Monday, 1 December 2014

Broaden my horizon

Broaden my horizon, show me the edges of sanity Where insanity roams wild and free, are you scared? Should you feel alone, just turn around, you'll see footsteps Who would've followed, who would be behind? Have you forgotten something, you had to show me the edges of sanity You chose a path less travelled, oh put your shoes in those footsteps Ah the perfect fit, but wait there's another pair, faint but visible Oh my dear, have you crossed over to insanity? Or have you forgotten, that I exist in reality too Hidden behind the pillars, under the shadows, without a candle It's not always that dark, there's a north star high up in the sky Look hard enough and you'll see how I find my way around

Friday, 21 November 2014

feedback please

Please give your feedback.
thank you :)


What makes you move, move around under the moonlight
What makes you smile, smile when the sun shines
If you'd ask what makes me smile, it's the smile on your lips
What is the brightest color I've seen, it's the one on your lips
You're far, but in my imagination you are right next to me
In my imagination lies my world, the world where I wander
In this world, where glitter steals the attention
You look so complete without the glitters
Strawberries on the lips, a red rose tied in the hair
Oh strawberries on your lips, the red color, the faint aroma
The red rose tied in your hair, that looks so true
Honey glistens with purity, I find that in your smile
You are so much more than just a soul, you are the one
The one I yearn for, when I win and when I fall down
The one I look for, when I find myself and when I lose myself
The words on this screen, on the paper lack the colors
There's no texture, no glow, no fusion of the colors
Let me paint it for you, but I don't know how to
Will you, will you teach me how to paint?
I shall paint my world out, just to show you what I get lost into
A smile on the pink lips, around a necklace of pearls
Eyes filled with the light, deeper than than deepest ocean
Oh I can, and I do get lost when I try to describe
What gets me to be lost in a world that I made


Exams finally finished :) 
will be posting a lot hopefully 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

What makes this world be this world?

What makes this world what it is? A simple question with an even simpler answer, the world does not wait for ANYONE. Prophets came, spread their message and they left, saints came and they left, all the people who made a difference in the past left this world, the world did not stop, sun did not stop to set, days came along as they were supposed to, nights came by as it was the time, some people close left us, some new came into this world, there's happiness, there's sadness but nothing stays the same, the sun rises and it sets, it's a cycle.
I gave up hope but the world won't stop if I leave it, there will be mourning, but eventually people move on, everyone does, you'll be remembered by a few but life will go back to the way it was. It won't make a difference if you quit, but if you try, try and keep on trying it will make an impact, loads of people will remember you, people will envy you for the patience and hard work you've put in, I'm not best prepared for the exam, but leaving this world won't make a difference, it'll just tell people that I was weak and I got crushed, life won't always be hard nor will it be easy; don't give up, don't give in easy fights, fight till the last moment, I hope I pass with good marks.
Please remember me in your prayers, if I made a positive difference in your life I'm glad, if I helped you in any way I'm happy.
thank you :) 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Voice of a child inside

Clothe me, hold me, save me from the stare
Take me away, but stay close, make my heart beat as yours
Find me a wonderland, build me a castle along the lake
Where we swam for the first time, you said you'd drown
But you were afloat, it all took a little effort, it was all that was needed
Break my wings free from these chain, leave me be
Let me fly, let me see the oceans wide,  the skies blue
On the coastline, will you wait for me to come back? 
Show me love, show me what it means to be loved
Scare away these memories, let me be free tonight
Why don't you look away? Why are you eyes fixed towards me?
I am weak, I am all alone on this dark night, why are you so far away
Come back, come back to me, save the child inside 
Save the innocent soul, scare away these wolves
Oh save your child, save her, for the end is near

