Monday, 16 September 2013

A rant

Not sure if anyone reads this blog now so I'ma make this a rant today.

This idea that I've in my head that people will leave makes me less sociable thus making me have a  very few friends since the number of friends is very few the level of expectation is very high from them and apart from 2-3 the others don't usually respond, I know I have some very good friends but the thing is that everyone has their own lives and sometimes most of them can't reply.
People came and people left, nothing stopped them and they never sent me a message again, some of them forgot who I even was but that's not new so it's somewhat cool, and some of them never replied. That's just great and when you need to talk to someone you can't find them. Just gotta learn to have no expectations from anyone maybe that'll help me to live a more happy life.
It's hard to imagine life without friends but none really sticks around for me now do they?


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