Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Answer and a poem

A little while ago, I spent a bit of time looking around for the people who used to be a part of my life, friends and more than friends. it wasn't worth it, I mean i wasted my time for over some people who I never even talk to anymore and it was just plain stupid. SO even if you're curios about the leavers, don't look back, just keep moving on. for life is fun with the people who talk, not with the ones who have left.

I look around a lot, for the people who used to be a part of my life 
For a reason to what I have no answer, in the midst of curiosity I ponder here and there 
With all the clues that my memory has left me with
Broken and rough around the edges, my search still continues 
But for all this trouble is it worth the while, my heart says no
My mind agrees, nothing disagrees, none says the opposite 
But curiosity always held me in her grasp, if life was to be moved on
Then why would I sit around with all these thoughts, in a way where no strings are attached 
The quest for finding them makes me want to continue the walk
But if I am wrong, would this be my insanity?
To keep an eye out for the one who used to be close
Who knew my deeply hidden secrets, would it matter if she read this?
Why and how would she know about my curiosity when all these are merely words
if secrets were just a burden then why do I conceal the feelings
but alas, a sip of tea and teaspoon of thought does refresh the whole memory
In a way where my mind says, "if she was to stay, you wouldn't be writing this"
My heart agrees, none disagrees, for it is the truth, painted just to accept and not to question


  1. Wow this is amazing beyond description and so heart touching! Wow! Please do keep writing!

  2. This really touched me, because I've been there. I try not to look back I do, but its hard. This is PHENOMENAL. Can I post is on my blog, I'll be sure to write your name under it. Here's the link to the post: http://lambolovinhayat.tumblr.com/post/89671154917/a-little-while-ago-i-spent-a-bit-of-time-looking

  3. This is so beautifully written, It's so true when you said:" The truth painted just to accept and not to question " I totally agree with you though sometimes it is hard not to wonder and doubt yourself. But as I always say:" There's a reason for everything that comes and goes " After every pain there's a hidden joy waiting to be found cuz Allah never gives us more than we can take. I think I got a little far here btu what can I say?! your poem inspired me ^_^ Thanks for sharing this it was amazing.
    -TheComet ^_^

  4. Loved reading this!!!

  5. Beautiful depth, This is great!