Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Killing isolation

Killing isolation is not easy and it takes a lot of effort to open up to people but yes it is a permanent solution from all the mental stress. When you hide everything inside your head you tend to make wrong decisions.Try and find that right person to whom you can open up to. 
Everyone needs someone to talk to about how their life and discuss some matters cause discussions leads to a better answer cause when your converge different opinions keeping all the expected results in mind you can make a better desicion cause life is all about learning from one another. If you won't learn you won't get ahead.
Everyone can follow anyone but not anyone can be a leader. Talk, understand, think, ponder and keep views in mind to finally reach a conclusion. People who hold our hands to help us cross the road are the leaders. The question here is that are you fit to hold someone's hand? 
Kill isolation by discussing everything and anything that you can find your views on and the contradictions on the views held by others on a specific topic but keep your cool in a discussion cause some of us have trouble with controlling the emotions.

Learning is the first step of leading and isolating is the first step of being a follower.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Killing isolation by being what you truly are

If we are to think that it's about being perfect then we are most defimitely wrong. It's about doing what you love with the passion that you have inside. I love blogging and seeing you guys read my posts makes me really happy cause hey someone is reading what I post and that feeling is just like winning a marathon and acing something that you always wanted to ace.
Perfection can never be achieved but you, me and everyone can ace what we love to do.  I've never been good with putting emotions into words but seeing something today it made me kinda emotional and I've been trying to put that feeling into this post.
Don't aim for perfection cause that's not a virtue of humans aim for doing your best and leaving with a smile. Don't wait and look around for someone to notice ya cause they won't notice ya, no one will till you have gold written all over ya. I waited for people to notice me or even acknowledge me but the thing I have learnt is that no one notices till you have something that they want to notice.
In a car park full of mercedes no one will notice you even if you drive the bet of the best cause there'll be other people who ahve the same thing as you, they'll notice if you have something exotic, something different and uinque to offer them.
Don't wait around for the popular people to notice ya cause the popular people aren't the freinds that'll help in the hour of need. Don't freeze yourself in and under isolation, break the ice.
Be what you truly are cause inside we all are weird. Hiding is not a solution rather its isolation.
Do what you love and do it with your heart.

A will filled with passion and love can change the course of life

Killing isolation by expecting what should be expected.

It's about mid night and I'm sleepy but I wanted to make this post before I hit the hay.
At times we expect the desired answer but it's not always that we get what we desired for, At times it's the quite opposite to what we had expected but it's not that we can implement our desired answer on anyone or that we can just get what we wanted to hear. Some of us go into isolation cause of the thump or a shock of not getting the desired answer while some of us never look back.
In a way it's our fault cause we expected too much but the reply was just too little and it wasn't helping in anyway to get back on the feet. I may not make sense cause somethings experienced can't be put in words nor can they be described.
Feelings once lost don't come back. Trust once broken can't be rebuilt with ease and the once who leave don't come back easy.
Kill isolation by expecting what should be expected.

Killing isolation by choosing the right team members

All of us try hard to meet the demands of life and at times we put in too effort but get too little acknowledgement from the people to whom we present but it doesn't matter that what they think, what matters is that you know what's the original story is. So what if they get the temporary edge or they get the acknowledgment for what you worked hard day and night . You can not get them out of the picture cause no one would believe ya. I know that it's hard to let people take for what you worked so hard but we don't have a choice now do we?
What actually matters is that you know the turns that you made to complete a project. Either you make a stand from the start but if you can not do that then don't try to make a stand all of a sudden cause people will push you out of the team and take all the name so choose your team wisely, don't make an edge to get the team in front if your position is not recognised by all the people under you or along you. Play your part just your part if you are treated just as a team member, don't try to play the role of a captain cause in the end it's the credit given to the captain that counts. Just play your part and don't exceed cause you are only questionable for the part you did not for the extra part. If it goes good no one will say nice job or well done to you but if it goes wrong then everyone will say that it was his or her idea that landed us in this mess, that way both guilt and isolation will get you to jump into the never ending pit of Isolation and regret.
Kill isolation by choosing your team members wisely or by playing just your own part.

The one who carried all on his or her shoulders was not recieved with the love he or she deserved but the love was showered on those who were carried on the shoulders.

Thank you Ma'am

After attending the final parting lecture on moral ethics given by the college principal I just can't find the words to describe the feelings by words cause words fall short whenever I think about the fact that she given us more than what some of us deserved, the right to study in one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole city, dedication and the kind of love you expect from someone who's like a mother to you and words they just desert me cause words are only suitable for things which can be measured or weighed.

