Friday, 31 May 2013

Nothing feels right

Nothing feels right when you know of something bad is going to happen and you can't do anything about it. You jsut stand there helplessly and watch it all happen before your very own eyes.

Nothing feels right, nothing feels good, there's no reason to smile nor do I have a reason to share
Tears do falls like the waterfalls but without sound, but they don't quench the thirst of losing someone
A few muscles is what I need to smile, but why would I smile knowing that you're going away.
Away from where you can't come back, you can't come back to make me smile or laugh
Cause none can come back once you cross over to the other side.

Gone we all be will one day, tears will be shed by people if not many but by a few good people in life
Why would you take away the smiles and laughs away from the lives that we live by leaving us all alone
Life wasn't meant to be fair to anyone of us, but yet you are there to brighten up the day
But who will take your place after you cross over to the other side.
Colours are taken away when a life is lost, black and white is what the world seems to me

The bond of friendship was supposed to be kept alive till we breathed the last breath
Why walk away from something that'd be kept alive by hope and colours.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The real people

Meeting new people is an itegral part of our life, knowing about them and their past is a lesson that show us how they got through their lives. I'm not talking about the famous people, here I simply am referring to anyone you meet or come across. I thought my life was tough but then I met a person and his life was just sheer pain, memories from the past and everything.
When you and I don't know about anything and we say somethings it hurts to know what we said after knowing about those people's lives. Nothing once said can be taken back, it's their generosity that they forgive us cause what they've gone through it's just sheer pain which just rips out everything from hope to a smile. Nothing stays the same. It's easy for us to tell them to smile but can you and I smile after going through that much pain. They are the real people and I'd like to salute them cause they still forgive and befriend which is the noblest thing to do. But we on the other hand will go on to rip each other in half cause they said something about us, give a moment of pause and realize that shouldn't those real people rip us in half after hearing us say stuff about their lives. They can, they have right to do so but they forgive and that's what being a human is all about.

Brave are the people who carry on to live even after going through the sheer, raw pain of losing someone infront of their eyes.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bend and flow

There's no point in sticking around and waiting for the lost, the leavers as what has left you alone won't come back to heal your wounds. Water that stays and does not flow becoems stagnant.
Flow with times and do bend in life.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


One is new and the other is improved

Read the book not the summary

Looks aren't a definition of a person and his or her character. Looks merely defne the bases of the ideal person that we want to meet. Looks if any can define something that is merely the faical composition. Eyes do decieve the mind.
Why at times we at times fall for the beauty when we don't look for character?  Why do we go for something that strikes the eye even though every logical thought advices us to stay away. Beauty is just a trap to lure us at times by tempting the nature of humans.
Don't judge people by their looks and don't just look for the summary, if you really want to know someone make sure you read their book not just skim through it.

Later people

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Life is like a cullinary challenge

Take time to present out your ideas on the plate of presentation, in a different yet eye catching manner, make it a standout dish or a signature dish.
If you simply dish out your ideas without any presentation no one's going to take your plate, no matter how much potential it has, people want something spectacular to see and something that's worth their time.
So whenever you want anyone to see your ideas make sure you pay attention to every detail cause when everything is top notch then even the slightest of the mistake can set you off the path, maybe a colour scheme or maybe just the font of your heading everything matters for the top spot.
Make it neat, make it worthwhile and make the observer just beg out for your work.

Life is like a cullinary challenge it's all about presentation and attention to the details, leave even a tiny fraction out and you can kiss your spot good bye.

Friday, 24 May 2013

It's good to get lost to be what you were

It's been a year since I have been a regular into the digital world, I've met a lot of people and befriended most of them, some of them left for various reason and it's just been a year but I've changed a lot cause I lost a lot but at the same time I did gain somethings but they weren't enough to fill the void otherwise there wouldn't be anything to change me.
Let's see last year I was a die hard apple fan but I switched to android when I got my hands on the galaxy note and honestly I don't feel like going back, the iphone I have is just lying there and I rarely use it. Last year I barely used my laptop but I started using it and now I rarely use the tablet. Last year I was a fan of the gas guzzing suv's but now I usually prefer the hybrids, they actually have a very smooth ride. Last year I was always surrounded with friends but I lost my bestie this year and that changed me a lot cause it's just the fact known that life's not a friends to anyone. I never was into going squirrels on the road but this year I do it almost everytime. The one thing that is the same about me is the fact that I'm always experimenting whether on the road, in the kitchen, in the labratory or with my phone I'm always trying to do something new and weird. I got more into photography and I rarely write poems nowadays.
Things happen, we change and nothing remains the same both physically and emotionally but one thing will always be there and that's love. Love can always bring you back to what you used to be and it's good to be back once in a while.

