someone's dream is easy, just walk over the sculptures of sand or throw water over, and look back with the devilish smile
To help someone with his dreams, is something most of us never think about, but a handful do put the dreams of others on the canvas.

Friday, 18 October 2013

references made into verses

I miss the ones who left me behind, I miss the one who made me feel lost without a map
Is remembering them worth it? Or should I move on, pretend like I am as happy as I seem to be
Is it better to be alone? Or is it better to find friends who'd be on your side forever?
Was i remembered or was I just walked over like a fallen leaf?
Would any of these matter when I live my dreams?
Yes seems to be the beat of the heart but the mind rejects the claim.
I will wait for you, is what Mumford and sons said but the leavers weren't lovers
Walk on is what Bono said, without the country tune he did pass on his message on what was to be done
The fire did spread but it was put down by hope, unforgettable it was but we got past it with smiles
When you wanted to come inside my thoughts, I ran away cause that's where my demons are
It's dark and filled with the sins of my past, it's holding me back from the light but I'll never give up
I ran away into the light but my eyes wouldn't let me see in the bright sunlight, would you hold my hands?
You and I, we should run away to somewhere only we know about and lay there on the ground with eyes fixed on the stars
Is this the place that I dreamed of? Why doesn't time hold it's breath and give up it's flow?
I wanna run away into the mountains and lose the memories. Can't we just start over new like all of the songs are sung.

the one photo

miracle may happen

I'm a U2 fan, U2 to me was the beginning of what I can surely call a change in my life. 
I first listened to their song, The hands that built america in the credits of The Gangs Of New York and I was just blown away by the vocals and the melody mixed with the rhythm that followed every word.
That was the first English song that had me attracted all the way and it's been like 4 years of me listening to them and their songs still are as fresh as they were when I first heard them. 
The lyrics are multidimensional, every line can be interpreted differently and still it is as crisp as it once was.

I have this crazy dream and it's that I wanna meet the band one day and get Bono to sing a song that I wrote, it's pretty crazy but miracles can happen anytime.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Highschool doesn't end the world

Hello readers, it's been a long time since I posted here and well, I've been busy so I apologize if you've been waiting for a post.
Highschool is not the end nor the only thing that matters, I did not have good grades but yet I got into the medical school that I wanted to go, the people who got better grades than me well they must have gotten here but I'm blessed to go out to the world and live these six years of my life in one of the cities I always wanted to go since I was a kid.
It does not really matter if the teachers don't give you attention, to most of my teachers I was the student who always was below average but how can a below average student make it to the top 1.5% percent universities of the world. Hahahaha what I'm trying to say here is that, it DOESN'T matter if you have bad grades, all that matters is your dedication and love for what you wanna be, screw what the teachers or people around you think.
I had a score of 38 from 50, my school mates reached 45 or higher but I don't see them going to that university or to a university of a competition. People used to say with your grades you can't get into a medical school pfft suck brick now kid cause I got there.
The fact is, if you're supposed to be somewhere, if you have that feeling of trust and confidence then you're gonna get there so screw what people think. It's your life mate, not theirs and everyone yaps only a few get to the limelight.
So screw people with a screw driver, have trust in yourself and push as far as you can, you surely will be rewarded, put a fight and don't go down easy.
If you lose hope then do remember , your place will be taken by others, and you don't want that.

Be practical and observe, one only needs a smile to be human, darkness is a virtue of the machines. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

A rant

Not sure if anyone reads this blog now so I'ma make this a rant today.

This idea that I've in my head that people will leave makes me less sociable thus making me have a  very few friends since the number of friends is very few the level of expectation is very high from them and apart from 2-3 the others don't usually respond, I know I have some very good friends but the thing is that everyone has their own lives and sometimes most of them can't reply.
People came and people left, nothing stopped them and they never sent me a message again, some of them forgot who I even was but that's not new so it's somewhat cool, and some of them never replied. That's just great and when you need to talk to someone you can't find them. Just gotta learn to have no expectations from anyone maybe that'll help me to live a more happy life.
It's hard to imagine life without friends but none really sticks around for me now do they?


Wednesday, 11 September 2013


New poem, depressing yes

Friendless I stand out, under the rain and under the sunshineAlone is what I always will be, the feeling of emptiness takes over a smile

None to share a laugh with and none to hang around with
Hard to find a person to talk, a needle in a haystack is what a friend is

time will pass away and against a wall I will lean, to feel my forever friend stay silent
a silent friend is always there for me, silent but forever there he always is

people will come and go, colors will fade away and ice will melt away
Never will anything stay the same but my silent friend will always be there

Friendless or none to hang around with

I do have friends but I can't hang out with them. Now you would wonder what sort of friends they are if they won't hang out with me.
The thing is my friends are from different countries, I don't have a friend from here who I can hang out with. In my past, most of my friends or people I thought were my friends, they made fun of me, called me names and bugged me.
It does suck, I don't have friends to hang out with or party with, everyone I know has friends they can hang out with, even my brothers have better friends than me, friends who they hang out with.
I'm not saying that "Hey I'm miserable cause I don't have any friends to hang out with or friends who'd invite me to hang out with them"
I'm happy on my own but there are times when you feel alone and without anyone to share a laugh with.
I'm happy with my friends from the other countries cause it feels like they are right there for me even when they are so far away. A good connection is what you need.
Human mind, can't ever undermine it's powers and effects.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back again

Hey there, so I'm back again. I think you guys are tired of me leaving and then coming back again.
Hopefully this time I'll make a permanent decision.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

No place like home

There's no place like home, when you get back home no matter how tired you are, the idea of being home makes you feel less tired and a little more at peace.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Your job that's all folks

It's been a really long break that I had taken but I am back :) Hope you guys didn't leave reading the blog and I'm not that late.
Anyhow what I wanted to say is that when life gives you lemons, you trade them for a glass of orange juice.
Hahaha thought I should share something light.
Coming back to the post, if you guys wanna succeed in life then don't trust anyone always be prepared to deal with any and every situation of life because people tend to disappoint.
But an open road and tank full of gasoline won't disappoint you so whenever the pressure gets too much just do your bit and get the hell away cause you did your bit that's the important part now you are free of your duties just be sure that your part of the job should be sparkling like diamonds.
Later readers. 