I don't know if you'd remember this Ma'am but at the day of the interview, my file was incomplete and I was shaking cause I wanted to get into your institution with all of my heart. When you told me that my file was missing out some details I was worried that you might reject me but your kind and helping attitude it just made me realise that I was in the right place. Through out the whole 2 years I loved being in J.T cause it made me feel like I was under the supervision of my own mother. 
The last 2 years in J.T are the best years of my life though I lost my really good friend but it was at this place that I befriended him. 
I write a blog in my free time and people like what I write but today what you said was right that "whatever you are it's all because of the grooming you got from J.T"
People would say that writing a blog is a waste of time but I help a few people not a lot but just a few and knowing that I helped someone it just makes things better. I help cause I have seen you helping out the students like we are your own sons.
People from all over the world read this blog and they like what I write it but the credit doesn't go out to me it goes out to you Ma'am.
Thank you Ma'am for taking me into your institution cause I'm proud to be a J.T grammarian. I did not have a good result when I entered the gates of J.T but I'll try my best to make you and all my teachers proud.
Time flies when you are having a good time and these 2 years it did fly cause it just feels like yesterday that I attended my first class here and now that I attended the last lecture given by you I left with all smiles. 

Mrs Rehman, Miss Faiqa and Miss Fareeha you are doing a wonderful job and I just don't have the words to thank you for all the love and dedication.

A silent student of J.T

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Killing isolation with trust

Some of us like to wear masks and make up to hide the scars of the past but you know it just takes  few seconds for someone who cares to read what's going on in your life to look behind the masks and the makeup and straight into the eyes. It's good to wear a mask or make up cause that way only the people who can care to see past the superficiality can come and talk to us about those scars. This poem or free vereses go out for the masks and the make up wearers. 
Kill isolation by revealing your true self to a very few trusted people

You try to put up a smile on your lips
With an empty heart you find the courage to put it up there

The glossy lipstick reflects the glitters that you wear
To hide the wounds of your broken dreams

You wear the eyeliner to cover up the tears in your eyes
The tears that drag you back to the lonely nights without the moon

You put makeup on your cheeks to cover up the bruises
The bruises of broken trust and betrayal

You put on the mask of disguise to stand with the crowd
But yet your colours give out a vibe of emptiness

You try to fool me with those fake words of hope
But you forget that I peeled off the skin to blend in with the crowd

Killing isolation by choosing the right people

At the time of need people come to you for help and you do everything possible to help them out but when you're in need no one comes along. 
People are selfish cause everyone wants to look after their own benefits but why were we helping them out? when they needed help why were we there to help people get on their feet. Simply cause we had the moral conscious and the moral ethics.  I've been at that place a lot of time and what I've learnt that choosing right friends and the right people is the way to live. If we had chosen the right people at the start we could have stayed away from the self imposed isolation.
In life there are certain matters for which one should always be prepared for whether it's about an assignment, financial matters or a simple commitment one should always have the right people on his or her side. Never rely on those who have let you down on more than one occasion. 

Kill isolation by choosing the right people to befriend.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Killing isolation with self confidence

It's about reaching out and grabbing the oppertunity when you see the chance. People will say a lot of things to let you down just because they don't want competition coming along their way. Even if you think you're weak you are wrong cause everyone has an equal chance of winning the marathon of life. Giving up is really easy and so is being relaxed but the thing is that if you don't take the stress now your whole life will be filled with stress. Isolating yourself by thinking that you're weak is not an option, make yourself known, speak up and let people know that you're there. It doesn't matter if you're a slow learner it's about clicking at the right time. Everytime someone tries to bring you down smile and pass along their offer.
Even if you don't have a chance give it your best try cause miracles do happen in this world,
Isolating someone is the easiest task to let them off the track cause then they don't believe in the themselves and there goes the self confidence and then it's easy for the people to win.
Giving importance to the words that bring you down is like allowing the enemy to invade and opening your gates for them.
Breathe in a deep breath of confidence and tell yourself that you can do it.
Kill Isolation with self confidence cause like bono said
"What you got they can't steal it 
No they can't even feel it 
Walk on, walk on... " 

So walk on with your head held and soul drenched in self confidence with the aim of killing your isolation with self confidence

A click is not heard in the brightest people cause they have lost their click, your click is hidden inside.

Kill isolation by breathing in hope

I At times when you hear something which is said about you, you just fall down from the clouds of confidence and into the ground. One sentence can change around everything, the ending of your day, the mood, the ambitions, the dreams and the hope. Why? Why does a one simple sentence uttered causes so much pain to the listener.The answer is simple that person holds importance to us whether mother, father, sibling, child, teacher or a friend. 
Don't let go of hope even if you hear stuff from people who hold importance in your life cause your life and their is different. They don't live your life so they only know what they can see.
So know what you know, believe in your self and in your dreams, don't give up cause you heard someone saying something about you, keep your confidence and your head should be held high cause it's all about delivering what you got in you.
So kill Isolation by breathing in hope and exhaling out the negativity. You're you unique in your own way so cheer up cause you're just like a limited car model there's only a very few like you.

