Sunday, 10 November 2013

Faith, hope and trust

been a long time since I posted but back with a new one. Hope that you'll find it helpful.
Suggestions will be really helpful :)

Hope, faith and trust are the torches that get us around the darkest of the times, when you don't have hope you can't see through anything even if the solution is simple you are just blind cause there's darkness all around and everywhere you see there's just pitch black.
Giving up is easy, anyone can give up. You lose hope and you fall down, let's presume your favorite team is losing a match and you just walk away losing hope, yeah a lot of us do that we walk out when we can learn something that maybe we weren't hitting hard enough to get through the day and get something out in out favor.
You get life once and there's no turning back the clock, you can either sit in the darkness or give yourself some hope that you can get past this darkness and shine away.
Nothing is impossible if you only believe that you can do it, believing that it is impossible will actually make it impossible for you to even think of getting past it.
Have some faith and have some trust cause up there all your efforts are being seen, and you may not know when your prayers get answered and things turn around.
To all those who are dragged down because hope seems like a luxury nowadays just remember that things do turn around even when you don't believe they will, all you need to do is just put in effort and just hope that what happens should happen for the best cause at times what seems is the best option is not the best option at all.
Try hard so that you're satisfied at your heart, have faith and hope and just wait out to see what happens.

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