Run and escape to save time

The truth about life is that you can't move on, there is something that always drags you back to from what you're trying to escape. I like most of you people am trying to escape a lot of things and at this moment the success rate is almost negligible and well I'm going far away from people and staying away cause running away is the best escape. Who ever said embrace the problems needed to understand that these problems not only ruin a day they also ruin the whole course of life.
Run from the things that you know will take a long time to heal cause once you run away you will find a lot substitutes, in the meantime I'll go back on the road and last time it was 70 miles in the second gear. I'ma try to get it over that. Pfft 1.6 engine isn't a 650 bhp beast it's a 121 bhp average one but still you get the thrill.
Run away and save time cause problems take time and you don't have time on your side.
Peace out readers

Monday, 15 July 2013

We need people like him

I was looking around and everywhere I look there's selfishness, the businessmen looking for their profit, the leaders filling their own pockets and people being robbed or killed or even both but then there's this guy who's helping out these orphans, running a school for them and then running an old home, that's big and I mean that's an act of generosity and he ain't a millionaire or a billionaire but he has a passion and that's the driving force behind his success at helping people who are not so much blessed but are blessed to have him around cause he's trying to help the helpless by giving them a voice.
This world needs good people like him around to make world a better place to lif/e

A patch

A memory replaced by a patch blank, without a color and without a shade
A voice taken away and filled with silence, a photo replaced by the a white wall
A ghost i am in those memories, can't remember i can where i was
Who was I or what i held on when i became lost, the trail of breadcrumbs vanished

In the fog I walk, without a light I search for the lost picture
Can't see I can what's lying in front of me,  can't see I can what's the color of the wall against which i walk
Words don't make sense neither do the sentences i write, a photo can't make me relive the memory
There's no symmetry, there's no charm neither is there something
That'd make you read what i write, eyes only slide down the lines like a drop of rain on the windscreen

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ignorance a bliss

Ignorance is a bliss, that is rightly said cause ignoring some things is a bliss. Life's rope is full of twists and at times it's not wise to unravel these twists cause it only hurts to know the other side of picture of the person but it's good to know the other side well cause it helps to grasp the situation better. If you totally ignore these twists then you'll  fall over but if you change your direction and  move away then you'll be pretty safe.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Reality, a few verses

I speak but yet I'm silent to you, I'm awake but yet you say my eyes are closed
My conscience is wide awake but yet you say I can't do justice, to me blood is red but to you it's just water
A scream is a cry for pain, but to you it's just another act by a pretentious miser
An eye sees it all but my eyes can't be trusted to give a statement for the weak

A hand can stop the injustice but you tied the hands of conscience with the chains of ignorance 
A child goes to sleep with an empty stomach, yet even your hair feast on the fruits from heaven
A tear and a drop of sweat falls down from the face of a helpless child, yet you don't feel the pain
Miles are walked on foot by the people under the bright sunshine yet you can not walk mere meters without an umbrella

Justice is sold out in briefcases filled with cash, yet you say the courts are independent and unbiased
Hatred is what is savaged when a person falls without a cause, revenge is in the eyes of the left behind 
A life lost is just number to you, two broken sentences you think are sufficient to cover the loss
Twenty families are the prey of the shots fired yet you stay hidden in your castle built from the money earned by our sweat

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life's a circle, roll with it

In life we come across people and we see them leave, I used to think that I'd never meet friends or people like those again but as time passed by I met new people and some of them are a replacement to the leavers maybe even better than them cause they've been around for a longer time than the previous people and it's just a circle of life that you have to stick around with the ones who are in your life not the ones who are not cause they left on their own accord.
I know I'll meet them again sometime later on in life but I don't have any high hopes that they'll even remember my name so it's just a circle of life cause we pass hundreds of faces on the streets, some that we know and some which know us. You can you know believe in the fact that what comes around goes around and be happy with the people you have in your life right now.
In the end life's a circle and you have roll with it one way or another cause that's how it's meant to be.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pain: a few verses

If pain was to be measured in scale, every combination would be invalid
If pain was to be weighed, every weight would feel insufficient
If a tear was to be worth something, even a statue of gold would fail to fetch it's price

If the pain was to have a colour, it'd be darker than black and deeper than red

If pain was to be described on a paper, ink and pages would run out, the description incomplete
If pain was to be compared to love, love would be on it's knees
If pain was to be a person, it's face would take the smile from your lips.

If pain was to have a name, hearing it would make tears fall down your eyes like a river
If pain was to be a mountain, then there'd be none who'd conquer it
If pain was to be a road, then there'd be no end to the black carpeted surface
If pain was to be a river, then there'd be a flood everywhere and everyday

Friday, 5 July 2013

When you'll be all alone

I lost my balance, my hand crashed on the trolley breaking the two glass shelves and piercing my right hand. It hurt a lot but when I had to do do everything with my left hand it made me feel what's it like to be on your own, all alone, far away from home and where you don't have your family to help you out with your problems and it makes me lonely and hollow from inside knowing that I'll be alone at a time but like they say patience has a sweet reward so I'll be back with them after a while.
When you realize that you have to do things on your own, you'll know that the world is not a warm and a welcoming place cause it's cold and agonizing when you're in pain without a helper.
Take care all of you.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

To a friend who left

Somethings are left unfinished cause that's the end to them, without a farewell we bid adieu to the lost
Lost you are till someone looks in the eye with the hope of finding you, time did not wait neither did you
Sands from the hourglass of time don't stop neither do they go back, just like you

Can't go back in time, I want to but it's just a wish that won't be granted
I regret makin those mistakes, I miss ya me amigo and I miss those time
Life will get better but it won't be the same without you, without the fun it'll be bland
I'ma wear the white overall and hold the title of doctor but you, I won't see you ever again
Cause you crossed over into the peaceful paradise of the eternal life, far away from all of us

Leavers and the fake friends

I have always been saying that the leavers and the fake friends will always leave you out so it shouldn't hurt a lot but it does hurt, I came across some people who I thought were my real friends but it turns out that nah they were the leavers too because the good friends are only a handful and not a bucket full. Don't get the hopes high cause leavers won't come back to you, only a handful will come back and talk to you.
Just know who are the seasonal people and who are the permanent people, then you'll be a bit better at dealing with losses.

