Thursday, 6 March 2014

Just be who you truly are

I like a few things, for starters a car which I really want and then there's this girl. Both of them used to be there for me to like them but then I realized that I can't get either of them no matter what and I just give up on those. Instead of looking at other people's cars and, or girls I should look at my own things, my books, my grades, my blog and stuff like that cause what they have is theirs, sure I think they are having all the fun, cars, grades, girls and popularity but that isn't mine and I shouldn't waste time looking at that Rx-8 parked at the college, or that Mercedes or those other goodies. It's a good thought to think that someday I'll have a car like that and I'll mod it like this or that but that won't be happening for some time.
Being friends with the popular kids doesn't make you popular and similarly it doesn't make you smart either, if it were the case I'd be uber smart and popular. What you value a relationship, be a it a friendship, a crush or love, is not what everyone values it as the same.
I used to think that if I get that car maybe I'd be popular among my social circle, or if that girl was to be my friend I'd be popular too but that isn't the case. When you have what other want, they just compete and when you don't have those, they just raise the walls higher inch by inch so you can't climb inside their tower.

Don't go after what the majority likes, go after what YOU like. Popularity or having a ton of friends is not the key, just be who you truly are!

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  1. I can say, you are popular. No matter who you are, or the who you become, you are always popular in One Person's eyes. You know who. Also you are in mine.