Please give some feedback if possible

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I feel drowning deep in an ocean of depression,  there's no light, there is no hope
The deeper I sink, the more I curse myself, for the time I wasted
It is easy to imagine, it is easy to dream, about standing on top
Even my dreams are fading away, my thread of hope is leaving the grasp
At the end, there is no one but you,  there is no one to look back in that mirror
Except the face you wear,  cold,  a mirror is always cold, everything is a reflection
A win is a reflection of your efforts, my mirror is lost,  my efforts weak, the surface is too high up
I can not climb out let alone to stand on my feet
It's a sea of never ending depression,  I shall continue to drown
You can see the whole world, it's hard to see them stand while I drown.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fighting battles deep inside

Inside I'm in pain, in agony but outside nothing seems to be out of place
My legs feel weak, I feel drained, outside you don't notice what's wrong
Every step feels like a flame burning slow and steady, every sensation of pain is a treasure
For so long, pain and I have been hand in hand, she feels like a part of me, cruel but a reality
Each breath does not seem to make it go away, rather it proliferates rather in a few seconds
The weight of mistakes, the weight of my past, the duty I have been trusted with, it all makes it hard
But every time I look in the mirror, I feel a change, a tiny change; a change is there
Though I may not win in the short run, I plan to succeed in the long run ahead
Too long have I given up on the effort, too long have I failed to make a difference
I have my chance now, I have the opportunity, I shall win, it's hard to win but it is possible
Keep me down but I will fight to the top, maybe you just have to believe in me 

Monday, 4 August 2014

back :)

So time to come back to blogging, so many things to share but one little step at a time.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

More about the book

So I'll be sharing pieces of the book that I'm writing, like always your feedback would be highly appreciated, thank you and hopefully will see feedback soon

Friday, 6 June 2014

From the book

So i wrote a little, just a start up for the book. Here I'll attach it for you guys, so ah do give me some feedback cause that'd be a lot of help big time

It was an average afternoon, a typical June day, my room seemed to depict an oven, I realized that how much alone I felt inside.  
It wasn't about not having friends, I had friends so that wasn't it. What it was that I couldn't talk to them for almost no logical reason, to me my sole reason was trust and confidentiality.  I believed that they would just leave if I let them inside my thoughts.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Update :)

Some of you might wonder, have I abandoned this blog? Well, the answer is no, I haven't. Just busy with the college that's all but updates will be coming in soon and today hopefully will be the first day of the book so I'm hoping that the start will be a good one.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

A book

I wanna write a book, something based on my feelings, about the life inside me. With all my studies I'm not sure how and when I would be done with it but I definitely am starting on it soon to make sure that it comes true.
Someone I used to talk to told me that maybe she'd meet me someday at a doctor's or writer's conference, well I'm in a med school and hopefully things will continue to go smoothly, but the writing part, yeah to fill in both the circles I'm going to be doing that too, even though I may never meet her again, I still want to be sure that I tick both the boxes, 1 being something I want to be, a cardiologist and 2 being something that is a part of me, a writer.
 Hopefully it'll be finished and will be published someday, but even completing it would mean a lot to me.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


A love that grows as you realize its value Without a reward or temptation you are loved One heart that beats together in your happiness Eyes that shed tears in your sorrow Time flies, none realized that someday you'll be alone Without a friend who always stood by your side Countless friends we make but none cares like her You may fall in love, you may fall out of love but her love is divine, embedded and engraved in the soul For when you're all alone under the scorching sun Her love is an umbrella, it shelters you from the harshness Words won't suffice for the love we receive You and I are blessed with the love we don't usually realize For the ones who are deprived, know that its priceless