Pinpointing and accidents

When you're sitting on the passenger seat, you point out what the driver is doing wrong, like he/she is going too fast or too slow but when you're behind the wheel, do you like to hear your errors being pinpointed out? Nope, none of us likes that, it's a whole new dimension when you are sitting in the passenger seat and when you're behind the wheel. Some of us don't realize this but this pin pointing can at times lead to  accidents if an argument arises. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thoughts into burden and burden to doubts

Human mind needs it's thoughts to be heard and having a good medium to listen to those thoughts lifts the burden but this is not always possible because not everyone is available to listen to your thoughts. It's understandable cause none can be available 24/7 and sometimes these thoughts and ideas never make a complete sense rather they don't make sense at all cause.
Some people with whom you want to talk to aren't there or they forgot who you are, it sucks doesn't it when you remember everything that you and that person talked about but none of it means a thing to them. I have those issues because I am good at remembering the conversations that took place but ignorance is a bliss.
You want to speak but then you know that people won't even care to listen to all of it so you lose the interest in sharing your thoughts, this cause a burden to build up and that leads to developments of doubts and all that.
The question is that will you find an ear to listen to you when you need to pour out those ideas?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Fear and breaking the ice.

Fear is what controls the life, we all are afraid of somethings and someone. I was afraid of driving a manual transmission but after driving in a full fledged lahore traffic it's pretty fun cause you got so much freedom no more a computer controlling the shifting I enjoy driving that car a lot and on top of that it's diesel so the sound changes a lot kinda makes you feel more in the power. I was afraid that I may mess up the clutch and the accelerator movement and hit someone but slowly that fear is washing away cause it's just an autonomous response more like a heartbeat, that is if you have self confidence otherwise you may cause yourself a little embarrassment which I did a number of times, but the thing is that nothing is too hard or difficult.
Driving in Lahore is insane you have to protect yourself and your car all the time but it's not impossible neither is it too much of a work all it takes a little confidence and some practise.
Secondly, breaking the ice is always a tough one and it's a fear that holds you back, if you want to speak then  don't let the fear hold you back you may not know what it may tell you. 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Your health take care of it

I know that I haven't updated the blog regularly I apologise for that but the thing is that I wasn't feeling well for the past few days and the truth is that I ain't feeling any better right now too.
Today what I wanna post about is your own health and your safety, we all lose temper or do something in anger that affects our health and the signs or the damage may be seen right after or it may take awhile to come to the surface, well I have got that and for three or four days I'm having this severe headache and a lot of other symptoms that are referring to the fact that there might be some damage.
The anger or the rage at that time was not worth anything, it kinda made me realize that how weak it makes you cause you can't do anything properly.
I'm gonna make it short.
All of you take care and before you lose the temper think about the aftermath and everything.
Take care, Adios amigos

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Changed my perspective

Earlier today morning I was waiting outside in the car so I started looking around the road and something caught my eye, I saw an old man of about 60-65 years of age and with him was a mentally handicapped grown up man of about 30 years of age, the expressions of love were so clear that you could even see them with both of your eyes closed. That man loved his son so much that he was taking him out for a walk even though he should be resting and the sun was not showing any mercy it was pretty darn hot outside, I was sitting in the car with the a/c turned on the sun wasn't much of a bother to me cause I had something to cool myself with but that image, that view it changed the whole thinking perspective that I had, family means a lot even though you and I may have a ton of things with which we wouldn't agree but damn man that was something to raise a child like that and love him with all your efforts and there was no regret on the face of that man, he seemed as if he was taking his 7 year old kid to a park or someplace to play with him. Rarely do any of us see such a sight where there's love that you can see and feel. Driving around in a new car or having all the expensive stuff that I wanted I kinda took it for granted but that part is long gone.

Some of us take our family for granted and say or think that we'll meet someone who'll be better but how can you find a substitute for someone who raised you? I know I am wrong cause in certain cases people suffer from the hands of their family all over the world this happens not only in Pakistan, south-east asia or the 3rd world countries but this is a global issue. Some of us take family, love, wealth, fame and fortune for granted but when it gets taken away only then they open their eyes.
Don't take anything for granted cause there are some people who don't have what we have even though they didn't steal anyone's rights they don't have the things they deserve cause the world is a harsh place, open your eyes before it's too late.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


To some I maybe out of the blue
To some I may take away the smiles from their lips
To some I may colour their lives with the paint of happniess
To some I maybe a stranger in the night without the moon.

You may know what I mean to say but my words slip around
You may find my words without emotions and warmth
Just like the leaves fallen in the time of autumn
The blood turned blue and the heart no longer beating

The sketches that I make are without colours
Lines of the black ink spread all around the pages
Little do you know why my words are without the warmth of emotions
Were you there when she said " she's out of love"

Emotions don't need colour to be warm
Words don't need to read aloud to express the meaning
Silence speaks the words I wanted to say when I stand looking out for you
But you don't read the eyes nor do you hear my voice

A mutual problem.

I never plan anything but for this one post I did some homework cause the I go through this one in a while, feelings is what we all have, they are more like strings unseen cause they make you trip and fall down without you noticing them around. We fall into the well of the memories only to be swelled up with the past, these flashbacks do get on my nerves at times.
The problem is that you and I really don't know how to handle the situation or what to do about it, cause these flashbacks kind of make you live in fantasies or in the day dreams which is again highly unrealistic and takes a person away from what's going around into the world once made by ideas and creativity. It's like a bubble of glass which when shattered by the arrows of reality hurts a lot, like a thousand needles. Long story short, why are you and I there in the first place? That's where you should begin your search and then from there go on to ask yourself a few more question like why can't you move away? Is the reason holding you back here something worth fighting for or is it just wasting your time? Ask yourself these question and then do what you think is the right choice, if you want some help I'll simply say it's time to move on, if someone can put you in the past then I'm pretty sure that you and I, we both can do the same.

