Friday, 28 February 2014

New blog address

The address to my new blog.
Do give your feedback and hope that you'll enjoy it.

New blog

I'm creating a new blog where I'll put all my poems, so any and everyone who wants to read them is most welcome.
Ill post the address to it in a while after I create it.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A downhill crash

When you're on a spot where others wish to be, you have to be thrice as hard working as compared to others. Especially when you and everyone else is on a different footing with their standards of studying and their standard of marks. Its weird that it takes a tons of hard work for me to come close to the others because of the fact that they are so polished and well i ain't that used to studying.
Don't leave anything as your loose end!!! Study everything and then hope for the best.
I think I may need  prayers to get around this one, it's weird when you do one part very good but the next day you have lost your game. Ha, I was so mad at myself for about one or two mistakes I made yesterday but today the value just multiplied by a higher factor.
Study so much that you become satisfied and confident with your knowledge.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Be confident

I got my big test session this week but I'm here writing a post and the reason behind is that there's a lesson I learnt.
It was spotting so we had to identity structures,  I was confused about what I heard from people after discussion of the answers and I got frustrated but I looked over videos and stuff and I found out that I had done a pretty good job but my lack of confidence causes me to fall behind.
Shouldn't let your lack of confidence push you behind.
well that's about it for today :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem!!!! do critique

So my new poem, do give some feedback.
Thank you

I wondered, what it would feel like to win
To hold victory in my hands, to feel someone cheer my name
Here I stand, with thought of winning every battle that I fight
With nothing but my confidence and my determination
And I ask myself will it be enough to get me through to the other half of the bridge
I was told not to look down as I will fall, but I used to be on the ground
But now I'm high up on the bridge, with every bullet being my last
And every option running out of my grasp, I do tell myself you got this far
Why would He let you fall down, to Him is what everything belongs
In the end I smile as I walk down the battlefield, knowing I'm not the best
But in my head I will survive is what echoes throughout
I had a few people at the start and I will have a few at the end
Beauty lies but not in the face, for face can be lost
But the soul will always survive, for what is Divine shall always be Divine 

Just keep moving

One lesson I learnt, just keep friggin moving on, don't stay back for someone cause they think you're not worth their time and they move away, so just fuck whatever feelings you have for him or her and just move on. Just move on and forget those people. Just simply FUCK the feelings and move on, you are better off without a lot of people, trust me you will feel so better without them

Friday, 14 February 2014

Advice and an apology

I lost two of my friends today, 3 of them are in hospitals and I learnt one thing don't postpone anything. I was like hey I got 5 years ahead with all of them, I'll strengthen my friendship with them over the course of 5 years but those 2 didn't have that long to live. I lost 3 friends in 2 years, it sucks and it hurts.
Don't put anything on hold cause who leave this world can't be brought back and all you have are memories.
With that said, I wanted to say if my posts have offended any of you in any way I apologize for that. 
Stay safe and stay alive.
Thank you.