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Education, a priceless gift

I wasn't aware of the importance of education, and frankly I didn't think of it as a blessing.
I talked to one of good friends, he dropped school early and took part in business but then he went to the other country and cause he doesn't have any degree or anything he's just out of options on what to do. The only option he has is to work at a store, a gasoline station or some other place, every piece of bread that a man earns from his hard-work is as good as a Lamborghini, but his father was a respected officer and he retired from a high post and it makes me wonder how would his father feel that his other three sons have got degrees and are doing jobs while the youngest one is going to be working in  a store or a gasoline station and at this point I realized how blessed I am to be studying medicine, not only me but all of us who are able to go to schools, colleges and universities, get degrees and get good jobs.
Education is a gift, most of us don't realize how much it is worth but take a look at the ones who are deprived of this gift.
It is the fundamental right of every child to be taught, whether they makes it to the top or not but you have to grant that right to erase inequality from this world and to make this world a better place.
And when a child goes to a school or any educational institute that teaches them to be a better person you will notice that ethics, etiquette and manners will be incorporated into them and it certainly will be a whole lot better place to live. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Is it a circle or a cycle?

I wonder as I wander these forgotten streets of memory, is my journey fruitless or is there a reward
When I look back at the times, when they were filled with emotions and expressions, it all seemed quite the fairy tale
Lyrics encapsulated in memories, photos drenched with the details, her voice echoing in my head
Everything just seems to fall apart in the blink of an eye, but yet reality does not seem to care
Reality is cold around this hour, but it strikes the conscience, to make me face the present
Over a glass of wine, you gave me a final chance, for the sake of a novel you reconsidered your answer
It would have been better if we just played Russian roulette, for the chance is equal and justified, not an emotional one
If's and but's are nothing but fantasies and imagination, reality is what had happened
In these lines I tell myself a lot, but yet I write about her again and again, is it a circle or is a cycle?

Thursday, 24 April 2014


My mother once told me that you don't have to bow down to anyone or apologize if it wasn't your fault even whatever is happening. You didn't do it, good you should have no concerns and if it's a friend in trouble then help him/her, but in my experience you will find a single digit figure when it comes to finding real friends. the rest just are just some people.
I have a huge problem and that is I take sympathy and somehow a kinder me comes to surface, but in this world your "kinder self" should only be visible to the ones who treat you an equal scale, it doesn't matter if the other person is stronger than you, if you're being ridiculed then honestly you have no need to call them a friend or even shake hands, sure an eye for an eye leaves the world blind, but look around most of the people that you encounter are "BLIND" so stop making people happy and stand up for yourself. 
Love yourself, protect yourself, get respected and give respect, stand up for your family and friends and never bow or back down if you are correct. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Answer and a poem

A little while ago, I spent a bit of time looking around for the people who used to be a part of my life, friends and more than friends. it wasn't worth it, I mean i wasted my time for over some people who I never even talk to anymore and it was just plain stupid. SO even if you're curios about the leavers, don't look back, just keep moving on. for life is fun with the people who talk, not with the ones who have left.

I look around a lot, for the people who used to be a part of my life 
For a reason to what I have no answer, in the midst of curiosity I ponder here and there 
With all the clues that my memory has left me with
Broken and rough around the edges, my search still continues 
But for all this trouble is it worth the while, my heart says no
My mind agrees, nothing disagrees, none says the opposite 
But curiosity always held me in her grasp, if life was to be moved on
Then why would I sit around with all these thoughts, in a way where no strings are attached 
The quest for finding them makes me want to continue the walk
But if I am wrong, would this be my insanity?
To keep an eye out for the one who used to be close
Who knew my deeply hidden secrets, would it matter if she read this?
Why and how would she know about my curiosity when all these are merely words
if secrets were just a burden then why do I conceal the feelings
but alas, a sip of tea and teaspoon of thought does refresh the whole memory
In a way where my mind says, "if she was to stay, you wouldn't be writing this"
My heart agrees, none disagrees, for it is the truth, painted just to accept and not to question

Saturday, 12 April 2014

new verses

Everyone laughs while I grieve, over the past that I lost
Time won't come back, that is a fact known by all
I never will know how to be someone I'm not
Sharing the times with friends was never my forte
For it felt too much out of the blue, for I never understood
Maybe I was born to be like this, or maybe I blended myself into this mold
Maybe it is a combination, of the nature with the mentality
The ones who fly alone never make it too far on their path
For the lone bird is easy to set eyes upon, behind the blue sky
I never learnt how to fly together, maybe I too will not make it far
In a way, those who flock together are the ones who reach maturity
If time were to climb back up against the gravity, might I be able to learn something
In the end when the bird is shot, I won't be the one who will be remembered
For I was never around when the party was in the swing, in a way it all makes sense
Never leave before the others, or you won't make it too far ahead

If you guys feel like then please do comment 

Friday, 28 March 2014

A health blog?