It's been far too long being stuck there waiting in the dark, it's time to step out into the sun and embrace the new beginning. 

Be confident and kill isolation.

Everything takes time, nothing comes along in a second except doubt, if you doubt yourself or if you don't trust what you did or chose as your final choice then you need to practise on with choices, it takes a second to know if your choice was right or was it wrong. But in that time where you are awaiting for the results there should be some trust in you and some believe that what you choose as a choice will be right for you.
Take a moment to trust in yourself, to tell yourself that you can do something on your own, confidence is the key here, in an argument if you put up your points with some confidence you are able to make the other person go round and round in circles which will take away his or her edge by drowning them in doubts.
It doesn't matter if you're far behind people or not all that matters is trusting yourself that sometime soon you'll be far ahead of everyone and into the limelight.
Confidence is a key to success, a chance to shine in the spotlight and it gives out a clear oppertunity to kill isoaltion cause we all have a voice but most of us are scared to speak with that voice, once you use that voice to speak yourself out then voila you'll be a whole new person.
Be confident and kill isolation.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kill isolation with the right people

I read it somewhere that if you are a tree then your friends are your roots and love is the fruit which you bore on your branches. A fruitless tree can survive but a rootless tree can not.
That saying is legit and I'm blessed to have a few strong roots on which I stand strong on this ground, my friends a.k.a. the roots of my tree aren't in hundreds, they are just in the one digit category so a very few friends I have but they're there for me. But not every friend that I make is like those fe people, yeah they may get somewhat close to me but at the end of the day I know that they're gonna walk away so even when there are strings attached I cut them when they leave so that the leavers can happily leave.
Similarly, in life not everyone will care what happens to you and I, some will just stand there and watch as life is taken away from the body in which we are known by the people we came across, some will be there but they'll be a very few people who'll be there for you. Pushing yourself or anyone who cares is not the solution to anything.
It's another step to kill isolation but to kill it with the help of the right people.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Don't expect the same.

This post is all about the title of the blog, flashbacks and the reality, somethings make you believe that the past can be relieved once again but what has happened is history and not a mystery. A text, a call or mail can make you think that hey maybe things can go back to what they were some time or a long time ago, but that's just a flashback, what reality is that it's just a fling which won't even last an hour or even less so it's better that you forget that there was even something in your inbox or in you call log from a certain "someone". 
It may not be a good idea to cut out some things but it's the only way you can move ahead and be happy in life. If you reply someone, you should not expect the same from him or her cause not everyone is you neither does the other person has time for you, you took time to reply to help someone that's good, that's positive because you may have helped someone in an unimaginable way. 
But it's time to move on and live in reality cause living in the past or in the flashbacks won't earn you what you want cause it's lost, you have lived with what it had to offer before it ran out. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Different ones

Not everyone's a diamond neither is everyone coal, not every smile has a reason
A question is to be asked, Is every tear that is shed real or is it the sweat from your brows?
Is every heartbeat felt for a person or is it for survival, why do we replace reality by dreams?
Why do questions not address the situation? Why do answers not kill the curiosity?

Why heartbreaks kill a part of the soul, by taking away the happiness from the faces.
Why do we replace the truth by the lies to win, knowing that we all will lose in the end?
Why is there something that keep you to go on, even when you give up on the world.
Why are there questions in these verses, why can't I put in the answers to them?

Yesterday was to be history but yet it still is a mystery to most of us, tomorrow is a mystery but to some it's lost as history
Why can the forecast not be silent, why can't you and I not guess everything about life.
Why can't we seal our lips, cause it hurts to be at fault and it hurts to fall down from the peak of importance?
But we can climb if we fall down from a mountain, but on a different mountain in another climb cause there's a blizzard from where we fell down.

Collision of ideas and thoughts

Age is nothing but a number, written to hold a recognition in this world of unknown
To differentiate between the runners on the track of life, without emotions they stand
Written in black they are without colours, bland just like without spices they are.

Hidden behind the long hairs are they eyes, noticing every winner being called on stage
A smile drenched in happiness, eyes in another face wet with tears
A laugh of victory shared among the winners, faces hidden are those of the losers and of the weepers
Killed is everything but hope, it's not killed for it is washed away by the flood of failures.

Confidence is what made a flower bloom, or it is what made someone take a stand to against tyranny
Words spoken are what makes a voice, wakes the sleepers from their daydreams, and ends the drought of conscience.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Rags to riches on the drag of life, shifts and drifts around the bends and into the trends
Smoke and flame from the exhausts and into the air, revs all around the roads paved and unpaved
Blood rushing and fussing all over the mind, time slows down and in control you seem to be
Red lines are highlighted when limits are crossed just like the tail lights when breaks are applied

Roars are heard when you soar high on the speeds, for a thrill a shrill is heard
Seen is a ray of light when you're high on the flight, heard is a scream when a dream is fulfilled
Flash of the headlights is what a signal for a mingle, not with love but with the flow
Rules are for the schools, the sound of the thrill is what is a melody to the soul

A turn of the steering wheel is what makes a turn in and out of the bend
A laugh of victory is what I have when all you see are the tail lights shining bright ahead

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Another of the verses

All the right reasons for the tight turns of the seasons, in the cold dead night
Soaked in the dreadful silence, lips whisper but not a single word is heard
The angel of death hovers above the lifeless body, drained is every single drop of soul
Taken away is every smile that those lips ever had, returned are the tears that were once held back.

Missed will and are the laughs that were once shared, those moments are filled with tears, colourless and bland they are
A smile replaced with a tear, a laugh replaced with a cry and the fun replaced with sorrow
The bright colours are replaced with black and white, memories just stored in the photos that were once clicked
A farewell was what I could not attend nor could I speak to you for the last time neither did I see you in the last days.

