Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Your job that's all folks

It's been a really long break that I had taken but I am back :) Hope you guys didn't leave reading the blog and I'm not that late.
Anyhow what I wanted to say is that when life gives you lemons, you trade them for a glass of orange juice.
Hahaha thought I should share something light.
Coming back to the post, if you guys wanna succeed in life then don't trust anyone always be prepared to deal with any and every situation of life because people tend to disappoint.
But an open road and tank full of gasoline won't disappoint you so whenever the pressure gets too much just do your bit and get the hell away cause you did your bit that's the important part now you are free of your duties just be sure that your part of the job should be sparkling like diamonds.
Later readers. 

Run and escape to save time

The truth about life is that you can't move on, there is something that always drags you back to from what you're trying to escape. I like most of you people am trying to escape a lot of things and at this moment the success rate is almost negligible and well I'm going far away from people and staying away cause running away is the best escape. Who ever said embrace the problems needed to understand that these problems not only ruin a day they also ruin the whole course of life.
Run from the things that you know will take a long time to heal cause once you run away you will find a lot substitutes, in the meantime I'll go back on the road and last time it was 70 miles in the second gear. I'ma try to get it over that. Pfft 1.6 engine isn't a 650 bhp beast it's a 121 bhp average one but still you get the thrill.
Run away and save time cause problems take time and you don't have time on your side.
Peace out readers

Monday, 15 July 2013

We need people like him

I was looking around and everywhere I look there's selfishness, the businessmen looking for their profit, the leaders filling their own pockets and people being robbed or killed or even both but then there's this guy who's helping out these orphans, running a school for them and then running an old home, that's big and I mean that's an act of generosity and he ain't a millionaire or a billionaire but he has a passion and that's the driving force behind his success at helping people who are not so much blessed but are blessed to have him around cause he's trying to help the helpless by giving them a voice.
This world needs good people like him around to make world a better place to lif/e

A patch

A memory replaced by a patch blank, without a color and without a shade
A voice taken away and filled with silence, a photo replaced by the a white wall
A ghost i am in those memories, can't remember i can where i was
Who was I or what i held on when i became lost, the trail of breadcrumbs vanished

In the fog I walk, without a light I search for the lost picture
Can't see I can what's lying in front of me,  can't see I can what's the color of the wall against which i walk
Words don't make sense neither do the sentences i write, a photo can't make me relive the memory
There's no symmetry, there's no charm neither is there something
That'd make you read what i write, eyes only slide down the lines like a drop of rain on the windscreen

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ignorance a bliss

Ignorance is a bliss, that is rightly said cause ignoring some things is a bliss. Life's rope is full of twists and at times it's not wise to unravel these twists cause it only hurts to know the other side of picture of the person but it's good to know the other side well cause it helps to grasp the situation better. If you totally ignore these twists then you'll  fall over but if you change your direction and  move away then you'll be pretty safe.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Reality, a few verses

I speak but yet I'm silent to you, I'm awake but yet you say my eyes are closed
My conscience is wide awake but yet you say I can't do justice, to me blood is red but to you it's just water
A scream is a cry for pain, but to you it's just another act by a pretentious miser
An eye sees it all but my eyes can't be trusted to give a statement for the weak

A hand can stop the injustice but you tied the hands of conscience with the chains of ignorance 
A child goes to sleep with an empty stomach, yet even your hair feast on the fruits from heaven
A tear and a drop of sweat falls down from the face of a helpless child, yet you don't feel the pain
Miles are walked on foot by the people under the bright sunshine yet you can not walk mere meters without an umbrella

Justice is sold out in briefcases filled with cash, yet you say the courts are independent and unbiased
Hatred is what is savaged when a person falls without a cause, revenge is in the eyes of the left behind 
A life lost is just number to you, two broken sentences you think are sufficient to cover the loss
Twenty families are the prey of the shots fired yet you stay hidden in your castle built from the money earned by our sweat

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life's a circle, roll with it

In life we come across people and we see them leave, I used to think that I'd never meet friends or people like those again but as time passed by I met new people and some of them are a replacement to the leavers maybe even better than them cause they've been around for a longer time than the previous people and it's just a circle of life that you have to stick around with the ones who are in your life not the ones who are not cause they left on their own accord.
I know I'll meet them again sometime later on in life but I don't have any high hopes that they'll even remember my name so it's just a circle of life cause we pass hundreds of faces on the streets, some that we know and some which know us. You can you know believe in the fact that what comes around goes around and be happy with the people you have in your life right now.
In the end life's a circle and you have roll with it one way or another cause that's how it's meant to be.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pain: a few verses

If pain was to be measured in scale, every combination would be invalid
If pain was to be weighed, every weight would feel insufficient
If a tear was to be worth something, even a statue of gold would fail to fetch it's price

If the pain was to have a colour, it'd be darker than black and deeper than red

If pain was to be described on a paper, ink and pages would run out, the description incomplete
If pain was to be compared to love, love would be on it's knees
If pain was to be a person, it's face would take the smile from your lips.

