Monday, 12 September 2016

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all who are reading.

It's about helping each other and being there for each regardless of faith, color, nationality and language. You and I are humans first, so why ruin life for someone or anyone.
You won't get a fair treatment by everyone if you treat everyone fairly but you will get the fair treatment by someone who really matters.

Spread smiles and happiness, life's too colorless without happiness. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Running blindly

Nothing better than to come on here, clean the cobwebs and put my thoughts out here,

Let's start, have you ever felt that your interactions and friendships only last till the boundaries of an institution. I have, countless times. I look back at what friends do I hold close and dear, I'll pull out a few names from a basket. But you know what? Those names are just pieces of paper with ink, which dried a long time ago.  The crushes, crushes are meant to be like that. Why does it feel so superficial to be me? I find someone interesting and the next thing I know, she walks away.

Everyone has their own choices, their own types, their own preferences, can't I find a friend like me? Oh yeah I did then she went away too.

When your friends don't text you, when some of them say that it's your nature to talk to us, when you do all the work for something and someone thinks they are the brains behind that idea.
I don't even know what I need to try.
Fuck, yeah that's right I said Fuck, so? No one gives a fuck. Friends don't care until it doesn't concern them.

In the end when I'm tired of people, I find my solace in being materialistic. People forget me, there's always a good substitute to take my place, friends, cousins ,best friends, crushes they all have good substitutes on the corner.
To this crush from college you might have given me what you would call a "sweet no explanation" but I would have been fine with a simple "I can't talk to you".
But your "sweet no explanation", that doesn't go down on me well.
And to the friends who take my friendship for granted, I'm happy that you guys take me and everything that I do for granted cause there's only so much that I can do.

Oh crush, oh my dear crush, your words hurt even it's been months.
and you my dear friends, I wish you knew how many friends I have got that I can talk to.

In the end all I know is that the majority loves to be associated with materialism and I promise you'd love to be associated to me.

Come what it is that I am running into, without a torch running blindly.
Through the dust, through the winds and through the rain.
A sign on the road to realization, covered in honey but a cold metal underneath.
Where the lights shine bright, where the water falls are, to the nature lies untouched.
To a place where a child sits against a tree, with pencils and a sketch of sunset.
The grass was green, hearts were pure and the soul was washed with goodness. 
From a place where the sun set, to a place where the sun will rise.
To forget a face, to reveal a face hidden behind a veil.
The road to walk for realization, lost under the desert of the glitters.
Glitters but not the gold, glass but not a diamond, acquaintances but not friends. 
The world has to offer, to accept is your call.
To walk away from the glitters and the glass, is to find yourself.   
In her "no" lies the motivation to run, run through to what is being offered.