Saturday, 24 October 2015

Do you, believe?

Dust blotches grace the glasses, a 5 o'clock look accompanied, a frail smile.
Endless collection of knowledge, pages soaked in ink, names after names. A moment of hopelessness, a moment of belief, do you believe? 
In the words of the saints, in the words of wisdom, in the words of the all Knowing.
I, just am a soul entrapped within a body, by a will, a gift from the highest power.
The skill which crafted me, the skilled Creator who crafted you, does it come on it's own? 
If so, grant me the power to craft a life out of the blue, if not, bow down to the Creator. 
If the moments that will follow, there won't be an explanation, for I do not know.
In the moments of hopelessness, in the moments of belief, would you believe? 
The cup is empty, wrinkled you will be, in the days to come.
In the days to come, would you believe in the Creator's miracle?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Against the tree

I walked down the street, a whisper I heard, someone sang her heart out. 
Surrounded by a crowd, I felt everyone was a mute, her voice is what I hear. 
She sat besides the window in a coffee shop, a burgundy blouse she wore. 
In her voice was a sorrow, pain hard to pen down on a paper, her eyes a mirror. 
A mirror to the past, her smile spoke of hope, a courageous soul inside. 
As I sank into her eyes, a shy girl dressed in black. 
Her hair tied behind, she strolled down the street singing her, in her own world. 
A smile she held on to, innocence radiated from Her face.  
In the phase which followed, I lost her to the darkness, into the distance she went. 
At the intersection we met again, a young woman dressed in a white shirt, a smile on her lips. 
No words were spoken, we held hands, it wasn't a black and white picture. 
Her eyes clear as the crystals, love her, let her love. 
Against a tree I kissed her lips, she tasted of the juiciest strawberries. 
As the sun sank, words became a memory, only the eyes spoke.