Sunday, 4 May 2014

Education, a priceless gift

I wasn't aware of the importance of education, and frankly I didn't think of it as a blessing.
I talked to one of good friends, he dropped school early and took part in business but then he went to the other country and cause he doesn't have any degree or anything he's just out of options on what to do. The only option he has is to work at a store, a gasoline station or some other place, every piece of bread that a man earns from his hard-work is as good as a Lamborghini, but his father was a respected officer and he retired from a high post and it makes me wonder how would his father feel that his other three sons have got degrees and are doing jobs while the youngest one is going to be working in  a store or a gasoline station and at this point I realized how blessed I am to be studying medicine, not only me but all of us who are able to go to schools, colleges and universities, get degrees and get good jobs.
Education is a gift, most of us don't realize how much it is worth but take a look at the ones who are deprived of this gift.
It is the fundamental right of every child to be taught, whether they makes it to the top or not but you have to grant that right to erase inequality from this world and to make this world a better place.
And when a child goes to a school or any educational institute that teaches them to be a better person you will notice that ethics, etiquette and manners will be incorporated into them and it certainly will be a whole lot better place to live. 

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  1. You are so right, I am lucky to be able to go to school and have the guarantie the someday I'll have a descent job. I feel sorry for those who don't go to school not cuz they are not intellegent cuz it's completely wrong "everyone has its own special talent or gift for something" But I only feel sorry for them cuz the current events and current world won't even take a look at them without any diploma or degree. This is so true and honest so Thanks for sharing this.
    -TheComet ^_^