It's good to get lost and be what you were a long time ago cause that's how you find yourself.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Keep choices open

Don't keep choices limited and restricted, open up your choices and views. If you're restricted to one or a very few choices then chances are there that you maybe left far behind and when you're left far behind then those choices gradually go out of reach. Keep your choices open and choose the best option you can get.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A bond that holds you two

The pain of losing someone is unbearable, family or friend cause there's this bond beetween you and the other person and none can take that place nor can a bond of that value be made with anyone else again that's the reason why we miss people in our lives.
Some of us have to go through these priceless losses early in our lives, some go through them later on, they say time heals all the wounds but the scars are there forever, certain memories pierces these scars and the pain comes back. That loss can't be paid for by any means cause once people leave this world they don't come back. Attachment is the bond holding you two together even when they aren't here, leave no words unsaid when you have the chance to say what you want.
Pain can be suppressed but it can't go away cause if it went away then there'd be no string that attached you and the other person.

Be with people with whom you are comfortable

It's not about sitting in with the popular and the rich people, it's not about being in the popular group if you are being treated like a secretary, it's about being in the group of people with whom you feel comfortable irrespective of what their status might be in the eyes of the people.
Some people like to call people with different views names such as freak or weird or stupid and all that, but if you're so cool and all that why do you even call them names? To increase your coolness or to make sure that none takes your spot, popularity is like make up it washes away and when you got none of that make up to put on then people will see your real coolness. 
I have known a lot of people from every aspect of life you name it I've known em and socialised with them, the thing which pleased me the most was that honesty can be found everywhere, but don't generalise people into a category cause that's when you start making mistakes. 

Flashbackish day

So today was somewhat a flashbackish moment for me, I saw my friend's car (the one who passed away) some memories like always do rush back and it seemed like nothing ever happened that he was right here alive and preparing for the exams, human mind at times plays the greatest tricks ever and even the reality seems to be fake.
Memories can't be washed away no matter how hard you try to forget something it'll always be there and click when you see something related to that memory. Tricks and tricks we can play and we are played those tricks too, it's life everyone is tricked by their own brain into assuming something and making a wrong judgement but the hint is to recover as soon as you can and with minimal damage. The picture of imagining what the last moments in life are or how they'll be it's just too much pain and at times too much for the brain to handle which could lead you to insanity thinking about how things are. 
Some of us think about suicide, won't lie here I did think about it, thinking about it is the easy way out but imagining how the last moments will be that's just agonising. I tried to imagine that in how much pain my friend was when he was crossing over and it just breaks me up from inside, all that hard, reckless I don't care look that I have in anger it just breaks away when I think about that time. 

Making a decision doesn't take a lot it's the aftermath that has a long lasting effect.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A few verses

They said I began writing dark verses drenched in pain
But yet they never knew what happens when the eyes turn red as blood
You said the warm ink in my pen changed to cold black colour
But could you ever see a tear being lost to the fire of pain

A drop is what my eyes shed in the night when the fire spread all around
The drop of emotions extinguished the fire of pain in a second
Just like you froze the beating of my heart when I first saw you
As my pen caresses the cheeks of the paper I feel like the scars are yet to heal

The soul departed from the body and into the open skies
With the stars enlighting my way I asked myself
"Will she ever read out those verses that I wrote for her"
The heart sank when I saw her burning every last memory that we shared 

Kill fear and escape isolation

We live our lives in fear but why? Fear does not help to get better at something, it rather takes away the courage to stand up to a challenge. Fear of something won't help you be a better person rather it'd get you to  put yourself down, bow down for others and to let them get ahead. Put up a fight for what should and is yours, don't back down from your rights and don't walk away thinking that you're no match and that you can't compete.