So I have been on the track of losing weight and cutting down the waist, so far I have been successful and I have lost about 2 inches off the waist, now only 4 more to go and I'll be 32 which is what I think I should do and with that thought I am thinking about making a health blog or something to help with weight loss strategy or simply living with a bit of healthy touch.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Just be who you truly are

I like a few things, for starters a car which I really want and then there's this girl. Both of them used to be there for me to like them but then I realized that I can't get either of them no matter what and I just give up on those. Instead of looking at other people's cars and, or girls I should look at my own things, my books, my grades, my blog and stuff like that cause what they have is theirs, sure I think they are having all the fun, cars, grades, girls and popularity but that isn't mine and I shouldn't waste time looking at that Rx-8 parked at the college, or that Mercedes or those other goodies. It's a good thought to think that someday I'll have a car like that and I'll mod it like this or that but that won't be happening for some time.
Being friends with the popular kids doesn't make you popular and similarly it doesn't make you smart either, if it were the case I'd be uber smart and popular. What you value a relationship, be a it a friendship, a crush or love, is not what everyone values it as the same.
I used to think that if I get that car maybe I'd be popular among my social circle, or if that girl was to be my friend I'd be popular too but that isn't the case. When you have what other want, they just compete and when you don't have those, they just raise the walls higher inch by inch so you can't climb inside their tower.

Don't go after what the majority likes, go after what YOU like. Popularity or having a ton of friends is not the key, just be who you truly are!

Monday, 3 March 2014

that feeling

that feeling you get after doing better on a test and just getting rid of the stress = priceless:P

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Learn the concepts not the text

It's something that I wanted to share, when you open a book, don't read it with the intention of just getting it over, that way you won't get it completely. When you open a book, try to understand it and try to learn it for the knowledge, it doesn't matter that you took 3 hours to understand something, cause if you understood it properly then you have actually achieved something. Learn the concept behind the text and you will learn a lot.

Friday, 28 February 2014

New blog address

The address to my new blog.
Do give your feedback and hope that you'll enjoy it.

New blog

I'm creating a new blog where I'll put all my poems, so any and everyone who wants to read them is most welcome.
Ill post the address to it in a while after I create it.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A downhill crash

When you're on a spot where others wish to be, you have to be thrice as hard working as compared to others. Especially when you and everyone else is on a different footing with their standards of studying and their standard of marks. Its weird that it takes a tons of hard work for me to come close to the others because of the fact that they are so polished and well i ain't that used to studying.
Don't leave anything as your loose end!!! Study everything and then hope for the best.
I think I may need  prayers to get around this one, it's weird when you do one part very good but the next day you have lost your game. Ha, I was so mad at myself for about one or two mistakes I made yesterday but today the value just multiplied by a higher factor.
Study so much that you become satisfied and confident with your knowledge.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Be confident

I got my big test session this week but I'm here writing a post and the reason behind is that there's a lesson I learnt.
It was spotting so we had to identity structures,  I was confused about what I heard from people after discussion of the answers and I got frustrated but I looked over videos and stuff and I found out that I had done a pretty good job but my lack of confidence causes me to fall behind.
Shouldn't let your lack of confidence push you behind.
well that's about it for today :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem!!!! do critique

