Friday, 29 November 2013


As an observationalist, I have been observing the fact that how much emphasis we put on the superficial details of someone or something. Superficial or the cosmetics is what catches the eye in the beginning if one was only to use the sense of sight to find something rare, fortunately or unfortunately we only pay details to the superficial and the cosmetics, the other important values are not accounted much these days.
So is it wrong to want something which appeals only on the bases aesthetics, well the answer is no. The human mind is complex, we wants things and yet we need things, the only difference is that for something there can be a substitute for others there simply is no substitute, like you can find friends and acquaintances but you definitely need someone in a class or a lecture to help you keep up with the topics being discussed, while you can either hang around with a friend or just with an acquaintance.  You need someone caring but you want a beautiful person to care whether the beauty lies superficially or deep inside, that depends on your choice.
The question I put here is one, does not being up to a certain mark of superficial standards set by someone means that a certain someone is not attractive enough?
Beauty does not lie only in the cosmetics, it lies beneath the superficiality laced with the make up and in some cases it is merely hidden beneath the experiences of the past.
Next time, someone seems a less attractive maybe you should try getting to know them before giving a refusal to talk.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

My views

Humans are social animals, in some cases we are worse than the actual animals, an animal is not intellectual enough and hence is overpowered by it's nature, while we on the other hand are intellectual enough to realize what is right and what is wrong but still there's a lack of humanity in the humans.
Go back thousands of years, let's pick up the history and see how a revolution went along, let's see hmm the people were pushed too far and decided to take matters into their own hands and we had bloodshed, filled the streets with blood, men, women, elders and innocent children were killed, it doesn't really matter if the child was the child of a ruler or a rebel, he or she was and is innocent. But still everyone seeks out threats and chooses to get rid of a possible future threat.
You can't account for anything the people on either side do, whether it be the good guys or the bad ones, damage is damage, there were cases of rape from both the sides, slaughtering and torture of innocent people was participated by both the sides so actually in a war no one is a good guy or the bad guy, good or bad is defined by the people who are oppressed and those who oppress.

Mostly the faces change, while decisions remain the same.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Speech I wrote

I wrote this a while back for a friend, thought should put it up.

                           Culture, Traditions and Teachings

Culture is not about traditions it's about the way of life. Traditions are not related to the times, they are applicable at every time and every age. Every situation is covered and explained through the words of traditions. Whether in times of joy or sorrow tradition always has a cure for every problem. Every new generation learns from its elders and traditions are a complication of how our ancestors dealt with situations that need thinking.

Whether its about giving a shoulder to cry or its about sharing a smile, giving sweets on the occasion of celebration traditions help us out in every nook and corner of life.
Most of forget traditions which is driving a wedge between the essence of humanity and driving us closer to machines. Tradition gives us something to hold us together, a feeling of passion, a feeling of love,  connections and emotions that's the very thing that separates us from machines.

Forgetting traditions will deprive us and our future generation(s) of a valuable asset for which we can not find a substitute. Tradition is what unites us and it's what defines us.

To be lost without guidance is what it feels like to be alone and without cultural values, just a little open knob of conscience and maybe we could actually learn from the words spoken by ones before us. Technically, the situations are the same today as they were thousands of years ago, the only difference is that people these days have a lot of say and freedom of speech which was not in the past and this freedom at times presses hard leading to a misunderstanding which ultimately leads to a decision resulting in the loss which you can't account for. 

You can't put a value on the teachings being passed on from the elders, say for example you help someone and this act of random kindness has a positive impact on the life of the other person, that person will remember you for a very long time.
The other day while driving something struck my mind, all you need is a bit of support and some encouraging words from the people who are a part of your life, family or friends. All you need in the time of trouble is flick of hope and that's it but these days most of the people aren't even willing to show you that flick for even a fraction of a second.
You look out for the people you love, that's one of the basic lessons any culture gives out to it's presenters.

If you forget culture, traditions and the teachings passed from a father to his children then you my friend are going to have to start from scratch and that is one heck of work to complete in your life time, cause it's a collection of millions of lives and the lessons learnt by those millions. If something is repeated to a number of people only then is it counted as a lesson and is worthy to be passed along to the future generations.

That's all I have to say.
Thank you for your attention.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Grow up

So these past few days I was on this social app called, "Kik" oh the wondrous world of kik.
I was looking for people to have a conversation with and there were some people who had their junk as their photos, man no one wants to see your ugly junk, every guy has the same junk so get over it and keep your pants up, then we had some ladies showing off cleavages and their butt. Oh yeah you got a nice butt so what? It doesn't mean that only you have a cute butt or that only you can get attention. Even hookers have the looks so it's way old. A hint try some dignity, the world has already got enough of teenage mommies and it's old.
You try some one to talk and most of them say, a photo first, oh yeah sure I'm gonna propose to you.. Oh grow up will you? Buddy there are millions of other girls with more of an appeal than you, why do you think you're an exceptional case for me?
There are 40 year old plus pervs who try to have sex-ting with girls of their daughter's(s) age and still feel no shame, how would you feel if the tables were turned.
Just a realization that what the values are narrowed down to these days, a good face and some money, both of which porn stars are quite blessed with.
Sex isn't the only thing in life and a bit of make up can make anyone look stunning so just grow up

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Faith, hope and trust

been a long time since I posted but back with a new one. Hope that you'll find it helpful.
Suggestions will be really helpful :)

Hope, faith and trust are the torches that get us around the darkest of the times, when you don't have hope you can't see through anything even if the solution is simple you are just blind cause there's darkness all around and everywhere you see there's just pitch black.
Giving up is easy, anyone can give up. You lose hope and you fall down, let's presume your favorite team is losing a match and you just walk away losing hope, yeah a lot of us do that we walk out when we can learn something that maybe we weren't hitting hard enough to get through the day and get something out in out favor.
You get life once and there's no turning back the clock, you can either sit in the darkness or give yourself some hope that you can get past this darkness and shine away.
Nothing is impossible if you only believe that you can do it, believing that it is impossible will actually make it impossible for you to even think of getting past it.
Have some faith and have some trust cause up there all your efforts are being seen, and you may not know when your prayers get answered and things turn around.
To all those who are dragged down because hope seems like a luxury nowadays just remember that things do turn around even when you don't believe they will, all you need to do is just put in effort and just hope that what happens should happen for the best cause at times what seems is the best option is not the best option at all.
Try hard so that you're satisfied at your heart, have faith and hope and just wait out to see what happens.