Sunday, 2 October 2016

Crutches you don't need

When you feel like giving up, when all doesn't seem to go in the direction you want, when progress doesn't come in the way you want it to come, what would you do?
I have been on this road a lot of times, and I've given up so much that I feel like I am crippled and I am going through one day at a rate of one day. I can give more, but I haven't been able to, it could be so good but I am lagging behind.
 If you're reading this, anyone of you, I'd suggest that you never let any one give you the crutches of their "friendship' and take away your independence.
I've had those experiences, friends are friends only to a place, some are just friends in class and some are friends in the gym but you will be the only one walking your life.
Sitting here, waiting for a friend to text, I've been here a lot and I'm still hoping that he'd text me sometime, but that's wrong. I became dependent on friends to feel happy, to enjoy the days I thought friends are necessary but that was wrong.
I have thought about calling it quits with friends like these, I'll be alone but ain't I alone now? I got a lot to be thankful for and I can't count my blessings. In the end, I'll put it as Les Brown said, when you see them coming, turn your head.

Have friends but don't think you need them to enjoy life. Learning one lesson at a time, hopefully I'll leave those crutches and be back on my own.

Live life, be happy and just keep doing what you are doing to earn your dreams.
Forget the ones who depress you, forget the ones who think of tit for tat, you can't follow tit for tat to be happy.

Thank you for reading!

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