Saturday, 18 January 2014

Do what you love

I love going to med school and I really want to be a good doctor, weekend gets boring a lot when I don't have anything to prepare for, I got a couple of tests next week and when Monday comes I'm happy cause I get to be at someplace I love being at.
I love the dissection hall lectures the most and it is one of the best hours in the college.
I'm not the best student but I love being able to help people, I love reading those long and lengthy books cause those short ones kill my curiosity, I'm a slow learner but I love what I am doing and studying medicine is one the most enjoyable things for me.
I frequently am told that I fell short off the merit and stuff and it is bugging me that whether will I be able to make a difference?
Being a good doctor, I think will be the greatest achievement for me and I should just simply stop paying attention to what my father or the others say.
I'll be a much much better father to my child than the father I had and that's about it, you can't really expect a glass to be a diamond.
Do what you love, do what makes you happy. It's your life not someone else's, just make sure that you choose a respectable path no matter where ever you go, always respect and be respected.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Medical poem

Four books on the table, ink of my pen takes away the simplicity of the page 
When will my thoughts form a junction with her's? 
Will there ever be an anastomoses around us?
Will there be ever a synapse to conduct my impulses to her heart?
I've read so much about the femoral nerve but will her nerves sense my impulses
If red is the color of love, then should I be interested in her arteries
If blue is the color of remorseless, should I beware of her veins?
Why is all this so complex even though there's a book on every topic?
What is the threshold of her membrane potential
To stimulate her for a response, to show a sign
If love is all about chemicals, why are the receptors so camouflaged
Should there be thoughts of a similar note, equilibrating between the interstitial fluids?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year's resolution

So new year's resolution

Be a better human than I used to be
Study more
Try to help people
Make this blog interesting to read
Get some confidence
Learn from the mistakes
Be productive and inspire people

So those are my objectives for this year, the biggest one that on my list is studying and being successful and yeah learning my spellings back cause the auto-correct has taken my bragging rights of being good at spellings.
I'll try to update the blog more regularly because some of you folks do read it.

New beginning

Happy new year!!!!
first post of the year, last year was a mixed year, big loss and then later on the year I hit good luck right on the lips so overall good-bad mixed.
Now hopefully this year will be much much better one.

College is way much better than I expected, new people all of the ones I've known really good people and it doesn't even feel new, feels like where I belong. Enjoying every day of it apart from the drawings I have nothing to complain about.
Well hope you guys are having a good time as well where ever you are.
Will post a useful post later.