Why is everything going hazy when I look around who's a friend worth hanging around with
Why isn't there a shoulder like yours to cry on to whom, why aren't you breathing, why are you buried and why aren't you smiling like you should be?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Be cool the way you are and kill isolation

It's been a long time since I posted on with the kill isolation movement, well back with a new subtopic.
Being cool is mostly everyone's dream and if we define "being cool" by being surrounded with people who have absolutely no interest in you but their interest lies in what you own then sorry but that's not a definition of being cool. Being cool is all about being loved by people for what you truly are.
Everyone wants to own a ferrari or a lamborghini or a maserati but owning them won't actually make you cool, having something in you to make people love you for what you are is all about being cool.
You may be different or a freak according to some people but if you have people who truly love you for the way you are then you are a cool person cause you impress people not by showing off things but by showing diversity which impresses people from every walk of life. Not everything is related to a full wallet, love can be found in a broken house, it can be absent from a palace filled with all the luxuries of life. Be what you are, there maybe a few people who love you for yourself in the start but as time passes along you'll find that others will join in cause if there's no originality then there's nothing left to make you have that cool factor on you for a long time. Having different opinions or choices shouldn't make you feel insecure about what people will think as it's your life and you know what's better cause you're driving your own life not anyone else, let someone else run your life and make our decisions but are you sure that they'll be there with when you are facing the aftermath of their made decision, a very few people will be there and you can even number them say 4-5, yes alone those are who will be there for you none else.

Kill isolation by being cool the way you truly are, don't copy cause then your originality will be lost.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Curiosity and sanity

Why does your curiosity not cease for a moment, every act of curiosity is torn apart from conscience 
Why do you break a heart knowing that you can't fix it, why do you play with emotions knowing that you can't pay for the tears
Why do you take away a smile knowing that you'll steal someone's beauty, why do you steal when you can't give it back
Why do you walk away from someone knowing that you can't hold back time, why don't you stay and stick around.

Why doesn't your answer satisfy my question, why don't your reasons have authenticity in their words
Why can't you hold on to yourself and not change, why can't you just hold back everything to the way it used to be?
Why can't words justify for the lost time, why can't you not go insane with your curiosity in this world where everyone has feelings
Why can't you be sane and be drenched only partially in the honey of curiosity.

Are curiosity and sanity friends or foe, does sanity end the curiosity or does curiosity put an end to sanity
It's not the two who control the mind it's the person reading this that decides whether sanity and curiosity are friends or foe

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Some say it's writer's block, while some say you've ran out of ideas. Interesting but considering the fact that we observe so many things and think so many thoughts each and every day it's highly unlikely that we are out of ideas.
When you can't write the mere cause of this is the fact that your words don't fill in the blanks thus you can't pen down your ideas. Ideas can't be ran out of, it's the words that have play a part in a writing, suppose you don't have words then how can you explain your ideas, you can either make an illustration but that too will require some sort of words or you can simply make a sketch in the air and none can understand.
Words are the backbone of a writings and if you have loads of words on you I don't think that you'll ever run out of ideas cause a topic arises from a conversation that going on and mostly we humans are indulged in conversations, and also provided that your words click at the moment of need. What's the point of having something when you can't use it in the time of need.


Mistakes and blunders

We make mistakes and errors everyday, so here's to errors and mistakes

Crash and burn is what we do every day in life, errors and mistakes do never leave us alone
Nothing can be brought up to the mark of perfection and mistakes can't be omitted
A wrong turn causes a crash, a mistake in the paper causes the grade, a simple error brings you down
You may have grown into a man or a lady but yet you'll make mistakes every now and then.

As you grow, the only thing that age will tell you is how to make bigger blunders
Blunders and mistakes are in proportion to age, they both are friends till eternity
You can break a toy when you're a child, you can break a heart when you're old
You can kill a flower when you're young, you can kill someone when you grow up.

You can walk away from a challenge when you're a kid but you can walk away from life when you're old
You can spread a smile when you're young, you can take away that smile when you grow up.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mistakes and blunders

Mistakes and blunders are made everyday. So this is for mistakes.

Crash and burn is what we do every day in life, errors and mistakes do never leave us alone
Nothing can be brought up to the mark of perfection and mistakes can't be omitted
A wrong turn causes a crash, a mistake in the paper causes the grade, a simple error brings you down
You may have grown into a man or a lady but yet you'll make mistakes every now and then.

As you grow, the only thing that age will tell you is how to make bigger blunders
Blunders and mistakes are in proportion to age, they both are friends till eternity
You can break a toy when you're a child, you can break a heart when you're old
You can kill a flower when you're young, you can kill someone when you grow up.

You can walk away from a challenge when you're a kid, you can walk away from life when you're old
You can spread a smile when you're young, you can take away that smile when you grow up.

Monday, 3 June 2013

We all forget and complain

Once we forget about someone we usually don't go back easily, no matter how much desperately the other person is awaiting our return and that's a fact, we all return when it's too late and the person isn't that person anymore.
Time changes everything and everyone, the fact is that you and I both will be changed a thousand times when we meet again. So are the complaints about being changed justified? Nothing is justified cause once you miss out on someone you can't catch up, not unless the time stops down for you which it can't and won't. If you are to move then don't complain about someone not remembering you or being changed to a great extent, nothing stays in, everything has it's time and everyone goes along with a flow.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sanity and Insanity

Insanity comes cheap, sanity costs a fortune
You and I go round in circles, insane we are for we live in the land of dreams
We do replace the reality with our own fantasies
You and I go round in circles for we have lost the sanity

Climb we can the highest mountain, but in the dreams that we dream
Swim we can across the seven oceans, but in the land of fantasy
Distances can be washed away but with the sands of insanity
Lost we are for sanity left us all alone in the desert of the world

Winds do blow, rains do pour down but all in the land of insanity
There's a slight difference between the two words
But two different dimensions are what they are called
Insanity is where the dreams start to replace reality
Sanity is where you and I ran away from holding hands together

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Well deserved break

Truly a vacation that I wanted. No one replies, no one texts and finally my phone won't be out of juice. It's relaxing to be away from everything and everyone, just sleep or do something that I want to do, no one to justify to and no one to make happy. Truly the start of a well deserved vacations. It was all weird in the start cause normally people reply but it's the balance, the equilibrium, a break to just work on my own issues of my own life and solve them out.
I had an exam today and all that would pop up in my mind when I was trying to think were just memories from the past and when I got done with the exam I felt relieved cause I knew that it was time to put everything that's fallen into the past and just move on, why stand there waiting for those memories  and those people who left when you got a beautiful start to look ahead to.
People come and go, but your life won't change if you always rely on people, I mean no one will always be there for you. It's good to have a company for  a while but don't think that they'll always be there for you or you'll always be there for them. Purely based on human life is a fact that we all need a break, you and I we all need a break to get back to what we are and what we are meant to be. Boring we may be to people but it's originality that's what matters. Wash away the tough stains of the dark memories and just walk on with your life.