If you are to choose between beauty and confidence choose confidence cause the beauty fades away but the impression stands forever.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Killing isolation by leaving at shut up calls

Why do we try to start a conversation with something funny but at times we are given the shut up call? I mean I just wanted to talk but then why the shut up call?
Some people don't like our fun talk at times so we shouldn't stick around and let them give us more shut up calls. No matter how much closer they are, leave and give them space cause otherwise they'll break every string in the relationship that holds you two together.
If someone doesn't like you, you leave and don't ever look back. I've been given too many shut up calls and honestly I'm done geting back to them cause after a while they'll still do the same to us so people self respect and self esteem is what should be our most valuable possesion in a group or in a hanging out. If they insult you leave, you don't become the same like them you simply leave with a smile and don't get back to them till they apologise.
You can find friends who'll love to talk to you and listen to you no matter how weird and different you are. Don't give up and don't make friends based on social and economical values. Different flowers make a bouquet so different friends make life worth living

Leave where you're unwanted and walk into the group where they'll value your presence

Thursday, 25 April 2013

killing isolation with your voice

Why do we keep silence as our closest ally even when we want to speak, let people know that we can do something too? Why do we await for acknowledgement and then take the next step towards out dreams?
If someone does not want to acknowledge you then why stick around and waste your time on those people?
Leave what the people say and just speak out your ideas cause your idea will be different and different is what makes life beautiful. If we all looked the same would we be oursleves? Similarly if we were to follow everyone it would simply make us a clone, a copy of them so wherever your ideas are different you should speak your mind out and share those ideas.
If you are always gonna follow others then you better give up creativity cause you can't use imagination if you're gonna follow orders from someone and do things their way.
Speak and share your ideas. Who knows that your ideas might be better than them or you can improve your ideas and polish them after discussion so don't go on the silent or humming mode speak your mind out and then work on it.
Even if you think your ideas are stupid or weird you shoud share them by a voice which is and will be heard that's your own voice, use it and win. If you keep it suppressed then be prepared to leave your spot and move down on the ranks cause someone else will speak and move ahead.

The one who follows never leads, the one who takes charge leads.

Killing Isolation with hope

Killing isolation is a tough job. Most of us when hear somethings that brings down our castle of dreams, with words uttered by people known and unkown, give up and choose isolation as a refuge. No one can predict what'll happen tomorrow. Lines, horoscope and everything it's just a guess. Some people like to play us by probability well looking at probability let me clarify that this universe is just like a radioactive decay process where every nucleus holds a constant probability of decay per unit time. It doesn't matter if someone says that you won't get into your dream college, or you won't get to be a doctor, singer, photographer, actor or actress, it doesn't matter cause who are they?
If what people say is correct then Einstein would'nt have been famous. This world is vicious and honestly people don't want you in the run for the competition so are you gonna give up your dreams and your hope for what isolation and always being the loser?
Nah you don't give up the hope, you stay strong and don't give up cause giving up is easy but without a reward, struggling is hard and tough but with a sweet reward.
Don't let go of hope, dream on and work hard to change your dreams into reality.

The ones who gave up hope, cried an ocean when they came to know how close they were to their dreams.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Killing isolation by stop pretending

Isolation is everyone's problem. Both directly and indirectly we all suffer from the aftermath of isolation.
Family, friends, acquaintances, class fellows, neighbours and even random people that we come across walking down the road, in the train, park, stores and other places everyone in his or her life is  isolated in one way or another. People don't want to open up even to their helpers, I'll quote my own example if I get something wrong I'll not ask for help, if I get a question wrong I'll never tell it to anyone. Why? It's simple I don't want people to know my flaws.
I'm studying right so if I fall now it's better than falling down the cliff in the exams. Be different, ask things, clear doubts away so that you ace your exams. My mother said to me if you don't know something just accept it and learn it, don't waste time making up impressions cause the only real impression will be expressed when you have a result with A+ written all over it.
We all pretend, isolate just so that we may seem flawless to everyone else, well my friends that's plain wrong.  Pretending won't get you, me or anyone no where.
Discussions lead to a better understanding cause we get to know of everyone else's views and it also clears away the doubts present in your mind, which does wonders when you're about to write your answers on the exam paper.
Similarly, when you have issues it's best to discuss them and get rid of them ASAP. If you'll let them cling onto you then you'll fail. Isolation may seem a temporary solution but are you ready to hide for all of your life?
Kill Isolation, talk, smile and laugh.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Are we making people go into Isolation?

