Thursday, 2 January 2014

Medical poem

Four books on the table, ink of my pen takes away the simplicity of the page 
When will my thoughts form a junction with her's? 
Will there ever be an anastomoses around us?
Will there be ever a synapse to conduct my impulses to her heart?
I've read so much about the femoral nerve but will her nerves sense my impulses
If red is the color of love, then should I be interested in her arteries
If blue is the color of remorseless, should I beware of her veins?
Why is all this so complex even though there's a book on every topic?
What is the threshold of her membrane potential
To stimulate her for a response, to show a sign
If love is all about chemicals, why are the receptors so camouflaged
Should there be thoughts of a similar note, equilibrating between the interstitial fluids?


  1. Interesting poem, Mr. Jam.

  2. Care to explain it for those not in medical school?

  3. it's like a flirty poem for someone. I had an idea to use the medical terms and make a poem out of them so I tried and here it is. it simply says I like her