Friday, 29 November 2013


As an observationalist, I have been observing the fact that how much emphasis we put on the superficial details of someone or something. Superficial or the cosmetics is what catches the eye in the beginning if one was only to use the sense of sight to find something rare, fortunately or unfortunately we only pay details to the superficial and the cosmetics, the other important values are not accounted much these days.
So is it wrong to want something which appeals only on the bases aesthetics, well the answer is no. The human mind is complex, we wants things and yet we need things, the only difference is that for something there can be a substitute for others there simply is no substitute, like you can find friends and acquaintances but you definitely need someone in a class or a lecture to help you keep up with the topics being discussed, while you can either hang around with a friend or just with an acquaintance.  You need someone caring but you want a beautiful person to care whether the beauty lies superficially or deep inside, that depends on your choice.
The question I put here is one, does not being up to a certain mark of superficial standards set by someone means that a certain someone is not attractive enough?
Beauty does not lie only in the cosmetics, it lies beneath the superficiality laced with the make up and in some cases it is merely hidden beneath the experiences of the past.
Next time, someone seems a less attractive maybe you should try getting to know them before giving a refusal to talk.

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