Sunday, 30 June 2013

Your health take care of it

I know that I haven't updated the blog regularly I apologise for that but the thing is that I wasn't feeling well for the past few days and the truth is that I ain't feeling any better right now too.
Today what I wanna post about is your own health and your safety, we all lose temper or do something in anger that affects our health and the signs or the damage may be seen right after or it may take awhile to come to the surface, well I have got that and for three or four days I'm having this severe headache and a lot of other symptoms that are referring to the fact that there might be some damage.
The anger or the rage at that time was not worth anything, it kinda made me realize that how weak it makes you cause you can't do anything properly.
I'm gonna make it short.
All of you take care and before you lose the temper think about the aftermath and everything.
Take care, Adios amigos

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Changed my perspective

Earlier today morning I was waiting outside in the car so I started looking around the road and something caught my eye, I saw an old man of about 60-65 years of age and with him was a mentally handicapped grown up man of about 30 years of age, the expressions of love were so clear that you could even see them with both of your eyes closed. That man loved his son so much that he was taking him out for a walk even though he should be resting and the sun was not showing any mercy it was pretty darn hot outside, I was sitting in the car with the a/c turned on the sun wasn't much of a bother to me cause I had something to cool myself with but that image, that view it changed the whole thinking perspective that I had, family means a lot even though you and I may have a ton of things with which we wouldn't agree but damn man that was something to raise a child like that and love him with all your efforts and there was no regret on the face of that man, he seemed as if he was taking his 7 year old kid to a park or someplace to play with him. Rarely do any of us see such a sight where there's love that you can see and feel. Driving around in a new car or having all the expensive stuff that I wanted I kinda took it for granted but that part is long gone.

Some of us take our family for granted and say or think that we'll meet someone who'll be better but how can you find a substitute for someone who raised you? I know I am wrong cause in certain cases people suffer from the hands of their family all over the world this happens not only in Pakistan, south-east asia or the 3rd world countries but this is a global issue. Some of us take family, love, wealth, fame and fortune for granted but when it gets taken away only then they open their eyes.
Don't take anything for granted cause there are some people who don't have what we have even though they didn't steal anyone's rights they don't have the things they deserve cause the world is a harsh place, open your eyes before it's too late.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


To some I maybe out of the blue
To some I may take away the smiles from their lips
To some I may colour their lives with the paint of happniess
To some I maybe a stranger in the night without the moon.

You may know what I mean to say but my words slip around
You may find my words without emotions and warmth
Just like the leaves fallen in the time of autumn
The blood turned blue and the heart no longer beating

The sketches that I make are without colours
Lines of the black ink spread all around the pages
Little do you know why my words are without the warmth of emotions
Were you there when she said " she's out of love"

Emotions don't need colour to be warm
Words don't need to read aloud to express the meaning
Silence speaks the words I wanted to say when I stand looking out for you
But you don't read the eyes nor do you hear my voice

A mutual problem.

I never plan anything but for this one post I did some homework cause the I go through this one in a while, feelings is what we all have, they are more like strings unseen cause they make you trip and fall down without you noticing them around. We fall into the well of the memories only to be swelled up with the past, these flashbacks do get on my nerves at times.
The problem is that you and I really don't know how to handle the situation or what to do about it, cause these flashbacks kind of make you live in fantasies or in the day dreams which is again highly unrealistic and takes a person away from what's going around into the world once made by ideas and creativity. It's like a bubble of glass which when shattered by the arrows of reality hurts a lot, like a thousand needles. Long story short, why are you and I there in the first place? That's where you should begin your search and then from there go on to ask yourself a few more question like why can't you move away? Is the reason holding you back here something worth fighting for or is it just wasting your time? Ask yourself these question and then do what you think is the right choice, if you want some help I'll simply say it's time to move on, if someone can put you in the past then I'm pretty sure that you and I, we both can do the same.

It's been far too long being stuck there waiting in the dark, it's time to step out into the sun and embrace the new beginning. 

Be confident and kill isolation.

