Thursday, 27 October 2016

Changes: everyone needs them

The last Saturday I was under stress, with the exams starting from Monday I couldn't control my anxiety mainly because of the people posting different questions on the study groups over on Facebook. So I thought to myself if I kept getting stuck over the questions a lot of people are posting and to be frankly honest they were the questions you would be stuck on had you not given certain topics a thorough read. I had read most of the topics in details so my concepts were clear, but I could not say the same for the others.
Anyhow, I deactivated my account, got rid of the anxiety, got rid of all the pseudo friends I had on the social media platform, got rid myself of some forced pals that I had to talk to so they wouldn't feel bad and to be honest I haven't felt much better, relaxed and myself like this way in a while.
Then came the bigger task, the cleaning of my email inbox with emails from all the friends I had, the ex, and a lot of people I used to know and I feel much better and then the final nail being hammered was blocking the emails of all the unwanted people and sending them right away to "thrash"

And you know what? I feel so relaxed and so much better.
Seeing that most of the audience that's been on the page is due to redirects from some "awkward" websites, I can definitely say that it's been a great journey venting myself out here and probably being safe from someone who knows me.
If anyone of you from stats is an actual reader or a real person, you should make some changes in your life too and if you think this is helpful you should share it, comment on it or if you don't like it then you should throw a comment anyway so I may know the views which you guys have.
It'd be a big deal to actually know what you think of my posts.

Thanks for reading and hoping to see your comments someday or sometime

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