Saturday, 11 October 2014

What makes this world be this world?

What makes this world what it is? A simple question with an even simpler answer, the world does not wait for ANYONE. Prophets came, spread their message and they left, saints came and they left, all the people who made a difference in the past left this world, the world did not stop, sun did not stop to set, days came along as they were supposed to, nights came by as it was the time, some people close left us, some new came into this world, there's happiness, there's sadness but nothing stays the same, the sun rises and it sets, it's a cycle.
I gave up hope but the world won't stop if I leave it, there will be mourning, but eventually people move on, everyone does, you'll be remembered by a few but life will go back to the way it was. It won't make a difference if you quit, but if you try, try and keep on trying it will make an impact, loads of people will remember you, people will envy you for the patience and hard work you've put in, I'm not best prepared for the exam, but leaving this world won't make a difference, it'll just tell people that I was weak and I got crushed, life won't always be hard nor will it be easy; don't give up, don't give in easy fights, fight till the last moment, I hope I pass with good marks.
Please remember me in your prayers, if I made a positive difference in your life I'm glad, if I helped you in any way I'm happy.
thank you :)