Everything takes time, nothing comes along in a second except doubt, if you doubt yourself or if you don't trust what you did or chose as your final choice then you need to practise on with choices, it takes a second to know if your choice was right or was it wrong. But in that time where you are awaiting for the results there should be some trust in you and some believe that what you choose as a choice will be right for you.
Take a moment to trust in yourself, to tell yourself that you can do something on your own, confidence is the key here, in an argument if you put up your points with some confidence you are able to make the other person go round and round in circles which will take away his or her edge by drowning them in doubts.
It doesn't matter if you're far behind people or not all that matters is trusting yourself that sometime soon you'll be far ahead of everyone and into the limelight.
Confidence is a key to success, a chance to shine in the spotlight and it gives out a clear oppertunity to kill isoaltion cause we all have a voice but most of us are scared to speak with that voice, once you use that voice to speak yourself out then voila you'll be a whole new person.
Be confident and kill isolation.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kill isolation with the right people

I read it somewhere that if you are a tree then your friends are your roots and love is the fruit which you bore on your branches. A fruitless tree can survive but a rootless tree can not.
That saying is legit and I'm blessed to have a few strong roots on which I stand strong on this ground, my friends a.k.a. the roots of my tree aren't in hundreds, they are just in the one digit category so a very few friends I have but they're there for me. But not every friend that I make is like those fe people, yeah they may get somewhat close to me but at the end of the day I know that they're gonna walk away so even when there are strings attached I cut them when they leave so that the leavers can happily leave.
Similarly, in life not everyone will care what happens to you and I, some will just stand there and watch as life is taken away from the body in which we are known by the people we came across, some will be there but they'll be a very few people who'll be there for you. Pushing yourself or anyone who cares is not the solution to anything.
It's another step to kill isolation but to kill it with the help of the right people.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Don't expect the same.

This post is all about the title of the blog, flashbacks and the reality, somethings make you believe that the past can be relieved once again but what has happened is history and not a mystery. A text, a call or mail can make you think that hey maybe things can go back to what they were some time or a long time ago, but that's just a flashback, what reality is that it's just a fling which won't even last an hour or even less so it's better that you forget that there was even something in your inbox or in you call log from a certain "someone". 
It may not be a good idea to cut out some things but it's the only way you can move ahead and be happy in life. If you reply someone, you should not expect the same from him or her cause not everyone is you neither does the other person has time for you, you took time to reply to help someone that's good, that's positive because you may have helped someone in an unimaginable way. 
But it's time to move on and live in reality cause living in the past or in the flashbacks won't earn you what you want cause it's lost, you have lived with what it had to offer before it ran out. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Different ones

Not everyone's a diamond neither is everyone coal, not every smile has a reason
A question is to be asked, Is every tear that is shed real or is it the sweat from your brows?
Is every heartbeat felt for a person or is it for survival, why do we replace reality by dreams?
Why do questions not address the situation? Why do answers not kill the curiosity?

Why heartbreaks kill a part of the soul, by taking away the happiness from the faces.
Why do we replace the truth by the lies to win, knowing that we all will lose in the end?
Why is there something that keep you to go on, even when you give up on the world.
Why are there questions in these verses, why can't I put in the answers to them?

Yesterday was to be history but yet it still is a mystery to most of us, tomorrow is a mystery but to some it's lost as history
Why can the forecast not be silent, why can't you and I not guess everything about life.
Why can't we seal our lips, cause it hurts to be at fault and it hurts to fall down from the peak of importance?
But we can climb if we fall down from a mountain, but on a different mountain in another climb cause there's a blizzard from where we fell down.

Collision of ideas and thoughts

Age is nothing but a number, written to hold a recognition in this world of unknown
To differentiate between the runners on the track of life, without emotions they stand
Written in black they are without colours, bland just like without spices they are.

Hidden behind the long hairs are they eyes, noticing every winner being called on stage
A smile drenched in happiness, eyes in another face wet with tears
A laugh of victory shared among the winners, faces hidden are those of the losers and of the weepers
Killed is everything but hope, it's not killed for it is washed away by the flood of failures.

