Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Be confident

I got my big test session this week but I'm here writing a post and the reason behind is that there's a lesson I learnt.
It was spotting so we had to identity structures,  I was confused about what I heard from people after discussion of the answers and I got frustrated but I looked over videos and stuff and I found out that I had done a pretty good job but my lack of confidence causes me to fall behind.
Shouldn't let your lack of confidence push you behind.
well that's about it for today :)


  1. Being confident is hard for me. Is there anyway I can be confident in trusting people and trusting that I can do well on things?

  2. Trusting yourself takes a bit of getting used to.
    you have to start off by doing something simple, like you can try to learn a simple mechanism and then when you learn it just try to reproduce it on your own, like for example I will try to learn as much as I can about my studies such as muscle attachment and when I think I have got it, I'll close the book and try to reproduce what I have learnt. You may not get the perfect result every time you try but you will get better and better and that will help you trusting yourself and you can also change a situation and try to put your learning on that front as well. For trusting people, you have to firstly show them that you have some confidence in you, you can do it in simple ways. For example, comb your hair, wear a good combination of clothes, don't have to put on a lot of makeup or use hair gel, just be natural, wear a good set of combination and make your body language be welcoming. And for starting a conversation try to practice talking to yourself, it does sound crazy but it will take away that pull which stops you from being confident.
    Hope that it helps and you have to patient, it will take time.
    Good luck