So my new poem, do give some feedback.
Thank you

I wondered, what it would feel like to win
To hold victory in my hands, to feel someone cheer my name
Here I stand, with thought of winning every battle that I fight
With nothing but my confidence and my determination
And I ask myself will it be enough to get me through to the other half of the bridge
I was told not to look down as I will fall, but I used to be on the ground
But now I'm high up on the bridge, with every bullet being my last
And every option running out of my grasp, I do tell myself you got this far
Why would He let you fall down, to Him is what everything belongs
In the end I smile as I walk down the battlefield, knowing I'm not the best
But in my head I will survive is what echoes throughout
I had a few people at the start and I will have a few at the end
Beauty lies but not in the face, for face can be lost
But the soul will always survive, for what is Divine shall always be Divine 

Just keep moving

One lesson I learnt, just keep friggin moving on, don't stay back for someone cause they think you're not worth their time and they move away, so just fuck whatever feelings you have for him or her and just move on. Just move on and forget those people. Just simply FUCK the feelings and move on, you are better off without a lot of people, trust me you will feel so better without them

Friday, 14 February 2014

Advice and an apology

I lost two of my friends today, 3 of them are in hospitals and I learnt one thing don't postpone anything. I was like hey I got 5 years ahead with all of them, I'll strengthen my friendship with them over the course of 5 years but those 2 didn't have that long to live. I lost 3 friends in 2 years, it sucks and it hurts.
Don't put anything on hold cause who leave this world can't be brought back and all you have are memories.
With that said, I wanted to say if my posts have offended any of you in any way I apologize for that. 
Stay safe and stay alive.
Thank you.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Do what you love

I love going to med school and I really want to be a good doctor, weekend gets boring a lot when I don't have anything to prepare for, I got a couple of tests next week and when Monday comes I'm happy cause I get to be at someplace I love being at.
I love the dissection hall lectures the most and it is one of the best hours in the college.
I'm not the best student but I love being able to help people, I love reading those long and lengthy books cause those short ones kill my curiosity, I'm a slow learner but I love what I am doing and studying medicine is one the most enjoyable things for me.
I frequently am told that I fell short off the merit and stuff and it is bugging me that whether will I be able to make a difference?
Being a good doctor, I think will be the greatest achievement for me and I should just simply stop paying attention to what my father or the others say.
I'll be a much much better father to my child than the father I had and that's about it, you can't really expect a glass to be a diamond.
Do what you love, do what makes you happy. It's your life not someone else's, just make sure that you choose a respectable path no matter where ever you go, always respect and be respected.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Medical poem

Four books on the table, ink of my pen takes away the simplicity of the page 
When will my thoughts form a junction with her's? 
Will there ever be an anastomoses around us?
Will there be ever a synapse to conduct my impulses to her heart?
I've read so much about the femoral nerve but will her nerves sense my impulses
If red is the color of love, then should I be interested in her arteries
If blue is the color of remorseless, should I beware of her veins?
Why is all this so complex even though there's a book on every topic?
What is the threshold of her membrane potential
To stimulate her for a response, to show a sign
If love is all about chemicals, why are the receptors so camouflaged
Should there be thoughts of a similar note, equilibrating between the interstitial fluids?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year's resolution

So new year's resolution

Be a better human than I used to be
Study more
Try to help people
Make this blog interesting to read
Get some confidence
Learn from the mistakes
Be productive and inspire people

So those are my objectives for this year, the biggest one that on my list is studying and being successful and yeah learning my spellings back cause the auto-correct has taken my bragging rights of being good at spellings.
I'll try to update the blog more regularly because some of you folks do read it.

New beginning

Happy new year!!!!
first post of the year, last year was a mixed year, big loss and then later on the year I hit good luck right on the lips so overall good-bad mixed.
Now hopefully this year will be much much better one.

College is way much better than I expected, new people all of the ones I've known really good people and it doesn't even feel new, feels like where I belong. Enjoying every day of it apart from the drawings I have nothing to complain about.
Well hope you guys are having a good time as well where ever you are.
Will post a useful post later.