Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I saw her.....

I saw her in the land so distant, oceans between and the blanket of fog all around. 

From the tides high and low, to the peaceful waters, splitting the distance 

A piece of string, two hearts, a stitch not easy to undo 

Her numbers and figures crisp, my writing hard to decipher 

Sleepless nights, she is all on my mind, thoughts of the future. 

Bless me with her, grant me the woman I yearn for 

Two years to go, two will fly, let me hold her while we fly. 

A pencil to trace the curves she had, in  her days of youth and old. 

Turn her hair Grey, wrinkles on the face, her smile always evergreen

Her eyes read through, her hands skip my heartbeats

Her eyes deep as an ocean, her lips warm as the perfect cup of tea. 

Her curves from top to bottom, take my breath away as she stands 

Dressed in nothing but lace and the ring she exchanged, her innocence is my treasure 

Her hair and hands, her legs crossed guard her

An expression of love and the sight changed 

Her love gave birth, a family from the two of us, her body nurtured 

She a human being ever so amazing, her love ever so  unique.

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