Confidence is what made a flower bloom, or it is what made someone take a stand to against tyranny
Words spoken are what makes a voice, wakes the sleepers from their daydreams, and ends the drought of conscience.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Rags to riches on the drag of life, shifts and drifts around the bends and into the trends
Smoke and flame from the exhausts and into the air, revs all around the roads paved and unpaved
Blood rushing and fussing all over the mind, time slows down and in control you seem to be
Red lines are highlighted when limits are crossed just like the tail lights when breaks are applied

Roars are heard when you soar high on the speeds, for a thrill a shrill is heard
Seen is a ray of light when you're high on the flight, heard is a scream when a dream is fulfilled
Flash of the headlights is what a signal for a mingle, not with love but with the flow
Rules are for the schools, the sound of the thrill is what is a melody to the soul

A turn of the steering wheel is what makes a turn in and out of the bend
A laugh of victory is what I have when all you see are the tail lights shining bright ahead

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Another of the verses

All the right reasons for the tight turns of the seasons, in the cold dead night
Soaked in the dreadful silence, lips whisper but not a single word is heard
The angel of death hovers above the lifeless body, drained is every single drop of soul
Taken away is every smile that those lips ever had, returned are the tears that were once held back.

Missed will and are the laughs that were once shared, those moments are filled with tears, colourless and bland they are
A smile replaced with a tear, a laugh replaced with a cry and the fun replaced with sorrow
The bright colours are replaced with black and white, memories just stored in the photos that were once clicked
A farewell was what I could not attend nor could I speak to you for the last time neither did I see you in the last days.

Why is everything going hazy when I look around who's a friend worth hanging around with
Why isn't there a shoulder like yours to cry on to whom, why aren't you breathing, why are you buried and why aren't you smiling like you should be?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Be cool the way you are and kill isolation

It's been a long time since I posted on with the kill isolation movement, well back with a new subtopic.
Being cool is mostly everyone's dream and if we define "being cool" by being surrounded with people who have absolutely no interest in you but their interest lies in what you own then sorry but that's not a definition of being cool. Being cool is all about being loved by people for what you truly are.
Everyone wants to own a ferrari or a lamborghini or a maserati but owning them won't actually make you cool, having something in you to make people love you for what you are is all about being cool.
You may be different or a freak according to some people but if you have people who truly love you for the way you are then you are a cool person cause you impress people not by showing off things but by showing diversity which impresses people from every walk of life. Not everything is related to a full wallet, love can be found in a broken house, it can be absent from a palace filled with all the luxuries of life. Be what you are, there maybe a few people who love you for yourself in the start but as time passes along you'll find that others will join in cause if there's no originality then there's nothing left to make you have that cool factor on you for a long time. Having different opinions or choices shouldn't make you feel insecure about what people will think as it's your life and you know what's better cause you're driving your own life not anyone else, let someone else run your life and make our decisions but are you sure that they'll be there with when you are facing the aftermath of their made decision, a very few people will be there and you can even number them say 4-5, yes alone those are who will be there for you none else.

Kill isolation by being cool the way you truly are, don't copy cause then your originality will be lost.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Curiosity and sanity

Why does your curiosity not cease for a moment, every act of curiosity is torn apart from conscience 
Why do you break a heart knowing that you can't fix it, why do you play with emotions knowing that you can't pay for the tears
Why do you take away a smile knowing that you'll steal someone's beauty, why do you steal when you can't give it back
Why do you walk away from someone knowing that you can't hold back time, why don't you stay and stick around.

Why doesn't your answer satisfy my question, why don't your reasons have authenticity in their words
Why can't you hold on to yourself and not change, why can't you just hold back everything to the way it used to be?
Why can't words justify for the lost time, why can't you not go insane with your curiosity in this world where everyone has feelings
Why can't you be sane and be drenched only partially in the honey of curiosity.

Are curiosity and sanity friends or foe, does sanity end the curiosity or does curiosity put an end to sanity
It's not the two who control the mind it's the person reading this that decides whether sanity and curiosity are friends or foe

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Some say it's writer's block, while some say you've ran out of ideas. Interesting but considering the fact that we observe so many things and think so many thoughts each and every day it's highly unlikely that we are out of ideas.
When you can't write the mere cause of this is the fact that your words don't fill in the blanks thus you can't pen down your ideas. Ideas can't be ran out of, it's the words that have play a part in a writing, suppose you don't have words then how can you explain your ideas, you can either make an illustration but that too will require some sort of words or you can simply make a sketch in the air and none can understand.
Words are the backbone of a writings and if you have loads of words on you I don't think that you'll ever run out of ideas cause a topic arises from a conversation that going on and mostly we humans are indulged in conversations, and also provided that your words click at the moment of need. What's the point of having something when you can't use it in the time of need.