So this is a question and it holds significance importance as it involves all of us.
All of us meet new people, make new friends and at times we forget our old friends cause the seems to be in fashion and the old seems out of fashion. When we leave the old friends we make them feel isolated cause they are alone with no one to talk as their friends have left em for the new and in fashion buds. We get so lost in the new friends that we made that we hardly find time to catch up with our old friends, we will always make plans that I'm gonna text him/her today but we don't cause everything comes to our mind when we think of catching up with them. It maybe days, weeks or months before we realize that we getting distant from them. They do realize that we aren't there anymore and that we have found new friends to hang out with.
We are heartless at times you times, we talk to them when we need to and then we forget them just like that but is there any guarantee that our new buds will stand out with us like em? There's no answer to that not until a times comes where you get to see them with your own eyes and then you can't deny the results now can you? They may stick and they may not. Everyone has their own reasons.
I'm not saying that your new buds won't be good or supportive I'm just saying that be there for your friends who stood up for you when no one did. Talking to them, hearing them and helping them out will make them realize that you still care for them and that you're here, that'll make them feel better, feel loved and most of all they'll come out of the isolation and open up to you.
Be there for them and help them cause it's hurtful to know that they've changed so much and in most of the ways. Love em and make em feel loved cause love kills isolation.
If isolation is darkness then love is hope. If isolation is a desert then love is a river.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Killing Isolation part 1

We all I mean all of us are responsible for making people go into isolation. We laugh off something they say without realising how much that could hurt them, if there's an argument going on we just like to squish the other person and reject their information but have you ever felt it when you worked so hard but no one ever gave a damn? They may be wrong but that does not take away the right of speech and expression from them if you're right then why don't you get them over on your side. If you think that you can not do that then it's best to stay silent on the subject and not hurt their feelings cause we don't know what's their story is.
Something happened today, a friend of mine she got called names like a liar and etc cause of an arguement, but the people who called her names do they know her whole story? Nope, there's this blindfold of being right on their eyes well let me tell you something, you may be hot, you maybe beautiful, cute, popular and whatever you are but this won't stay forever. You made her leave, you hurt her and frankly it's pathethic when all of us do that. I'm putting it here so that everyone can know how we hurt people without realising and most us don't even realise anything.
She has a big heart that she did'nt say anything, she could have abused them, rediculed them or make fun of them but she didn't she chose to leave cause she has a big heart. People like her are those who are always there for people, but when they need help people make fun of them. She's my friend and I'm glad that she's my friend cause I learnt something today and honestly the same thing happened to me but it was in college with all my so called friends going agaisnt me.
When you meet people like her you should try to understand them, help them, hang out with them cause weird, different whatever everyone may call them they'll be there for you when you need them but will you do the same for them or will you join the rest of the crew and make fun of them?
This is a step towards killing isolation and making people understand that there are people who are shy, they need people to be their friends and help them cause that's what friends are supposed to do. Don't be a seasonal friend or a windy friend. Talk to them, make the first move cause they want someone to come along go and be that person.
Kill isolation and let them talk, let the world know their ideas, arguements and thoughts don't keep them locked behind the chains of  everyone's thoughts.

If we failed

What if we failed trying to do what we wanted to accomplish? What would everyone think? If you are going to pick up your pen I suggest that stop thinking what people would say and if you and I are gonna get crushed by the world let's just go down trying hard cause that'll get you some satisfaction that you made most out of your chance.You and me we can do what we want and how we want to do it. 
Look don't care what people will say or think just keep yourself, your dreams and your goals ahead and you'll be a winner. 
It's hard trying to convince people but I'm not giving up cause people think I'll fail no I'll get back up on my feet with a new force and a new motivation to get the people I care about out of the mess and you're the people I care about cause people life wouldnt be life without you. You guys may not know me and I may not know you to each other we maybe strangers but I want you to know that if you need my help I'm right here for any of you. mail me and I'll get back to you ASAP. Solutions don't present themselves you have to look for them. Discussion at times leads to the best solution that you'll ever get. Plus I'm starting a new movement called Kill Isolation and Let people hear you. It's a small start but hopefully it will help many people with the passage of time.
Take care and stay blessed
I'm all ears if you guys ever need me. 1406.s.a.m.1.0.1@gmail.com 

Giving up and being so close

Giving up is easy. You just stand up and say that it's not working out for me but have you ever thought that you're actually somewhere from where you started. It's not hard to carry on or continue but after giving up and realising how close you were that's rather painful.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The simple gifts

At times we all ask something which according to us are not a big deal but that not a big deal thing does mean a big deal to some people and we don't realise what we are asking until we get to know the whole story and in knowing the whole story we hurt people and yet we don't realize. We do realize but only when it's too late cause we did hurt someone and nothing can change that. No sorry no apology can take back what has happened, they have a big heart that they choose to forgive us.
Don't pin point people on the bases of religion, preferances, sexuality, choices, priorities, race, colour and life style cause nothing remains still forever I mean sometime later on you may go on choosing the same path. Don't insult people on the bases that they aren't cool according to your cool scale. Don't break a heart cause you may think that a girl is just a toy, they aren't toys man when you'll be treated like a toy you'll know how much it hurts. Don't walk away from the mess that you have made and don't leave out on a friend cause they were there for you but now when they need you you're no where to be found or you don't acknowledge their presence. Simple things are what makes life beautiful. Your one act of stupidity breaks a heart and can even take away a life. One sentence and all what you had could be broken down into a million pieces.
Love the people around you cause life's a gift and the memories are to cheerished. Don't break a heart, mend a heart whenever you can. Don't insult anyone spread love wherever you can and make friends. Don't put salt on a wound, put a bandage over it and heal it.
Love and care are the two simplest gifts that you can give to anyone that'll make them feel better about their lives.
Adios me amigas and me amigos

