Friday, 21 November 2014

feedback please

Please give your feedback.
thank you :)


What makes you move, move around under the moonlight
What makes you smile, smile when the sun shines
If you'd ask what makes me smile, it's the smile on your lips
What is the brightest color I've seen, it's the one on your lips
You're far, but in my imagination you are right next to me
In my imagination lies my world, the world where I wander
In this world, where glitter steals the attention
You look so complete without the glitters
Strawberries on the lips, a red rose tied in the hair
Oh strawberries on your lips, the red color, the faint aroma
The red rose tied in your hair, that looks so true
Honey glistens with purity, I find that in your smile
You are so much more than just a soul, you are the one
The one I yearn for, when I win and when I fall down
The one I look for, when I find myself and when I lose myself
The words on this screen, on the paper lack the colors
There's no texture, no glow, no fusion of the colors
Let me paint it for you, but I don't know how to
Will you, will you teach me how to paint?
I shall paint my world out, just to show you what I get lost into
A smile on the pink lips, around a necklace of pearls
Eyes filled with the light, deeper than than deepest ocean
Oh I can, and I do get lost when I try to describe
What gets me to be lost in a world that I made


Exams finally finished :) 
will be posting a lot hopefully