Like I said people come and go but only a few good people matter in life. Stick with those few good people and just be yourself, don't be a pleaser if you're not happy with doing anything, just be yourself cause Life's short.
Five more days and then freedom :)

I took this yesterday, thought that you people might wana take a look.
Peace out people.
Thank you

Friday, 31 May 2013

Nothing feels right

Nothing feels right when you know of something bad is going to happen and you can't do anything about it. You jsut stand there helplessly and watch it all happen before your very own eyes.

Nothing feels right, nothing feels good, there's no reason to smile nor do I have a reason to share
Tears do falls like the waterfalls but without sound, but they don't quench the thirst of losing someone
A few muscles is what I need to smile, but why would I smile knowing that you're going away.
Away from where you can't come back, you can't come back to make me smile or laugh
Cause none can come back once you cross over to the other side.

Gone we all be will one day, tears will be shed by people if not many but by a few good people in life
Why would you take away the smiles and laughs away from the lives that we live by leaving us all alone
Life wasn't meant to be fair to anyone of us, but yet you are there to brighten up the day
But who will take your place after you cross over to the other side.
Colours are taken away when a life is lost, black and white is what the world seems to me

The bond of friendship was supposed to be kept alive till we breathed the last breath
Why walk away from something that'd be kept alive by hope and colours.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The real people

Meeting new people is an itegral part of our life, knowing about them and their past is a lesson that show us how they got through their lives. I'm not talking about the famous people, here I simply am referring to anyone you meet or come across. I thought my life was tough but then I met a person and his life was just sheer pain, memories from the past and everything.
When you and I don't know about anything and we say somethings it hurts to know what we said after knowing about those people's lives. Nothing once said can be taken back, it's their generosity that they forgive us cause what they've gone through it's just sheer pain which just rips out everything from hope to a smile. Nothing stays the same. It's easy for us to tell them to smile but can you and I smile after going through that much pain. They are the real people and I'd like to salute them cause they still forgive and befriend which is the noblest thing to do. But we on the other hand will go on to rip each other in half cause they said something about us, give a moment of pause and realize that shouldn't those real people rip us in half after hearing us say stuff about their lives. They can, they have right to do so but they forgive and that's what being a human is all about.

Brave are the people who carry on to live even after going through the sheer, raw pain of losing someone infront of their eyes.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bend and flow

There's no point in sticking around and waiting for the lost, the leavers as what has left you alone won't come back to heal your wounds. Water that stays and does not flow becoems stagnant.
Flow with times and do bend in life.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


One is new and the other is improved

Read the book not the summary

Looks aren't a definition of a person and his or her character. Looks merely defne the bases of the ideal person that we want to meet. Looks if any can define something that is merely the faical composition. Eyes do decieve the mind.
Why at times we at times fall for the beauty when we don't look for character?  Why do we go for something that strikes the eye even though every logical thought advices us to stay away. Beauty is just a trap to lure us at times by tempting the nature of humans.
Don't judge people by their looks and don't just look for the summary, if you really want to know someone make sure you read their book not just skim through it.

Later people

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Life is like a cullinary challenge

Take time to present out your ideas on the plate of presentation, in a different yet eye catching manner, make it a standout dish or a signature dish.
If you simply dish out your ideas without any presentation no one's going to take your plate, no matter how much potential it has, people want something spectacular to see and something that's worth their time.
So whenever you want anyone to see your ideas make sure you pay attention to every detail cause when everything is top notch then even the slightest of the mistake can set you off the path, maybe a colour scheme or maybe just the font of your heading everything matters for the top spot.
Make it neat, make it worthwhile and make the observer just beg out for your work.

Life is like a cullinary challenge it's all about presentation and attention to the details, leave even a tiny fraction out and you can kiss your spot good bye.

Friday, 24 May 2013

It's good to get lost to be what you were

It's been a year since I have been a regular into the digital world, I've met a lot of people and befriended most of them, some of them left for various reason and it's just been a year but I've changed a lot cause I lost a lot but at the same time I did gain somethings but they weren't enough to fill the void otherwise there wouldn't be anything to change me.
Let's see last year I was a die hard apple fan but I switched to android when I got my hands on the galaxy note and honestly I don't feel like going back, the iphone I have is just lying there and I rarely use it. Last year I barely used my laptop but I started using it and now I rarely use the tablet. Last year I was a fan of the gas guzzing suv's but now I usually prefer the hybrids, they actually have a very smooth ride. Last year I was always surrounded with friends but I lost my bestie this year and that changed me a lot cause it's just the fact known that life's not a friends to anyone. I never was into going squirrels on the road but this year I do it almost everytime. The one thing that is the same about me is the fact that I'm always experimenting whether on the road, in the kitchen, in the labratory or with my phone I'm always trying to do something new and weird. I got more into photography and I rarely write poems nowadays.
Things happen, we change and nothing remains the same both physically and emotionally but one thing will always be there and that's love. Love can always bring you back to what you used to be and it's good to be back once in a while.

It's good to get lost and be what you were a long time ago cause that's how you find yourself.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Keep choices open

Don't keep choices limited and restricted, open up your choices and views. If you're restricted to one or a very few choices then chances are there that you maybe left far behind and when you're left far behind then those choices gradually go out of reach. Keep your choices open and choose the best option you can get.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A bond that holds you two

The pain of losing someone is unbearable, family or friend cause there's this bond beetween you and the other person and none can take that place nor can a bond of that value be made with anyone else again that's the reason why we miss people in our lives.
Some of us have to go through these priceless losses early in our lives, some go through them later on, they say time heals all the wounds but the scars are there forever, certain memories pierces these scars and the pain comes back. That loss can't be paid for by any means cause once people leave this world they don't come back. Attachment is the bond holding you two together even when they aren't here, leave no words unsaid when you have the chance to say what you want.
Pain can be suppressed but it can't go away cause if it went away then there'd be no string that attached you and the other person.

