Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Voice of a child inside

Clothe me, hold me, save me from the stare
Take me away, but stay close, make my heart beat as yours
Find me a wonderland, build me a castle along the lake
Where we swam for the first time, you said you'd drown
But you were afloat, it all took a little effort, it was all that was needed
Break my wings free from these chain, leave me be
Let me fly, let me see the oceans wide,  the skies blue
On the coastline, will you wait for me to come back? 
Show me love, show me what it means to be loved
Scare away these memories, let me be free tonight
Why don't you look away? Why are you eyes fixed towards me?
I am weak, I am all alone on this dark night, why are you so far away
Come back, come back to me, save the child inside 
Save the innocent soul, scare away these wolves
Oh save your child, save her, for the end is near

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