Not ours to hold

Why do we take a fall when the thing which we were running after wasn't meant to be ours? Why do we run along the people who we thought had a different love? Why do we isolate when we are rejected?.
These questions run our lives and the answer to these are what can make or break a bridge in someone's life and if that bridge is broken it's a matter of breaking a life into a thousand pieces just like a glass but if the person realises what the problem is and rectifies it then the bridge is made and he's solid like steel.
There was this dialouge in the mask of zorro between De lavega and Don Rafael where Rafael says sorry when De lavega's wife is killed (loved by both men) by Rafael's soilders to which De lavega replies "She was never yours to hold" that's the case when we run after somethings which are not ours.
We fall, we lose and then at times we realise that's what the important part is realising what is ours and what isn't.
Realise and work on that people. 

It doesn't matter if you're the black sheep

It doesn't matter if you're the black sheep in the family or among friends. What matters is that you get people to know what your views and that you don't bend your views just so that people would think that you're cool. If they're your friends and people with an open mind they'll accept you as a cool person with your thoughts and views cause where different opinions exist that's what a lively environment is.

Don't change

So I've been thinking about what's a true date or the start of a true relationship well it's answer is rather simple the start of something true is with honesty. The day or date on which you can truly see past the masks being worn by the other person, all the lies left behind and just plain honesty spoken that's the start of a true relationship.
If you can look past the lies, the super ficial lies and the charming decisiving words to melt your heart and speak to the person who truly is on the inside then congragulations you've found the right person for whom you were looking for.
If that person is the right one then distance does not count. Honesty and understanding is what matters at all. Don't think that they won't like you if they knew something about you, we all have flaws in us and if you let them know about your true self I'm sure that it will help you guys to connect better.
I've been in those relationship where you have distance all around but what I've learnt from them all of them is that honesty is what connects you and if you let the misunderstandings grow in the relaationship it's hard to steer it away from crashing into an inceberg. Heartbreaks yeah there'll be broken hearts if you don't have the right person with you. Honestly you're perfect the way you are don't change yourself to impress anyone, don't cross your moral boundaries your own laws don't ever cross them for anyone cause none will do the same when in a relationship. You have to find the people who can cross boundaries for you like you can do the same for them.
Some one once said to me that only a very few people could say that she was once their well I was the quite opposite so I got rejected anyhow she's an amazing person and she has every right to hate me so no complains there.
Just hold on to the right person when you find em. Don't go on looking for the most beautiful or the popular girl or guy stick with the ones who's your type the shadows at times stick with you better than the others, the silent ones are more expressive if they want to express themselves. Be what you are if you're a shadow then look for a shadow cause shadow and light don't go hand in hand.
Don't change ever yourself. Love yourself and be proud

What do you call it?

So when you have someone all over mind awake or asleep what do you call it? A permanent impression or just a temporary mark left. Well if you're reading this then I should tell this to you that it's not temporary it's permanent one. A new topic arises when we talk leading to an intersection of hundreds of new topics, new thoughts all which are closely shared. Miles, millions of miles but we can walk or swim to cover them. A laugh, a smile is what brightens the day but knowing that you're there smiling it makes the day even better. 
The distance that between it's not bound to stay forever so rest assure I'll be there and you'll have to get me more than two triple chocolate icecream. 
Smileo amazingleo 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A smile and it felt better

Friends make the day better and help you face the tough times with a smile. I was having a headache and it wasn't going away a few minutes ago my phone showed a new message and I opened it up. It was a funn message that a really good friend of mine had sent and it made me smile. In that smile and the course of time I felt like that I was fine and that there was no headache whatsoever. It made me feel better and that's what matters. You get to feel better cause some people care to make you happy even if they don't know what's happening in your life.

Realising what's along the journey

Trust is like an umbrella which is only to be offered to the ones who prove their worth to you whether through actions or by words. This life is a long journey where the road on which you're walking has bumps and hurdles, everyone of us falls down cause of the bumps and the hurdles as we rearely look down on the road on which we are walking, the reason to this is that we usually rely on others to guide us where to put the foot and where not to.
At times we are guided and at times we just rely on the wrong sort of people to look out for us. Realizing that we have taken the fall and identifying the bump or the hurdles is the msot important thing that you'll ever learn.If someone breaks your trust it's a lesson learnt. If someone leaves you alone when you were there for them it's a lesson that you sticked with the wrong sort of people. Choosing people is a hard task and yes most of us do fail at this cause it's a huge responsibility as the people you are with reflect your interests and your lifestyle. I'm not enocuraging that you ahng out with the people who you think have good values in them while they ignore you. No you hang out with the good people who acknowledge you and respect you for what you are.
You all are awesome and amazing cause we all have our own specialities some of us are famous while some of us are the shy ones who rarely talk, notice everyone and know everyone's names but we are hardly known by people. Being famous alone is not the key here if your heart's all empty from inside then it's just like living a life of a robot, you're everywhere but then again you're just a 9-5 machine or a front page nothing more than that. Be famous and win hearts so you're wanted, so that you're loved by people. Lend out a helping hand and mix things up in your life to make yourself tangy cause a change after a time is what is the most needed.
I've realised who the right people are and honestly it's just great to see how close they really are, family and the good friends are your right people in life. You don't have to look out for millions of miles for the right people they have always been just a few centimeteres away from you.
Adios me amigas and amigos 

