Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem!!!! do critique

So my new poem, do give some feedback.
Thank you

I wondered, what it would feel like to win
To hold victory in my hands, to feel someone cheer my name
Here I stand, with thought of winning every battle that I fight
With nothing but my confidence and my determination
And I ask myself will it be enough to get me through to the other half of the bridge
I was told not to look down as I will fall, but I used to be on the ground
But now I'm high up on the bridge, with every bullet being my last
And every option running out of my grasp, I do tell myself you got this far
Why would He let you fall down, to Him is what everything belongs
In the end I smile as I walk down the battlefield, knowing I'm not the best
But in my head I will survive is what echoes throughout
I had a few people at the start and I will have a few at the end
Beauty lies but not in the face, for face can be lost
But the soul will always survive, for what is Divine shall always be Divine 


  1. Very deep indeed. The battles of ones life has just begun. By birth was just the start, but now it is only the beginning. Remember every breath you take maybe be your last live life, and you will survive; even after death, it is just the beginning.