Tuesday, 1 November 2016

keep trying

Keep trying maybe some time you'll get lucky. If you give up, you might never know what could've been at the next turn

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Changes: everyone needs them

The last Saturday I was under stress, with the exams starting from Monday I couldn't control my anxiety mainly because of the people posting different questions on the study groups over on Facebook. So I thought to myself if I kept getting stuck over the questions a lot of people are posting and to be frankly honest they were the questions you would be stuck on had you not given certain topics a thorough read. I had read most of the topics in details so my concepts were clear, but I could not say the same for the others.
Anyhow, I deactivated my account, got rid of the anxiety, got rid of all the pseudo friends I had on the social media platform, got rid myself of some forced pals that I had to talk to so they wouldn't feel bad and to be honest I haven't felt much better, relaxed and myself like this way in a while.
Then came the bigger task, the cleaning of my email inbox with emails from all the friends I had, the ex, and a lot of people I used to know and I feel much better and then the final nail being hammered was blocking the emails of all the unwanted people and sending them right away to "thrash"

And you know what? I feel so relaxed and so much better.
Seeing that most of the audience that's been on the page is due to redirects from some "awkward" websites, I can definitely say that it's been a great journey venting myself out here and probably being safe from someone who knows me.
If anyone of you from stats is an actual reader or a real person, you should make some changes in your life too and if you think this is helpful you should share it, comment on it or if you don't like it then you should throw a comment anyway so I may know the views which you guys have.
It'd be a big deal to actually know what you think of my posts.

Thanks for reading and hoping to see your comments someday or sometime

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Keep going, keep trying

Keep going on, don't let the doubts cloud your dreams. If you don't get there today, keep trying so you may get there tomorrow but keep trying.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Crutches you don't need

When you feel like giving up, when all doesn't seem to go in the direction you want, when progress doesn't come in the way you want it to come, what would you do?
I have been on this road a lot of times, and I've given up so much that I feel like I am crippled and I am going through one day at a rate of one day. I can give more, but I haven't been able to, it could be so good but I am lagging behind.
 If you're reading this, anyone of you, I'd suggest that you never let any one give you the crutches of their "friendship' and take away your independence.
I've had those experiences, friends are friends only to a place, some are just friends in class and some are friends in the gym but you will be the only one walking your life.
Sitting here, waiting for a friend to text, I've been here a lot and I'm still hoping that he'd text me sometime, but that's wrong. I became dependent on friends to feel happy, to enjoy the days I thought friends are necessary but that was wrong.
I have thought about calling it quits with friends like these, I'll be alone but ain't I alone now? I got a lot to be thankful for and I can't count my blessings. In the end, I'll put it as Les Brown said, when you see them coming, turn your head.

Have friends but don't think you need them to enjoy life. Learning one lesson at a time, hopefully I'll leave those crutches and be back on my own.

Live life, be happy and just keep doing what you are doing to earn your dreams.
Forget the ones who depress you, forget the ones who think of tit for tat, you can't follow tit for tat to be happy.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all who are reading.

It's about helping each other and being there for each regardless of faith, color, nationality and language. You and I are humans first, so why ruin life for someone or anyone.
You won't get a fair treatment by everyone if you treat everyone fairly but you will get the fair treatment by someone who really matters.

Spread smiles and happiness, life's too colorless without happiness. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Running blindly

Nothing better than to come on here, clean the cobwebs and put my thoughts out here,

Let's start, have you ever felt that your interactions and friendships only last till the boundaries of an institution. I have, countless times. I look back at what friends do I hold close and dear, I'll pull out a few names from a basket. But you know what? Those names are just pieces of paper with ink, which dried a long time ago.  The crushes, crushes are meant to be like that. Why does it feel so superficial to be me? I find someone interesting and the next thing I know, she walks away.

Everyone has their own choices, their own types, their own preferences, can't I find a friend like me? Oh yeah I did then she went away too.

