Thursday, 21 November 2013

My views

Humans are social animals, in some cases we are worse than the actual animals, an animal is not intellectual enough and hence is overpowered by it's nature, while we on the other hand are intellectual enough to realize what is right and what is wrong but still there's a lack of humanity in the humans.
Go back thousands of years, let's pick up the history and see how a revolution went along, let's see hmm the people were pushed too far and decided to take matters into their own hands and we had bloodshed, filled the streets with blood, men, women, elders and innocent children were killed, it doesn't really matter if the child was the child of a ruler or a rebel, he or she was and is innocent. But still everyone seeks out threats and chooses to get rid of a possible future threat.
You can't account for anything the people on either side do, whether it be the good guys or the bad ones, damage is damage, there were cases of rape from both the sides, slaughtering and torture of innocent people was participated by both the sides so actually in a war no one is a good guy or the bad guy, good or bad is defined by the people who are oppressed and those who oppress.

Mostly the faces change, while decisions remain the same.

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