Be with people with whom you are comfortable

It's not about sitting in with the popular and the rich people, it's not about being in the popular group if you are being treated like a secretary, it's about being in the group of people with whom you feel comfortable irrespective of what their status might be in the eyes of the people.
Some people like to call people with different views names such as freak or weird or stupid and all that, but if you're so cool and all that why do you even call them names? To increase your coolness or to make sure that none takes your spot, popularity is like make up it washes away and when you got none of that make up to put on then people will see your real coolness. 
I have known a lot of people from every aspect of life you name it I've known em and socialised with them, the thing which pleased me the most was that honesty can be found everywhere, but don't generalise people into a category cause that's when you start making mistakes. 

Flashbackish day

So today was somewhat a flashbackish moment for me, I saw my friend's car (the one who passed away) some memories like always do rush back and it seemed like nothing ever happened that he was right here alive and preparing for the exams, human mind at times plays the greatest tricks ever and even the reality seems to be fake.
Memories can't be washed away no matter how hard you try to forget something it'll always be there and click when you see something related to that memory. Tricks and tricks we can play and we are played those tricks too, it's life everyone is tricked by their own brain into assuming something and making a wrong judgement but the hint is to recover as soon as you can and with minimal damage. The picture of imagining what the last moments in life are or how they'll be it's just too much pain and at times too much for the brain to handle which could lead you to insanity thinking about how things are. 
Some of us think about suicide, won't lie here I did think about it, thinking about it is the easy way out but imagining how the last moments will be that's just agonising. I tried to imagine that in how much pain my friend was when he was crossing over and it just breaks me up from inside, all that hard, reckless I don't care look that I have in anger it just breaks away when I think about that time. 

Making a decision doesn't take a lot it's the aftermath that has a long lasting effect.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A few verses

They said I began writing dark verses drenched in pain
But yet they never knew what happens when the eyes turn red as blood
You said the warm ink in my pen changed to cold black colour
But could you ever see a tear being lost to the fire of pain

A drop is what my eyes shed in the night when the fire spread all around
The drop of emotions extinguished the fire of pain in a second
Just like you froze the beating of my heart when I first saw you
As my pen caresses the cheeks of the paper I feel like the scars are yet to heal

The soul departed from the body and into the open skies
With the stars enlighting my way I asked myself
"Will she ever read out those verses that I wrote for her"
The heart sank when I saw her burning every last memory that we shared 

Kill fear and escape isolation

We live our lives in fear but why? Fear does not help to get better at something, it rather takes away the courage to stand up to a challenge. Fear of something won't help you be a better person rather it'd get you to  put yourself down, bow down for others and to let them get ahead. Put up a fight for what should and is yours, don't back down from your rights and don't walk away thinking that you're no match and that you can't compete.

You need to let that fear out of your life, laugh, smile, be happy and kill fear cause one thing holding you to the anchor of isolation. I used to be fearful of what'll happen if I do this and that but then I learnt that you gotta take what's yours or else you just hand it out to people, since I'm tired of handing my stuff to people I put up a fight and it's about making an impression that you can win something with something or without something.
I learnt something behind the wheels, it's not about driving a big engine, a S.U.V or a fancy sports car along in the traffic rush hour and the fancy car or the S.U.V will be far behind the hatchback, it's about the courage to take what you have to the edge to where the red line starts. Your life is yours not fear's.
In a way isolation and fear go hand in hand, to separate the two you have to have a strong will, break the tie between the two and live your life like you should.

Live your life to the fullest, kill fear and escape isolation.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Be proud of what you did and kill isolation

It doesn't matter about what people will say or think. It's about you and you alone. Look you put effort into something and some people just come in and say oh hey man that's funny well don't care what they think or say cause it's your work, be proud of it and be happy with what you've done.
I used to look for people to say that it's good but I learnt that you don't have to listen to people, fine they think it's crap but if you're happy with it then kick them and their words outta here cause it's about you and not about them.
At times things like these make you go into isolation so kill isolation by believing in you and being proud of what you did and what you achieved.

If isolation is suicide then opening up is rebirth.

Me sketch

I made sketches of a lot of people so I decided that i should make one of mine. Not sure how much accurate but I think I got the basics right there.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A photographer, a writer

Every life has it's own story, it's own background and there's a reason to why people are like this and that, if we don't know that reason we don't hold any right to say something that would judge them. 
A critque looks at both the faces of a photo before giving his or her feedback and if we are to make ourself a critque I suggest that we first get acquainted with both sides of the photo cause one maybe a masterpiece or a work of art but the other side maybe a blunder or an artisitc chaos. 
A photographer takes hundreds pf photos before putting up one good one for the people to see, in a way we all are photographers taking pictures of our life, spending time to find the right one for the people to see.
You're a writer, working on a draft of your masterpiece and you're cutting and scartching to make it perfect, yes it has to be perfect that's why you're putting so much effort into it.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Kill isolation by being with your true friends

It's been a while since I posted about the killing isolation movement so here I am back with yet another experience of mine which I'm hopefully gonna turn into a good post for the movement.

We all have known hundreds of people whom we can call our friends but you know those we can call friends aren't friends they can be called but they aren't called friends cause friends can break every law just to save you from but they can be called friends are just there to say hmm I'm sorry man I wish I could help, but there was this reallt close friend of mine, used to be best friends in grade 8 and 9 still good friends, whom I had a falling out with, I still remember it I got into a fight with one of his friends and it would have ended really badly if he didn't intervene honestly I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him, then when the rx-8's clutch became faulty I took it to his place and then it was there for a few days cause it wouldn't pick a gear, it was eid so a national holiday and i was 10 km away from home with no cellular reception, it's people like these on whom you can count on to be your friends.Then there was this bestir of mine who passed away, he too was a true friend but what happened today it's kinda shattering the images of people I used to call my friends.
I may not have a ton of friends but I still got a few on whom I can count on in the tough times. Friends are one of the most imporant pillars of life and when you're with friends you don't isolate, you speak your heart and mind out without any hesistation.
Choose your friends wisely and once you choose them stick with them and for them whenever you can, life isn't easy and life isn't fun without a few good people in our lives. Run 10 extra miles for them if you have to but don't ever leave them alone cause life's doesn't give you a chance to go back in time again.
When you're with your friends you don't need to talk to make them understand what's going on cause once you are true friends all you need to do is look at their face to know what's happening.