You need to let that fear out of your life, laugh, smile, be happy and kill fear cause one thing holding you to the anchor of isolation. I used to be fearful of what'll happen if I do this and that but then I learnt that you gotta take what's yours or else you just hand it out to people, since I'm tired of handing my stuff to people I put up a fight and it's about making an impression that you can win something with something or without something.
I learnt something behind the wheels, it's not about driving a big engine, a S.U.V or a fancy sports car along in the traffic rush hour and the fancy car or the S.U.V will be far behind the hatchback, it's about the courage to take what you have to the edge to where the red line starts. Your life is yours not fear's.
In a way isolation and fear go hand in hand, to separate the two you have to have a strong will, break the tie between the two and live your life like you should.

Live your life to the fullest, kill fear and escape isolation.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Be proud of what you did and kill isolation

It doesn't matter about what people will say or think. It's about you and you alone. Look you put effort into something and some people just come in and say oh hey man that's funny well don't care what they think or say cause it's your work, be proud of it and be happy with what you've done.
I used to look for people to say that it's good but I learnt that you don't have to listen to people, fine they think it's crap but if you're happy with it then kick them and their words outta here cause it's about you and not about them.
At times things like these make you go into isolation so kill isolation by believing in you and being proud of what you did and what you achieved.

If isolation is suicide then opening up is rebirth.

Me sketch

I made sketches of a lot of people so I decided that i should make one of mine. Not sure how much accurate but I think I got the basics right there.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A photographer, a writer

Every life has it's own story, it's own background and there's a reason to why people are like this and that, if we don't know that reason we don't hold any right to say something that would judge them. 
A critque looks at both the faces of a photo before giving his or her feedback and if we are to make ourself a critque I suggest that we first get acquainted with both sides of the photo cause one maybe a masterpiece or a work of art but the other side maybe a blunder or an artisitc chaos. 
A photographer takes hundreds pf photos before putting up one good one for the people to see, in a way we all are photographers taking pictures of our life, spending time to find the right one for the people to see.
You're a writer, working on a draft of your masterpiece and you're cutting and scartching to make it perfect, yes it has to be perfect that's why you're putting so much effort into it.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Kill isolation by being with your true friends

It's been a while since I posted about the killing isolation movement so here I am back with yet another experience of mine which I'm hopefully gonna turn into a good post for the movement.

We all have known hundreds of people whom we can call our friends but you know those we can call friends aren't friends they can be called but they aren't called friends cause friends can break every law just to save you from but they can be called friends are just there to say hmm I'm sorry man I wish I could help, but there was this reallt close friend of mine, used to be best friends in grade 8 and 9 still good friends, whom I had a falling out with, I still remember it I got into a fight with one of his friends and it would have ended really badly if he didn't intervene honestly I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him, then when the rx-8's clutch became faulty I took it to his place and then it was there for a few days cause it wouldn't pick a gear, it was eid so a national holiday and i was 10 km away from home with no cellular reception, it's people like these on whom you can count on to be your friends.Then there was this bestir of mine who passed away, he too was a true friend but what happened today it's kinda shattering the images of people I used to call my friends.
I may not have a ton of friends but I still got a few on whom I can count on in the tough times. Friends are one of the most imporant pillars of life and when you're with friends you don't isolate, you speak your heart and mind out without any hesistation.
Choose your friends wisely and once you choose them stick with them and for them whenever you can, life isn't easy and life isn't fun without a few good people in our lives. Run 10 extra miles for them if you have to but don't ever leave them alone cause life's doesn't give you a chance to go back in time again.
When you're with your friends you don't need to talk to make them understand what's going on cause once you are true friends all you need to do is look at their face to know what's happening.

Kill Isolation by being with your true friends.

If you're a rose then your friends are the thorns protecting you 24/7.

