Saturday, 31 May 2014

A book

I wanna write a book, something based on my feelings, about the life inside me. With all my studies I'm not sure how and when I would be done with it but I definitely am starting on it soon to make sure that it comes true.
Someone I used to talk to told me that maybe she'd meet me someday at a doctor's or writer's conference, well I'm in a med school and hopefully things will continue to go smoothly, but the writing part, yeah to fill in both the circles I'm going to be doing that too, even though I may never meet her again, I still want to be sure that I tick both the boxes, 1 being something I want to be, a cardiologist and 2 being something that is a part of me, a writer.
 Hopefully it'll be finished and will be published someday, but even completing it would mean a lot to me.

1 comment:

  1. I wish you all the best and nothing less. you surely deserve to make your dreams come true. I'm exited to know when you'll finish the book so I can read it, it'll be my pleasure. and a cardiologist!! that's very interesting! May Allah be with you in every step of the way and lead you to the right way so you can reach your goals.
    -TheComet ^_^