When your friends don't text you, when some of them say that it's your nature to talk to us, when you do all the work for something and someone thinks they are the brains behind that idea.
I don't even know what I need to try.
Fuck, yeah that's right I said Fuck, so? No one gives a fuck. Friends don't care until it doesn't concern them.

In the end when I'm tired of people, I find my solace in being materialistic. People forget me, there's always a good substitute to take my place, friends, cousins ,best friends, crushes they all have good substitutes on the corner.
To this crush from college you might have given me what you would call a "sweet no explanation" but I would have been fine with a simple "I can't talk to you".
But your "sweet no explanation", that doesn't go down on me well.
And to the friends who take my friendship for granted, I'm happy that you guys take me and everything that I do for granted cause there's only so much that I can do.

Oh crush, oh my dear crush, your words hurt even it's been months.
and you my dear friends, I wish you knew how many friends I have got that I can talk to.

In the end all I know is that the majority loves to be associated with materialism and I promise you'd love to be associated to me.

Come what it is that I am running into, without a torch running blindly.
Through the dust, through the winds and through the rain.
A sign on the road to realization, covered in honey but a cold metal underneath.
Where the lights shine bright, where the water falls are, to the nature lies untouched.
To a place where a child sits against a tree, with pencils and a sketch of sunset.
The grass was green, hearts were pure and the soul was washed with goodness. 
From a place where the sun set, to a place where the sun will rise.
To forget a face, to reveal a face hidden behind a veil.
The road to walk for realization, lost under the desert of the glitters.
Glitters but not the gold, glass but not a diamond, acquaintances but not friends. 
The world has to offer, to accept is your call.
To walk away from the glitters and the glass, is to find yourself.   
In her "no" lies the motivation to run, run through to what is being offered. 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Somewhere else

Hmm what's new these days? Well the mid terms ended, which gave me an insight on something. If you do not make something fun, spending time memorizing it all won't help a bit. That's one thing which I found out after making something fun, given that it wasn't the best effort cause half a day isn't really good for a spectacular prep but still anyhow it works.

The next thing, what does good dressing help with?  Someone might notice me, I might leave a good impression, I might be distinguishable from the rest of the crowd but doesn't it happen when there's a row full of white cars with a Navy blue in the middle? Sure, someone might notice and even give some importance but nah not good enough to be remembered. 
So a good dressing just helps me with the confidence that I need. 

Something fun I came across, I was very much waiting for the ward rounds at Gynae&Obs. I have an interest in that field, but the thing I was ticked by was that you had to rely on your female colleagues but they always had their own groups. It's a ward where the females have an advantage which does not even need to be said to be acknowledged. 
The three week wards of Gynae&Obs have finished but I still wanna go back there and learn most of it. 
I have no issues on going on my own but in a field where the advantage falls in the court of the opposite sex, they do need to consider some points in the mind. 

But who'd give value to my points, they don't even know my name. 
At the end of the day, I am kinda glad that there are people who don't know me and my name. It all tells me that my final destination is somewhere else. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The lazy cat inside

Hmmm wow it's been a while again. My posts are just not going up as they should and well cause of that I have lost the few readers, who used to throw a bit of an eye on here and may be leave a comment, if they felt confident enough and a comment always brightened the day in a very simple yet exciting way such as a child would get the favourite candy bar. These days it's all about being virtual and into the world of cyber reality. 
I wish it wasn't like that always, but I learnt so much through this cyber world that I can not even count, from picking up my pen to write, to making friends and earning some good memories it all helped a lot, from talking to someone I really liked to getting her answer, it all sums up. 
But as i kick the tiny pebbles I find myself questioning why am I so lost? why does my eye always go towards the tiny indicator light on my phone.

After talking and talking to people, I went too far away from this blog, which is like a fortress to me. Here I can post what I feel like, may be I might feel better, some of you might give the time to read it through, one of you might even comment on it.

Well after the tiring journey which I made on my own and without this blog and the reader, I surely missed it very much. 
To the readers and to all, Have a very fun filled sunday cause tomorrow Ladies and Gentlemen, there's a Monday and the lazy cats inside does not surely love Mondays