Friday, 19 April 2013

A taste and a need

Taste develops according to the circumstances by which you are surrounded. A need and a taste are two different cases much like projectile motion but there comes a time when these two intersect to what we can call a N-T axis intersection and that's where need only mattters and a taste doesn not count. So if you ever experience this scenario try the bland stuff and see if that appeals to you at that time cause when something becomes a need taste does not play any role.
Similarly when you need a friend chose the honest ones not the ones who meet up to your taste.

Is he a lone ranger or does he have make up on?

There's this phenomena that if you can't fit any place and yet you want to be acknowledged you show attitude and then think you're a real man. Well honestly dude what ever your problem is you only seem desperate for attention. Memories or no memories learn how to behave and be polite. What you may be to someone you may be but you don't own the world think straight or people will own you. You arent a lone ranger you're just a kid who tries to be a lone ranger but inside you're just alone and misunderstood but still no right to yell or abuse someone cause that only shows you're weak and scared.
The standing water is what you should be afraid of as the running water is nothing but a river flowing down and along its course slowly and steadily .

be what you are

I have been wondering for a while that is the coolio language project any good? I think I'll need to put in more effort on that. Hmm as much as i have cool becomes coolio. friend becomes friendeo. lcuky goes to luckyeo. and so on so forth. I get on people's nerves but my friends and a few very special people in told me that weird is good and that i should not worry about what people think as long as I have my coolio friends with me. So I'm gonna be me, the weird person I am making up a new fun language cause there are only a very few limited editions in humans like me and me amigos and amigas plus like i say haters will hate and lovers will love be proud of what you are. Don't try to impress the attitude filled folks cause they got nothing to be proud of other than an attitude that everyone hates plus they need to grow up and learn to accept what awesome person you really are.  
So adiosa me amigas and amigos.

Don't give easy fights

Colours will fade away but the memories will still be there
There'll be light but the glory of the sun will fade away 

You are not bound to win every fight that you fight or win every race that you ran. It doesnt matter if you win or lose if you can get yourself that satisfaction than you're better off than the winner cause no one remembers the easy fights put up a comptetion give them a hard time and everyone will remember you with respect. Don't give up cause giving up is letting the other person win easy

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The guiders

These flowers bloom white but in a few hours they turn pink then they're red. Life's just like these flowers. Once you meet new people you're peaceful then you slowly, step by step open up to them and you start to care for them which develops a relationship of love and care. These little things are what makes life worth living meeting new people and sharing your lfie with them, sharing your experiences and making sure that world is a better place to live. you're first white then you go pink and finally red. Meet new people and share life with them but choose the people wisely cause not everyone is to be trusted. This world is a forest there'll be people to guide you and people to get you lost in the woods so look around for the signs and hang out with the guiders cause they got a lot of advice to give out to you.  

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Someone like a diamond

So I been feeling pretty lonely up inside of me, you know like you're there all alone waiting for someone to come along and talk with you but no one comes along. A lot of people say that they're gonna be there for you but only a very few do turn up when you need someome around at times even no one comes along.
So the question here is what do? I can't focus on my studies right now cause it's the feeling of being alone and isolated in the heart that's getting to me. Why do we feel that way? Humans do need someone to talk to them and if you don't have a someone at times you do feel alone and without everyone. Songs don't make you feel better neither does thinking about the past cause you need somewhere to shout out a loud someone to just listen to what you have to say. Writing a blog makes me feel better that I can type whatever i feel like but there's a gap which will always be there till you meet someone you can talk to whenever you want to.
If you have that person you can confide into and talk with whenever you want care for em like they're the last diamond on this universe cause if you lose em you can't get em back. Don't let them go stick to them till you can and put up as much as you can.

