Monday, 28 October 2013

confusing thought

So I was going to someplace a few days back and there was this guy standing in the middle of the road holding a pistol and started shooting in the sky to what seemed a showoff contest, pfft in the middle of the road, wow nice spot genius. Anyone can shoot a gun, no heroism there but to use it for this sort of reason yeah the mental clinic is just around here.
And everyone of his friends were like yeah, you did it man. And certainly no police would have ever come because the dude was something of a political worker, some attitude they have.
Can't do anything about it so that's that, if I could I would have changed something 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A wish and a poem

I know this won't ever happen but still hopeful that someday someone reads my verses and poems, gives me the opportunity to make the most out of it but I don't know maybe I'll have the chance or maybe I won't but still may a miracle happen soon and i get acknowledged if I'm good.
Anyhow, here's the new one in case you guys read, it's about what goes on and I think that people can relate to it, would love some feedback if any of you read then do let me know
thank you :)

It’s best to leave than to apologize, it’s best to leave where the worth is forced into worthlessness
Why would anyone be interested when there’s nothing to offer, why would you be remembered when there’s nothing memorable about you

Why do you look back into the darkness of the failures, when all you can make out is how you fell down
No matter how much you think, time will not come back to take you up in it’s arms, once a drop falls it can not go back up in the clouds

Why are you giving up your values for a bag made of ice, beauty never lasts but the character does last for eternity
Why are you sacrificing everything you hold dear for the leavers, why waste your time on the ones who lie and hide.

Live the life I always wanted, alone but surrounded by the achievements of my dreams, a best friend always on hand
To be able to say I lived it all when the time comes to depart, depart with a smile and not with the cry of regret 

With a gaze on the horizon when the gentle breeze blows, I’ll say it aloud I lived the life I wanted to
Made a few smile, made a few cry but there’s no regret cause I realized that this life is about me not the leavers.

If I'm good then may I get the chance, please?

Monday, 21 October 2013

New verses

Not every rich person is bad, but not all of them feel the pain that the less blessed suffer

To the ones who breathe but yet don't have a heart, to the ones who smile but lack the compassion
To the ones who sit in bright lit rooms, surrounded by the blanket of warmth and comfort
When it snows, you don't feel the cold, when it's burning outside you don't feel the heat
When the poor dies, no pain is felt, when the rich departs the tears begin to fall like drops of rain

When a life is lost for the country, they are crowned as martyrs, but yet lives hold no value for you
Ego and pride go hand in hand, friends and foe they are both but yet you never stopped to realize
Your tables are filled with the exotic dishes, but yet a peasant strives to earn bread for his family
Your flesh is washed with the extracts of the fruits but the less blessed yearn for the taste of fruits

Not everyone on the top is born with the silver spoon, not every achiever is from the family of the fortunate and blessed
It's the strength, the courage and the desire to win which gets you ahead, the rabbit was fast but lost the race
Not every theory was accepted, not all the fights were won by numbers of soldiers, to every fight a spirit is a need

Not all the rich are whom I talk about, the only ones who don't consider the worth of a life are whom I point at
Health and wealth are the dreams of every man, to every man is his gain or loss, but to everyone is the story he lived
To crush someone's dream is easy, just walk over the sculptures of sand or throw water over, and look back with the devilish smile
To help someone with his dreams, is something most of us never think about, but a handful do put the dreams of others on the canvas.

Friday, 18 October 2013

references made into verses

I miss the ones who left me behind, I miss the one who made me feel lost without a map
Is remembering them worth it? Or should I move on, pretend like I am as happy as I seem to be
Is it better to be alone? Or is it better to find friends who'd be on your side forever?
Was i remembered or was I just walked over like a fallen leaf?
Would any of these matter when I live my dreams?
Yes seems to be the beat of the heart but the mind rejects the claim.
I will wait for you, is what Mumford and sons said but the leavers weren't lovers
Walk on is what Bono said, without the country tune he did pass on his message on what was to be done
The fire did spread but it was put down by hope, unforgettable it was but we got past it with smiles
When you wanted to come inside my thoughts, I ran away cause that's where my demons are
It's dark and filled with the sins of my past, it's holding me back from the light but I'll never give up
I ran away into the light but my eyes wouldn't let me see in the bright sunlight, would you hold my hands?
You and I, we should run away to somewhere only we know about and lay there on the ground with eyes fixed on the stars
Is this the place that I dreamed of? Why doesn't time hold it's breath and give up it's flow?
I wanna run away into the mountains and lose the memories. Can't we just start over new like all of the songs are sung.

the one photo

miracle may happen

I'm a U2 fan, U2 to me was the beginning of what I can surely call a change in my life. 
I first listened to their song, The hands that built america in the credits of The Gangs Of New York and I was just blown away by the vocals and the melody mixed with the rhythm that followed every word.
That was the first English song that had me attracted all the way and it's been like 4 years of me listening to them and their songs still are as fresh as they were when I first heard them. 
The lyrics are multidimensional, every line can be interpreted differently and still it is as crisp as it once was.

I have this crazy dream and it's that I wanna meet the band one day and get Bono to sing a song that I wrote, it's pretty crazy but miracles can happen anytime.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Highschool doesn't end the world

Hello readers, it's been a long time since I posted here and well, I've been busy so I apologize if you've been waiting for a post.
Highschool is not the end nor the only thing that matters, I did not have good grades but yet I got into the medical school that I wanted to go, the people who got better grades than me well they must have gotten here but I'm blessed to go out to the world and live these six years of my life in one of the cities I always wanted to go since I was a kid.
It does not really matter if the teachers don't give you attention, to most of my teachers I was the student who always was below average but how can a below average student make it to the top 1.5% percent universities of the world. Hahahaha what I'm trying to say here is that, it DOESN'T matter if you have bad grades, all that matters is your dedication and love for what you wanna be, screw what the teachers or people around you think.
I had a score of 38 from 50, my school mates reached 45 or higher but I don't see them going to that university or to a university of a competition. People used to say with your grades you can't get into a medical school pfft suck brick now kid cause I got there.
The fact is, if you're supposed to be somewhere, if you have that feeling of trust and confidence then you're gonna get there so screw what people think. It's your life mate, not theirs and everyone yaps only a few get to the limelight.
So screw people with a screw driver, have trust in yourself and push as far as you can, you surely will be rewarded, put a fight and don't go down easy.
If you lose hope then do remember , your place will be taken by others, and you don't want that.

Be practical and observe, one only needs a smile to be human, darkness is a virtue of the machines.