Thursday, 24 April 2014


My mother once told me that you don't have to bow down to anyone or apologize if it wasn't your fault even whatever is happening. You didn't do it, good you should have no concerns and if it's a friend in trouble then help him/her, but in my experience you will find a single digit figure when it comes to finding real friends. the rest just are just some people.
I have a huge problem and that is I take sympathy and somehow a kinder me comes to surface, but in this world your "kinder self" should only be visible to the ones who treat you an equal scale, it doesn't matter if the other person is stronger than you, if you're being ridiculed then honestly you have no need to call them a friend or even shake hands, sure an eye for an eye leaves the world blind, but look around most of the people that you encounter are "BLIND" so stop making people happy and stand up for yourself. 
Love yourself, protect yourself, get respected and give respect, stand up for your family and friends and never bow or back down if you are correct. 

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