Saturday, 18 January 2014

Do what you love

I love going to med school and I really want to be a good doctor, weekend gets boring a lot when I don't have anything to prepare for, I got a couple of tests next week and when Monday comes I'm happy cause I get to be at someplace I love being at.
I love the dissection hall lectures the most and it is one of the best hours in the college.
I'm not the best student but I love being able to help people, I love reading those long and lengthy books cause those short ones kill my curiosity, I'm a slow learner but I love what I am doing and studying medicine is one the most enjoyable things for me.
I frequently am told that I fell short off the merit and stuff and it is bugging me that whether will I be able to make a difference?
Being a good doctor, I think will be the greatest achievement for me and I should just simply stop paying attention to what my father or the others say.
I'll be a much much better father to my child than the father I had and that's about it, you can't really expect a glass to be a diamond.
Do what you love, do what makes you happy. It's your life not someone else's, just make sure that you choose a respectable path no matter where ever you go, always respect and be respected.

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