Friday, 6 February 2015

New poetry

A world, a room in ruins, it's dark outside There glows a candle, in the corner just under that table
The faint light lightens the room, a child, a young boy, Lost in his daydream, keeps the candle glowing
the candle glows when he daydreams, for the room in ruins is his world
It's dark outside, the world is cold, but imagination runs wild
Be the crisp wood that crackles in the fire, be that silent wind that blows
For all is too far away but yet too close, it's hard to touch it in reality
But in the daydreams, it is right in my arms
Far away, silent and lost, the child grows, with eyes not a mirror
Else you'd learn what he dreams about, the reality gets him curious
A face walks past, a gentle aura surrounds her
Oh the curios child inside, the child inside daydreams
The candle glows, imagination is his friend, reality is but a teacher
At the end, the candle will glow no more, the child grows into a man
But the heart is young, a child grows inside the heart and soul
The face might be the which walked by a while ago
The daydreams keeps the candle glowing, only to make him curious a little more