Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Against the tree

I walked down the street, a whisper I heard, someone sang her heart out. 
Surrounded by a crowd, I felt everyone was a mute, her voice is what I hear. 
She sat besides the window in a coffee shop, a burgundy blouse she wore. 
In her voice was a sorrow, pain hard to pen down on a paper, her eyes a mirror. 
A mirror to the past, her smile spoke of hope, a courageous soul inside. 
As I sank into her eyes, a shy girl dressed in black. 
Her hair tied behind, she strolled down the street singing her, in her own world. 
A smile she held on to, innocence radiated from Her face.  
In the phase which followed, I lost her to the darkness, into the distance she went. 
At the intersection we met again, a young woman dressed in a white shirt, a smile on her lips. 
No words were spoken, we held hands, it wasn't a black and white picture. 
Her eyes clear as the crystals, love her, let her love. 
Against a tree I kissed her lips, she tasted of the juiciest strawberries. 
As the sun sank, words became a memory, only the eyes spoke.

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