Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A downhill crash

When you're on a spot where others wish to be, you have to be thrice as hard working as compared to others. Especially when you and everyone else is on a different footing with their standards of studying and their standard of marks. Its weird that it takes a tons of hard work for me to come close to the others because of the fact that they are so polished and well i ain't that used to studying.
Don't leave anything as your loose end!!! Study everything and then hope for the best.
I think I may need  prayers to get around this one, it's weird when you do one part very good but the next day you have lost your game. Ha, I was so mad at myself for about one or two mistakes I made yesterday but today the value just multiplied by a higher factor.
Study so much that you become satisfied and confident with your knowledge.

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