Guilted thrill part 2

Guilted thrill doesn't ever go away and today was far more dangerous than the last time, I don't know what I was thinking or what was in my head but it's just the thrill.
I did an over take by going off the road and there were trees on the side which I went on plus there was a concrete pillar and it was sheer luck that I got back on the road (after the over-take) otherwise bassshh there would have been a mess, I figured I can't stick to laws and I just want the thrill, I been used to do stuff like this and honestly there was no fear or anything, my brothers were scared cause even a fraction of a rotation would have swung us up in the air but there's the sixth sense of confidence, luck, life, hope and will in every decision that we make.
Don't back down and don't let people push you down or away just cause they think they own the road, if you can then go and take your lead, make them realise that it's your spot not theirs. reckless it maybe but you gotta take what's yours.
I'm not saying that you go on picking fights but take control of what's yours, do what you love and do it how you want it to. Hmmm I still haven't gone crazy with my dad's car, but I'm gonna do it cause life's a thrill no one hands you anything you gotta take the lead and run away with it.
I changed a lot from what I was last year and it's a good change, maybe bad according to some people but does it matter when it's your life.
Some people forgot me and some must have forgotten you but it's their loss not yours. So smile wherever you are cause the biggest win is being happy with what you are.

Live the thrill but don't risk lives, at times the confidence that we posses bring us down.

Unfinished collaboration

I had this collaboration with a very talented friend of mine who was supposed to meet me sometime but she didn't, must have been busy. If you're out there reading this someday jana or should i call you black rose princess, anyhow just wanted to put this up here incase if you ever read it if you ever came wandering here. It's not finished I never got the time to end it up so it's as it was last year.

When we look in the mirror, we are only interested in seeing the reflection produced by the clear smoothed glass. We refuse to acknowledge the other side, but that doesn’t mean that the other side of the mirror doesn’t exist. It exists, but we are not interested in what it may have to show, but just think: without that unpolished side, the polished side would be unable to produce our reflection, we wouldn't be able to see what we wish to see.

Similarly, every one of us holds the two sides of that mirror, the smooth polished side and the rough unpolished side, and when combined, these two sides form a reflection of life. Through the polished side we see a reflection of what we want to see in the people around us. A child wants to catch  a glimpse of love and support from his or her father, but the father, himself, has another side which may be unpolished and may not meet the child’s expectations. Behind every stern look, every reprimand, every silent rejection, there is always a wave of love and care that most of us fail to recognize; it takes time and patience to chisel away the mask that everyone wears, that mask that they don so that they don’t seem weak or helpless in front of others. Most of us want to tear away at other’s mask, to see what lies hidden behind the smiles, to see what secrets each laugh holds, to try and uncover all that they have hidden. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself if what they are hiding is a darker side, something which you would never be able to get past? Will the image of that person, the sculpture that you spent forever carving with a blunt knife, continue to stand in your mind or will it shatter into a thousand pieces like the sculptures of the gandhara art? All families have a dark side hidden somewhere deep within, one which may drive you to the brink of insanity, but that doesn’t mean that you leave with the wind, abandoning them in the dark with no way to get out. No, you stick around and put up a fight; you show them, you show the world, that you are strong enough to forgive it all, to be there when someone close, someone you care about, needs your help. You never put yourself first because you know that after you leave, things will never be the same for those whom you proudly call your family.
Running away is always easy. It is never easy to stand your ground when every string of your flesh is screaming out to run. But if you run then that will prove that you cannot handle the other side of the picture. But ask yourself this:  weren’t they there for you in your time of need. When you needed help to bury your secrets, when you needed to walk on from the past and look towards the future, who was always by your side? Who was the one always pushing you back up when you fell down? Your family. But we never do realize this and instead we run away whenever problems arise and yet we still have the decency to expect someone, usually the very people we betrayed, to be there for us when we are stuck in a deep rut even if we weren’t there for them. There’s a saying:“a friend in need's a friend indeed”. Now let me ask you this: have you ever proven yourself worthy of such a friend? It’s easy to point fingers at someone, but what if those fingers were pointed at you? Would you be able to lower them with hard facts alone?
Why run away when you know that you will leave an everlasting impression of being a coward? Why don’t you face the sorrows, the failures and the regrets with a smile? Even if it is a fake at least you can boast that you learned something from those events. Even when  the moon doesn’t shine, there still are a few rays of light. And you can put a blanket over the moon to try and extinguish its light, but you’ll find that it was all for naught because you can never take away its light, you can never extinguish something that is meant to shine so brightly.
When you’re at the top of the mountain, at the peak of success, sitting above everyone else on your throne of ivory and glass, everyone will agree with you, everyone will remember every minute they spent with you, everyone will acknowledge you. They dare not disagree with you, they dare not get on your bad side because to put it quite simply, they are afraid of you. You are higher above, you are the eagle soaring through the sky and you can easily soar down and pluck your prey from the ground. But everything made of glass is bound to shatter, everything at the top is bound to fall back down to earth. When kismet leaves you alone, when the tables are turned on you, everyone who once surrounded you will leave, will scatter with the wind. No longer do they spare you any acknowledgment, no hello, no good-bye, not even a glance your way. You’ll find yourself wandering the earth alone, surrounded only by darkness. But even in that darkness, one North Star will be there for you, and this North Star shall shine a path for you and shall help you get back on your feet. It will light your way up the mountain and help you get back on top. But once you reach the top again, you shall forget the North Star and instead shall surround yourself with the same kind of people who had once betrayed you.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Happiness does not come cheap

