Saturday, 12 April 2014

new verses

Everyone laughs while I grieve, over the past that I lost
Time won't come back, that is a fact known by all
I never will know how to be someone I'm not
Sharing the times with friends was never my forte
For it felt too much out of the blue, for I never understood
Maybe I was born to be like this, or maybe I blended myself into this mold
Maybe it is a combination, of the nature with the mentality
The ones who fly alone never make it too far on their path
For the lone bird is easy to set eyes upon, behind the blue sky
I never learnt how to fly together, maybe I too will not make it far
In a way, those who flock together are the ones who reach maturity
If time were to climb back up against the gravity, might I be able to learn something
In the end when the bird is shot, I won't be the one who will be remembered
For I was never around when the party was in the swing, in a way it all makes sense
Never leave before the others, or you won't make it too far ahead

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  1. This is very good, yet I do understand what you mean. but also in my opinion, there are people who set them free, to go their own way, sometimes you need to go it alone to get to where you want to go you understand what I mean??

    1. But yet this is a very good poem indeed. :)