Kill Isolation by being with your true friends.

If you're a rose then your friends are the thorns protecting you 24/7.

Guilted thrill part 2

Guilted thrill doesn't ever go away and today was far more dangerous than the last time, I don't know what I was thinking or what was in my head but it's just the thrill.
I did an over take by going off the road and there were trees on the side which I went on plus there was a concrete pillar and it was sheer luck that I got back on the road (after the over-take) otherwise bassshh there would have been a mess, I figured I can't stick to laws and I just want the thrill, I been used to do stuff like this and honestly there was no fear or anything, my brothers were scared cause even a fraction of a rotation would have swung us up in the air but there's the sixth sense of confidence, luck, life, hope and will in every decision that we make.
Don't back down and don't let people push you down or away just cause they think they own the road, if you can then go and take your lead, make them realise that it's your spot not theirs. reckless it maybe but you gotta take what's yours.
I'm not saying that you go on picking fights but take control of what's yours, do what you love and do it how you want it to. Hmmm I still haven't gone crazy with my dad's car, but I'm gonna do it cause life's a thrill no one hands you anything you gotta take the lead and run away with it.
I changed a lot from what I was last year and it's a good change, maybe bad according to some people but does it matter when it's your life.
Some people forgot me and some must have forgotten you but it's their loss not yours. So smile wherever you are cause the biggest win is being happy with what you are.

Live the thrill but don't risk lives, at times the confidence that we posses bring us down.

Unfinished collaboration

I had this collaboration with a very talented friend of mine who was supposed to meet me sometime but she didn't, must have been busy. If you're out there reading this someday jana or should i call you black rose princess, anyhow just wanted to put this up here incase if you ever read it if you ever came wandering here. It's not finished I never got the time to end it up so it's as it was last year.

When we look in the mirror, we are only interested in seeing the reflection produced by the clear smoothed glass. We refuse to acknowledge the other side, but that doesn’t mean that the other side of the mirror doesn’t exist. It exists, but we are not interested in what it may have to show, but just think: without that unpolished side, the polished side would be unable to produce our reflection, we wouldn't be able to see what we wish to see.

Similarly, every one of us holds the two sides of that mirror, the smooth polished side and the rough unpolished side, and when combined, these two sides form a reflection of life. Through the polished side we see a reflection of what we want to see in the people around us. A child wants to catch  a glimpse of love and support from his or her father, but the father, himself, has another side which may be unpolished and may not meet the child’s expectations. Behind every stern look, every reprimand, every silent rejection, there is always a wave of love and care that most of us fail to recognize; it takes time and patience to chisel away the mask that everyone wears, that mask that they don so that they don’t seem weak or helpless in front of others. Most of us want to tear away at other’s mask, to see what lies hidden behind the smiles, to see what secrets each laugh holds, to try and uncover all that they have hidden. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself if what they are hiding is a darker side, something which you would never be able to get past? Will the image of that person, the sculpture that you spent forever carving with a blunt knife, continue to stand in your mind or will it shatter into a thousand pieces like the sculptures of the gandhara art? All families have a dark side hidden somewhere deep within, one which may drive you to the brink of insanity, but that doesn’t mean that you leave with the wind, abandoning them in the dark with no way to get out. No, you stick around and put up a fight; you show them, you show the world, that you are strong enough to forgive it all, to be there when someone close, someone you care about, needs your help. You never put yourself first because you know that after you leave, things will never be the same for those whom you proudly call your family.
Running away is always easy. It is never easy to stand your ground when every string of your flesh is screaming out to run. But if you run then that will prove that you cannot handle the other side of the picture. But ask yourself this:  weren’t they there for you in your time of need. When you needed help to bury your secrets, when you needed to walk on from the past and look towards the future, who was always by your side? Who was the one always pushing you back up when you fell down? Your family. But we never do realize this and instead we run away whenever problems arise and yet we still have the decency to expect someone, usually the very people we betrayed, to be there for us when we are stuck in a deep rut even if we weren’t there for them. There’s a saying:“a friend in need's a friend indeed”. Now let me ask you this: have you ever proven yourself worthy of such a friend? It’s easy to point fingers at someone, but what if those fingers were pointed at you? Would you be able to lower them with hard facts alone?
Why run away when you know that you will leave an everlasting impression of being a coward? Why don’t you face the sorrows, the failures and the regrets with a smile? Even if it is a fake at least you can boast that you learned something from those events. Even when  the moon doesn’t shine, there still are a few rays of light. And you can put a blanket over the moon to try and extinguish its light, but you’ll find that it was all for naught because you can never take away its light, you can never extinguish something that is meant to shine so brightly.
When you’re at the top of the mountain, at the peak of success, sitting above everyone else on your throne of ivory and glass, everyone will agree with you, everyone will remember every minute they spent with you, everyone will acknowledge you. They dare not disagree with you, they dare not get on your bad side because to put it quite simply, they are afraid of you. You are higher above, you are the eagle soaring through the sky and you can easily soar down and pluck your prey from the ground. But everything made of glass is bound to shatter, everything at the top is bound to fall back down to earth. When kismet leaves you alone, when the tables are turned on you, everyone who once surrounded you will leave, will scatter with the wind. No longer do they spare you any acknowledgment, no hello, no good-bye, not even a glance your way. You’ll find yourself wandering the earth alone, surrounded only by darkness. But even in that darkness, one North Star will be there for you, and this North Star shall shine a path for you and shall help you get back on your feet. It will light your way up the mountain and help you get back on top. But once you reach the top again, you shall forget the North Star and instead shall surround yourself with the same kind of people who had once betrayed you.