Mistakes are made everyday, answers get wrong, over confidence takes you down and when everything depends on those grades, those marks, your future everything rests on that result what can you do? Nothing, you're just there till the bell rings, after that you just await for your result.

Happiness doesn't come cheap.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I'm back people!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so first thing is first, I missed blogging so I'm back even though I have a paper in 23 hours I'm here blogging.
The paper went really good so thank you for all your prayers and wishes. There's something that I was meaning to talk about and it was believing in yourself, what's right and then standing by what's right and not letting it go down.
Different people have different approaches, some of us side with books all around and some want breaks here and there, honestly I'll tell you guys something it's not a matter of how much hours you bang your head in books it's about learning with you heart and soul, doing what you love and just looking at your own work.
Life's a long journey and we all are driving our own cars, you should look at your own road not on what road the others are going cause that way you're most likely to crash down and not a lot of people like to stop and help.

Just be what you truly are, a drop of rain quenches thirst and a ray of sunlight shines hope, don't look too far away inside is what you truly are, maybe a drop of rain or maybe a ray of sunlight

Okay people wish me luck and pray for me, need your prayers and love.
Thank you for reading and have a great day :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thank you readers

A day before or rather a few hours before my exam season comences I'm writing this post, believe in yourself that you can do it, this way no matter how hard you get hit by a punch you'll always get back on your feet before the count to 10. Believe, go prepared and look confident, look the situation in the eye telling yourself that something must have gotten you this far so just be confident and win yourself your dreams.
I may not post on the blogs for a month or so that's cause of the exams, so if you'll miss the posts I'll make it up to you guys later on. The kill isolation post movement is not finished, I'll get back with those posts and new ideas as soon as I get some time on my hands. If you need any help whatsoever feel free to hit me up @ and I'll get back to you, plus I don't bite :) so you guys are most welcome anytime
Thank you everyone for reading this blog and hopefully will post back A.S.A.P. Pray for me and remember me in your prayers, gonna need all the prayers and all the luck.
Thank you once again.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Kill isolation and learn

I've learnt something that made me move and it was that it's time to move on man, it's been too long since you been here and now it's time to just move on and look for new places where you can and should be. Find different people but don't leave the good friendds alone, in life you'll meet a few people who will be there with you and for you, as you go on with life you'll meet a lot of people who'll leave you some on good terms and some on just terms.
The thing is that we should shuffle our places cause people need a change so do we, moving around changes the mind, the prespective and the views. I'm not that good enough with friends and I tend to lose more friends than I can stick around with. I met a poet today, he was a very cool fellow and talking with him gave me a new prespective, I've been writing poems and free verses in english a lot but if I use my mother tongue I can be far more expressive cause the mother tongue is what connects us and our thoughts as one, and that's what I want to do I mean that's what we all want to do and to be. When two people of the same nature meet it takes the two to break the ice but one of the two has to make a step forward.
Kill isolation and speak cause speaking is what is a blessing when you're alone, when you're alone all you'll have is walls around you even though they have ears but they don't have a tongue so they won't speak back to you. 
I spent hours trying to take this photo.  It's about doing what we love and how we do it. 
Make a step forward cause if you don't someone else will walk on your path.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Don't break someone's hope