The first step

So this one post I've been wanting to post for quite a few hours now.
The first step is always the hardest one but once you get going it all seems fun if you go by food it seems delicious. If you take the first step with some motivation I'll guarantee that you won't ever fail to make an impression and a good one. Winning or losing isn't the real deal the real deal is making an impression so that people trust in you and your abilities to turn over table, surprise them by going agaisnt all odds. People say you're weak or you're a slow learner surprise all odds by shinning out with a result that'll dazzle everyone around you.
What I've learned from life uptill now is don't care about your reputation when you're learning some new topics you don't know anything don't try to cheat and make a fake impression that way you won't learn anything you'll just cheat yourself. The fake impression ruin all your reputation cause in the end when the result comes out you can't hide that and then the people will ultimately know about the truth.
So people don't care for the temporary or fake impressions look out for the real deal making the big impression the good one and you'll win hearts.
Take care and adios me amigos and amigas 

Green on green

Green on green. a caterpillar on a stem

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Two things matter the most in troubled times
1) Family
2) Some really close friends
Don't take any of them for granted otherewise you'll end up just like me.
Parents and siblings they are your rock if you're gonna blow that rock uo who will let you lean on for support lemme answer that NONE!.
Friends the close ones they are your eyes when you need em leave them away and you won't ever see what's coming at you.
Don't listen to people telling you that they're weird or anything even if they are weird so what? Don't they help you when you need help? You think your mom or dad is strict but come on honestly will the passing by people guide you.
Does your gf or bf know better or the people who raised you know better? think about it?
Does the friend who you've known for a few weeks know you better or the friend who's known for years?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The one bestie

This post goes out to my bestie who passed away in January 2013.
I got tears in my eyes cause I had that flashback of the memories that we shared. I regret ditching you for someone else cause she left me which was bound to happen but I ditched hanging out with you for her. You left this world that sent an earthquake in my life and knwoing that I couldnt meet you or say a good bye to you it's just killing me. Yeah I got teary eyes cause you were a brother to me man and it's just memories that i got on me nothing can bring back the past and nothing can bring you back into this world.

All the times that we shared took off when the reality came along
All the laughs that we laughed are stored in the photos that we clicked
There aint gonna be anyone who'd replace your place
Life ain't the same without you here

A smile does not feel like joy on the lips it's rather a burden
A laugh ain't a laugh it's cry concealed behind the mask
I look around the corridors to see if I can find ya but you ain't there
The walls of college decieve me when i get flashbacks

None to bond the trio together and none to hang around with
Life lost it's good side when you left this world
There'll be a thousand friends that I may have but only one bestie among em

Miss you man. You honestly were the bestest best friend that I'll ever have and I'm sorry that i ditched you for someone whom I thought would stick around with me till the end.

Friends are what defines life

There's a lot going on in everyone's life and I know things are messed up but why losing hope people? Everyone of us has taken the fall and most of us know how it feels like to be left alone and it sucks. But then hope came along in our lives when you came to stick around with us when everyone had left us all alone.
If you let go of hope you'll only fall down further and further and keep on falling but if you have hope you can drag yourself out. Be positive people cause we need positivity in this world.
People who are losing hope don't lose hope cause without you there'd be no hope in our lives. This goes out to my amazing friends and to everyone out there.
Life's a bouquet and you all get together to make a special one for everyone of us. To friends everywhere around the world you guys are amazingly awesome.

A song for a friend

so this is what i wrote for a friend.

You've a heart that beats for him
Eyes that shed tears when he leaves
A heart that aches when you're away from him
And lips that put up a dazzling smile

On this night with the stars shinning
You'll be crowned as a human with a heart that beats
Every that you shed was a part of your soul
Every day that you lighted the candle you were a human

A human with a soul that aches
Eyes that shed tears and a heart that beats
Will you lean against the pills for help
And give up on hope that things will change around here

You'll wait for him all night long sitting on the bed
But baby the college love life
wasn't what he had in mind
The night he took away the innocence in your eyes
Filled it with tears of regret and sorrow for the years to come by

When I'll sing this song just want you to remember
The sun will be rising tomorrow morning when you open your eyes

You've a heart that beats for him
Eyes that shed tears when he leaves
A heart that aches when you're away from him
And lips that put up a dazzling smile

Good people help you connect

So today I again had a flashback moment but it was a short lived one. At times the short lived events have a big impact on your day. When you have everything in your grasp but you still can't take it how does it feel? It feels like you're living in prison but then you meet people who help you to connect with yourself the way you should have been now that's a good ending for the day.
Photography makes me happy and I know that you're better than me but the thing is I take photos with my phone and you guys have DSLR cameras so i know you're in the lead but still i think i put up a tough fight.
And to the friend from whom I got to know about blogging you're awesomly amazing. this photo is for you. So smile me amiga
Worry not muchachos cause I'm gonna get a DSLR camera pretty soon and then we can settle the score haha jk you guys all of you are the best and I love seeing your photos they makes me want to take a photo to live up to challenge but there's only so much this little baby's camera can do. It's not little, here an ironic term is being applied well it'll be a baby note compared to the newer models but I'm happy with my galaxy note.
So thank you all of you once again but beware a solid fight I will put up with ya.
See ya folks. Adios muchachos 

more photos

MORE photos hope that you guys will like em

The photos

Like I said the pictures will be on the blog so here you go folks

Saturday, 13 April 2013

New photos be posted later on the day and gracias

So i will be posting the photos that i took today once the dropbox downloads them on the laptop. Thank you for checking out my blog.
Thank you everyone.
Adios muchachos

