Monday, 27 February 2017

Ray of light

There's this gentleman who's well into his 70s and I have always seen him cycling to the mosque, even in the summers with fasting he'd cycle there and I'm surprised at how useless I am, I have all the luxuries in life and yet I couldn't give 5 minutes a prayer to thank Allah. 
Surprising. How we run after somethings and at the end they don't even matter. And it also is surprising how just one moment makes you realize how wrong your path has been, how wrong your preferences have been.

People who follow religion or are associated with one religion or another should definitely take sometime out and try to get close with whatever their beliefs are, it could bring you at a lot of peace and help you blend in with the society.
In the end it's just the bigger picture, you probably won't remember the last time you helped a needy but the one you did help will remember it for the rest of their lives, whether they choose to help you out later in life or not, that's another matter entirely but you will be at an ease of mind knowing that you played your part.
When you're gone from this world all people will remember is your name and your actions, try to live each of your new day better than yesterday, who knows how many days have we got left in our lives.

And as for me, I sincerely hope that this new ray of light sticks around for a long long time. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017


I would like to paint a picture in your mind.

A perfectly balanced seesaw, a sudden displacement of the weights and it all flips to one side. Something similar happened in lives of a close few and mine as well.
Before this event, I was never fully aware of the beauty which came in the form of an equilibrium, no added responsibilities, never much bothered with what's for dinner or what'll I have for breakfast, days changed into nights with a swift movement of the clock hands till that evening in December. 

A simple fall would disrupt the equilibrium, changes in the weights and at the end a fracture. Fast forward to this day, the scales seem to be nearly balanced, the added responsibilities slowly fading away and the picture of life starts to fit back into it's frame. 
Moving on I'll share a quotation from the Holy Quran.

And We have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with troubles did his mother bear him and with troubles did she bring him forth; and the bearing and the weaning of him was thirty months. (46:15)

A lot of us wake up every morning without the thought of what to make for breakfast, in the afternoon we don't have to worry about the lunch and at night it's not the dinner that keep us up but some other tasks or commitment. 
I gave food as a reference since it's a very basic human need, there are a lot many things that we don't have to worry about knowing that we have "mother" in our lives, the ones who don't, they walk through an empty space everyday. 

In another chapter it's said 

“Thy Lord has commanded that ye worship none but Him, and has enjoined benevolence towards parents. Should either or both of them attain old age in thy lifetime, never say: Ugh; to them, nor chide them, but always speak gently to them; be humbly tender with them and pray: Lord, have mercy on them even as they nurtured me when I was little.” 

And the final quote is from the Holy Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h)
“Paradise lies at the feet of your mothers.”

When we fail to appreciate the blessings we have, we get to realize their worth when we lose them, none of us is perfect but at the end of the day I have to try to reach a place better than where I was standing yesterday.

I'm no scholar, just that I find writing a bridge to associate the past, present, future with something Divine, walking one step at a time. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I saw her.....

I saw her in the land so distant, oceans between and the blanket of fog all around. 

From the tides high and low, to the peaceful waters, splitting the distance 

A piece of string, two hearts, a stitch not easy to undo 

Her numbers and figures crisp, my writing hard to decipher 

Sleepless nights, she is all on my mind, thoughts of the future. 

Bless me with her, grant me the woman I yearn for 

Two years to go, two will fly, let me hold her while we fly. 

A pencil to trace the curves she had, in  her days of youth and old. 

Turn her hair Grey, wrinkles on the face, her smile always evergreen

Her eyes read through, her hands skip my heartbeats

Her eyes deep as an ocean, her lips warm as the perfect cup of tea. 

Her curves from top to bottom, take my breath away as she stands 

Dressed in nothing but lace and the ring she exchanged, her innocence is my treasure 

Her hair and hands, her legs crossed guard her

An expression of love and the sight changed 

Her love gave birth, a family from the two of us, her body nurtured 

She a human being ever so amazing, her love ever so  unique.