If you're a student this one goes out for you, it's a personal experience of mine, I love my college and I'm happy that I studied there but there's one thing that never would get by and that was that none of my college teachers could look into what I really was. At times I had answers and I had explanations to most of the problems but I left interest in classes cause they told my parents that I was not attentive and I was non serious maybe that's what I wanted everyone to see, it didn't matter nothing ever did matter to me after those comments, why would I show you my talents when all you got for me is that?
I honestly don't know where I was wrong, I gave up I did all cause of what my teachers said, I mean if I can't do anything throw me out of the class, but why do you have to hurt the passion and the will of a student, we all make mistakes and but a damn broken sentence of appreciation would help people like me but no we are too much of a bother for teachers like you. I worked so damn hard for that stupid group presentation but did you ever appreciate my efforts? I never did disrespect you but could you ever see anything out of it?  NO, NOPE, NEVER all I was a stupid guy who got lucky maybe I did get lucky maybe I'm stupid but I'm gonna make a challenge I'm gonna reach the heights, the heights which you think your favourite students will climb and then I'm gonna show you what luck can do.
I don't disrespect any of my teachers, never did and never will but there's this expectation that you have that maybe one day they'll recognise you but that day doesn't ever come. I'm silent, I don't talk a lot in class and yeah my class participation is zero, I never did care about goup work or class stuff after that group assignment.

If you're a teacher then don't break a spirit inside of a student cause that's equalent of taking away a life and that makes you a killer. You're there to help students not break them from inside cause one sentence is enough to kill hope or to shine hope.

Don't break someone's hope cause they're not your favourites.

The guilted thrill

Today, I was on the road and driving a v6 I wanted to put it down to the max it could go and it was actually pretty dumb cause I was risking lives anyhow I did and I was well over 90 km/h on the allowed 40km/h and those were the side roads and the suburban roads, it was dumb and i was breaking all traffic codes and regulations but I wanted to see how much could it give and how much could I control it.
There were times when I could feel that everything did get slow there were cars coming from the other side and all but it was something that saved me otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this blog.
Yes thrill is what we want but at the cost of several lives no that's not thrill that's insanity. Agreed there was not enough traffic but a single flick on the steering wheels and that could have made things worse for everyone. The power, the sheer raw power that engine produces it's amazingly impressive, at high speeds due to adrenalin rush we all are very cautious making turns and looking around carefully but the adrenalin does not allow clear thinking, it only wants you to get out of that position one way or another, but this over cautiousness at times can cause deadly accidents to occur. I wanted to test it and floor it, I did but honestly I'm not proud of it. Satisfied I am knowing that I did what I wanted to but this thrill is not guilt free.

Enjoy life, kiss the thrill but not at the sake of lives cause this thrill is shortlived but the guilt is forever on you.

Your position your life

It's not about doing it for the people it's about doing it for yourself the way you like and the way you want it to be done. looking around for people's opinion won't get you to excell rather at times it'll make you go down and you'll throw away for what you worked so hard cause of what someone thinks about it. Let me tell you this, they maybe jealous seeing that you got the potential to climb way past them on the ladder of success don't hang onto what people think cause it's not their fruit nor is it their life. Every one holds their opinion some maybe thinking about it in a rightful way and some or should I say mostly will be thinking on how to get you away from the streamline and into the shadows.
Think carefully before you take someone's opinion and put it in on your work cause life's a long run and you don't want to lose your position to someone else.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

You're not here but you're everywhere man.

You're not here anymore man but just wanted to tell everyone that no one could ever take your place.
In life we make friends and we lose friends some very early and some later on and at times memories just don't always click but I was going through to the photos and i was looking at those of you, you were my best friend still are but we don't have photos of us two together but just when I see those photos of college every memory just comes running back to me like I'm back in time every detail every thing just fits itself and it seems like a reality but it ain't.  Who knew that you'd leave so soon? Who knew that I couldn't even say good bye to you? Things just took a turn and i honestly didn't expect anything and I didn't belive anything at first but time forced me to believe it. 

