Monday, 16 September 2013

A rant

Not sure if anyone reads this blog now so I'ma make this a rant today.

This idea that I've in my head that people will leave makes me less sociable thus making me have a  very few friends since the number of friends is very few the level of expectation is very high from them and apart from 2-3 the others don't usually respond, I know I have some very good friends but the thing is that everyone has their own lives and sometimes most of them can't reply.
People came and people left, nothing stopped them and they never sent me a message again, some of them forgot who I even was but that's not new so it's somewhat cool, and some of them never replied. That's just great and when you need to talk to someone you can't find them. Just gotta learn to have no expectations from anyone maybe that'll help me to live a more happy life.
It's hard to imagine life without friends but none really sticks around for me now do they?


Wednesday, 11 September 2013


New poem, depressing yes

Friendless I stand out, under the rain and under the sunshineAlone is what I always will be, the feeling of emptiness takes over a smile

None to share a laugh with and none to hang around with
Hard to find a person to talk, a needle in a haystack is what a friend is

time will pass away and against a wall I will lean, to feel my forever friend stay silent
a silent friend is always there for me, silent but forever there he always is

people will come and go, colors will fade away and ice will melt away
Never will anything stay the same but my silent friend will always be there

Friendless or none to hang around with

I do have friends but I can't hang out with them. Now you would wonder what sort of friends they are if they won't hang out with me.
The thing is my friends are from different countries, I don't have a friend from here who I can hang out with. In my past, most of my friends or people I thought were my friends, they made fun of me, called me names and bugged me.
It does suck, I don't have friends to hang out with or party with, everyone I know has friends they can hang out with, even my brothers have better friends than me, friends who they hang out with.
I'm not saying that "Hey I'm miserable cause I don't have any friends to hang out with or friends who'd invite me to hang out with them"
I'm happy on my own but there are times when you feel alone and without anyone to share a laugh with.
I'm happy with my friends from the other countries cause it feels like they are right there for me even when they are so far away. A good connection is what you need.
Human mind, can't ever undermine it's powers and effects.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back again

Hey there, so I'm back again. I think you guys are tired of me leaving and then coming back again.
Hopefully this time I'll make a permanent decision.