Mistakes and blunders

We make mistakes and errors everyday, so here's to errors and mistakes

Crash and burn is what we do every day in life, errors and mistakes do never leave us alone
Nothing can be brought up to the mark of perfection and mistakes can't be omitted
A wrong turn causes a crash, a mistake in the paper causes the grade, a simple error brings you down
You may have grown into a man or a lady but yet you'll make mistakes every now and then.

As you grow, the only thing that age will tell you is how to make bigger blunders
Blunders and mistakes are in proportion to age, they both are friends till eternity
You can break a toy when you're a child, you can break a heart when you're old
You can kill a flower when you're young, you can kill someone when you grow up.

You can walk away from a challenge when you're a kid but you can walk away from life when you're old
You can spread a smile when you're young, you can take away that smile when you grow up.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mistakes and blunders

Mistakes and blunders are made everyday. So this is for mistakes.

Crash and burn is what we do every day in life, errors and mistakes do never leave us alone
Nothing can be brought up to the mark of perfection and mistakes can't be omitted
A wrong turn causes a crash, a mistake in the paper causes the grade, a simple error brings you down
You may have grown into a man or a lady but yet you'll make mistakes every now and then.

As you grow, the only thing that age will tell you is how to make bigger blunders
Blunders and mistakes are in proportion to age, they both are friends till eternity
You can break a toy when you're a child, you can break a heart when you're old
You can kill a flower when you're young, you can kill someone when you grow up.

You can walk away from a challenge when you're a kid, you can walk away from life when you're old
You can spread a smile when you're young, you can take away that smile when you grow up.

Monday, 3 June 2013

We all forget and complain

Once we forget about someone we usually don't go back easily, no matter how much desperately the other person is awaiting our return and that's a fact, we all return when it's too late and the person isn't that person anymore.
Time changes everything and everyone, the fact is that you and I both will be changed a thousand times when we meet again. So are the complaints about being changed justified? Nothing is justified cause once you miss out on someone you can't catch up, not unless the time stops down for you which it can't and won't. If you are to move then don't complain about someone not remembering you or being changed to a great extent, nothing stays in, everything has it's time and everyone goes along with a flow.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sanity and Insanity

Insanity comes cheap, sanity costs a fortune
You and I go round in circles, insane we are for we live in the land of dreams
We do replace the reality with our own fantasies
You and I go round in circles for we have lost the sanity

Climb we can the highest mountain, but in the dreams that we dream
Swim we can across the seven oceans, but in the land of fantasy
Distances can be washed away but with the sands of insanity
Lost we are for sanity left us all alone in the desert of the world

Winds do blow, rains do pour down but all in the land of insanity
There's a slight difference between the two words
But two different dimensions are what they are called
Insanity is where the dreams start to replace reality
Sanity is where you and I ran away from holding hands together

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Well deserved break

Truly a vacation that I wanted. No one replies, no one texts and finally my phone won't be out of juice. It's relaxing to be away from everything and everyone, just sleep or do something that I want to do, no one to justify to and no one to make happy. Truly the start of a well deserved vacations. It was all weird in the start cause normally people reply but it's the balance, the equilibrium, a break to just work on my own issues of my own life and solve them out.
I had an exam today and all that would pop up in my mind when I was trying to think were just memories from the past and when I got done with the exam I felt relieved cause I knew that it was time to put everything that's fallen into the past and just move on, why stand there waiting for those memories  and those people who left when you got a beautiful start to look ahead to.
People come and go, but your life won't change if you always rely on people, I mean no one will always be there for you. It's good to have a company for  a while but don't think that they'll always be there for you or you'll always be there for them. Purely based on human life is a fact that we all need a break, you and I we all need a break to get back to what we are and what we are meant to be. Boring we may be to people but it's originality that's what matters. Wash away the tough stains of the dark memories and just walk on with your life.

Like I said people come and go but only a few good people matter in life. Stick with those few good people and just be yourself, don't be a pleaser if you're not happy with doing anything, just be yourself cause Life's short.
Five more days and then freedom :)

I took this yesterday, thought that you people might wana take a look.
Peace out people.
Thank you