You may have love but you'll know it's value when you lose tha love.  You may drive a Ferrari but you'll only know it's importance when you lose it. You may have a watch made out of diamonds but you'll only know it's value when you won't have  a watch to wear . You may have that one best bud but you'll only know his or her true value when they're not around here anymore . You may have a wallet full of cash but you'll only know the value of that filled wallet when you don't even have 2 cents on you . You may say life sucks but you'll know it's value when your breathe your last breath.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Isolation a rock

When you're isolated by your own family, it's hard to break that isolation cause at times you don't have anyone to talk to, your friends don't reply cause they are mostly busy, the fact is that you're all alone and nothing seems to kill that isolation, it eventually makes you drown deep inside of it and then you hardly feel like wanted, the fact which is at times correct cause when no one wants to talk you're unwanted.
Maybe you don't posses that quailty in you that'd make them talk with you or maybe they're tired of you, it's all a part of life,if you are to question why does it happen then you're mistaken as things like these don't go the way you wish them to go.
I've been isolated by my father at times, tried talking about it but things never do work out the way I wanted things to go, but what's my fault? Like every other child I wana know what's going on but that's not gonna happen.No matter how much you raise this one it won't get you any place cause it's his habit now and he can't and won't change it under any circumstance.
Don't go in with a sword and demand that your rights be delievered to you as those right are transferred to someone else, other siblings, your cousins or so on so forth.
At times I feel stupid for standing up for him because he doesn't want me to stand up for him or anything. The best solution that I ever got on my hands is find your hobby and indulge into that.
Take this isolation by your family productively and do what you like.

If isolation is a rock then your hope is the drop of water that constantly falls on it and breaks it in half

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Best buds

Sorry a few of the posts got deleted anyhow you people Camilleo, reeo and karleo are the best buds. And How  could I forget gg and Sarah. You = a family to me. Thank you for sticking out for me and sticking around with me

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Inter-related lives

When ever I look back at what I used to be and what I am now there's this debt that I owe you guys. Ups and down you been there for me, when I couldn't speak to anyone around me as I found it hard to explain to use words to convey my thoughts so I'd always text or mail you cause you guys understood what I wanted to convey.
Break ups, bad days, some things that I heard or simply just memories I always found you out there pulling me back up whenever I fell down. Lives are inter-related with one another if you are to share something with someone you give an insight on how your life is and by doing so you make them a part of your life.
Knowing you gave me a lot to learn and befriending you was the best thing that I ever did. Distance does not account for anything if you can connect with and understand the people with whom you're talking to. There are 2 sides of a photograph, the first one is what we usually show the clear and crisp one without any blur, the other side is a blurred, shaken and a side that we all hide but hiding that side makes us create an image of perfection in front of the other's eyes. Though I have seen a bit of your other side and you may have seen a bit of mine I'd like to say that whatever I saw it just made me believe that your life, mine or anyone's life it's not that different cause we see a bit of everyone's life as we walk on this road of life. Problems won't go away by isolating yourself and there won't be a solution if you were to pick a fight.
Look around and you'll find a few good friends. 
There's this research they are doing nowadays that without friends life gets short. It's true actually you lose the will and hope to meet the next day with a challenge knowing how it'll end, life being a routine no change and so things get on getting hard, no one to share things with and then we all get depressed and isolated thus life does get short, short on fun and enjoyment but long on the routine and the schedule. 

If I were to hide what I truly I am then to you I'd be perfect but then perfection would come too cheap and too easy. 

Quartz or diamond?

Don't substitute your real friends with those who seem to be popular. Popularity and friendship don't go hand in hand and you can't kiss popularity and friendship at the same time. 
If you are to choose to hang out between a popular person and your school friends hang out with your school friend cause these are the memories that you'll hold onto.  Popular folks are everywhere they're not rare,  friends are rare.  You can easily find seasonal friends in the popular people as long as you'll have something to offer they'll stick around and when you run out of things to offer they'll walk by like you didn't mean anything.
I'm not saying that every popular person is like that, what I mean to say is that don't go on looking  for substitutes for your friends cause when you hold the better thing in your hand and leave in search for the best thing you'll only come to realise that what you once held was the best thing out there but now that best thing is in the hands of the better person cause you let it leave your hands.

Quartz is cheap and easy to get but your friendship is like a diamond hard to find and the tag does not bear a price cause you're priceless. 

Jump over or look for a new way

It does hurt when some people don't notice you and at times its actually quite frequent cause you're like standing right next to  them  but still no one looks to notice you and the are people you are very close with. It's a rather cheap shot that what did we do to deserve that?
But it's life we gotta get through it.

You can't bend a concrete wall you either have to jump over to cross or find a new way.
By jumping I mean that you have to do the same ignore them like they ignore you or you can simply move away and find another way to your destination.