If pain was to have a name, hearing it would make tears fall down your eyes like a river
If pain was to be a mountain, then there'd be none who'd conquer it
If pain was to be a road, then there'd be no end to the black carpeted surface
If pain was to be a river, then there'd be a flood everywhere and everyday

Friday, 5 July 2013

When you'll be all alone

I lost my balance, my hand crashed on the trolley breaking the two glass shelves and piercing my right hand. It hurt a lot but when I had to do do everything with my left hand it made me feel what's it like to be on your own, all alone, far away from home and where you don't have your family to help you out with your problems and it makes me lonely and hollow from inside knowing that I'll be alone at a time but like they say patience has a sweet reward so I'll be back with them after a while.
When you realize that you have to do things on your own, you'll know that the world is not a warm and a welcoming place cause it's cold and agonizing when you're in pain without a helper.
Take care all of you.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

To a friend who left

Somethings are left unfinished cause that's the end to them, without a farewell we bid adieu to the lost
Lost you are till someone looks in the eye with the hope of finding you, time did not wait neither did you
Sands from the hourglass of time don't stop neither do they go back, just like you

Can't go back in time, I want to but it's just a wish that won't be granted
I regret makin those mistakes, I miss ya me amigo and I miss those time
Life will get better but it won't be the same without you, without the fun it'll be bland
I'ma wear the white overall and hold the title of doctor but you, I won't see you ever again
Cause you crossed over into the peaceful paradise of the eternal life, far away from all of us

Leavers and the fake friends

I have always been saying that the leavers and the fake friends will always leave you out so it shouldn't hurt a lot but it does hurt, I came across some people who I thought were my real friends but it turns out that nah they were the leavers too because the good friends are only a handful and not a bucket full. Don't get the hopes high cause leavers won't come back to you, only a handful will come back and talk to you.
Just know who are the seasonal people and who are the permanent people, then you'll be a bit better at dealing with losses.

Pinpointing and accidents

When you're sitting on the passenger seat, you point out what the driver is doing wrong, like he/she is going too fast or too slow but when you're behind the wheel, do you like to hear your errors being pinpointed out? Nope, none of us likes that, it's a whole new dimension when you are sitting in the passenger seat and when you're behind the wheel. Some of us don't realize this but this pin pointing can at times lead to  accidents if an argument arises. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thoughts into burden and burden to doubts

Human mind needs it's thoughts to be heard and having a good medium to listen to those thoughts lifts the burden but this is not always possible because not everyone is available to listen to your thoughts. It's understandable cause none can be available 24/7 and sometimes these thoughts and ideas never make a complete sense rather they don't make sense at all cause.
Some people with whom you want to talk to aren't there or they forgot who you are, it sucks doesn't it when you remember everything that you and that person talked about but none of it means a thing to them. I have those issues because I am good at remembering the conversations that took place but ignorance is a bliss.
You want to speak but then you know that people won't even care to listen to all of it so you lose the interest in sharing your thoughts, this cause a burden to build up and that leads to developments of doubts and all that.
The question is that will you find an ear to listen to you when you need to pour out those ideas?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Fear and breaking the ice.

Fear is what controls the life, we all are afraid of somethings and someone. I was afraid of driving a manual transmission but after driving in a full fledged lahore traffic it's pretty fun cause you got so much freedom no more a computer controlling the shifting I enjoy driving that car a lot and on top of that it's diesel so the sound changes a lot kinda makes you feel more in the power. I was afraid that I may mess up the clutch and the accelerator movement and hit someone but slowly that fear is washing away cause it's just an autonomous response more like a heartbeat, that is if you have self confidence otherwise you may cause yourself a little embarrassment which I did a number of times, but the thing is that nothing is too hard or difficult.
Driving in Lahore is insane you have to protect yourself and your car all the time but it's not impossible neither is it too much of a work all it takes a little confidence and some practise.
Secondly, breaking the ice is always a tough one and it's a fear that holds you back, if you want to speak then  don't let the fear hold you back you may not know what it may tell you.