The photo

So you guys thanks for coming along and sitting with me. being lonely was getting on the nerves. I'll be finding a total of three birds on the wire so you'll have to wait for a group photo

Thank you guys

So getting to know some really good people. Glad to meet em cause it's a good change of the whole picture. Meeting someone new and interesting does make youfeel recharged and those two wow they just did that made me feel recharged thank you both you. I now think I do want to eat a blue berry cheese cake. and I do love birds cause they are simply beautiful.
So thank you guys both of you.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

This year hasn't been the greatest cause it started with a bang and here bang refers to the loss of my best friend. then came along tension and stress.
To the people reading this post I have a question. 
Why do people not acknowledge the presence of a person when they're alive but when they pass away we all hear a lot of things. Why? Why can't you help them so that they won't take their own life? why does your conscience awaken so late? why can't you help someone understand a topic or simply hand out a flower to say that they're beautiful just to make them happy. 
Till we are happy we don't even think about suicide but why do you take away the happiness from someone's life with such a force that they break. 
Take a moment do a deed. hand out a flower. lend a helping hand. be there for someone you'll be proud of yourself. don't be heartless cause the world is filled with heartless folks.
Make someone happy when they're alive cause the regret of not doing so when they aren't here  won't bring em back.
Peace out

Was it worth it?

Yesterday I came across someone who was ruining his life all because of a girl who dumped him. Man we all take the fall in our lives but that doesnt mean that you have to take revenge from your self about what had happened. I'd be a hypocrite if I said that i didn't do anything after the my ex left me yes I did but all that I realized was that nothing would ever bring back those days cause she simply was not into me anymore.
The more you punish yourself the easier it will be for the wrold to laugh at you. At that time you may or may not realise what you're doing hidden in the rage but when you do realise you'll know that the leavers didn't deserve ya.
Lovers will love and haters will hate. So open your eyes and let the leavers leave your world.

everything happens for a reason

Hmmm the memories do fade away unless you recall them. why do we recall the things that we lost cause we had some good memories attached to them that no one can replace. All it takes is a second to destroy everything that you had, it takes billions and millions of seconds to even walk a step towards someone.
The human mind is mysterious and it does believe in supersitions. I had an iphone so did she and after we broke up all it seemed to do was to remind me of her and all the poems that  I would write for her, the pictures I would take for her and the calls that we made so it was kinda bringing me back to her smile, her voice and those memories. I changed my phone and I didnt had any songs on this galaxy note. had some good pictures on the iphone so i transferred them to the new phone. but then there came a glitch in my phone and i accidently formatted it. I was kinda angry cause it took me a lot of time to get those photos but I've realised that what happens has a reason behind it and that we should'nt question that reason. All the poems that i wrote for her they were saved as notes on my email address now since i don't use my iphone anymore so I don't have some of the anchors on me that drag me back to the past.
We change a lot but the changes defines the circumstances under which we are living.

The bird sends his greetings.
I'm grateful that a really awesome friend of mine told me about blogging and all that cause it's helping me out a lot to relax and keep a cool.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All the memories in 5 minutes

This sunday I was sitting all alone in the car for about half and hour or so i was free did'nt had anything to do so memories came back to haunt me like they do to all of us not all but some of us.I wrote down what i felt like during that time.

"There are these patches of memories that come into my head all of a sudden when I'm alone. Things around me would remind me of my ex, how she was and all that. Honestly that feeling is killing me from inside and I desperately want out. I want to run away and just forget those times cause there's no way that we can go back to what we were. 
I wish I could change things but I can't I wish I could just run away but I can't. I don't know how long it'll take or how much more time I'll need to let go of her thoughts and her views but they're definitely sticking all over my mind. 
Being in love sounds dreamy but the aftermath is a nightmare you just want to run away but you can't all you can do is pretend that you're happy and smile in front of every person that you meet every single day so no one knows what you're enduring".

People may think that I'm weird for always carrying my headphones on me wherever i go but i have a reason to do so when i listen to tunes, melodies, songs, lyrics and beats my mind doesn't let me think of her. Yes using headphones does isolate me and in a way it's negative that's agreed but it does give me a well needed break. like I'll plug in my headphones during the break between the two mega classes and listen to something which would provide me with an alternative to a power nap so thus i feel refreshed. I used to make sketches on my phone but then there came a glitch in the memory and i accidently unknowingly formatted the whole memory and which caused me a loss of some good songs that's a huge hit. Now sketching seems a tough work cause there are a lot of girls and they do get suspicious at what you're doing. 
Still trying to get over the ex hopefully will get there soonish.

Hello there

So this is my first post. 
Hello there I'm called Sam. my complete name is a lot harder than that so i thought why not use Sam as my introductory name. And I'm not samantha jsut clearing it out And I'm a guy :)
Anyhow I was fasinated with my friend and her blog so I decided to make one for me. So here I am with the launch of my new blog and hope that the ones who read will continue on reading. thanks and cheers