Friday, 15 November 2013

Grow up

So these past few days I was on this social app called, "Kik" oh the wondrous world of kik.
I was looking for people to have a conversation with and there were some people who had their junk as their photos, man no one wants to see your ugly junk, every guy has the same junk so get over it and keep your pants up, then we had some ladies showing off cleavages and their butt. Oh yeah you got a nice butt so what? It doesn't mean that only you have a cute butt or that only you can get attention. Even hookers have the looks so it's way old. A hint try some dignity, the world has already got enough of teenage mommies and it's old.
You try some one to talk and most of them say, a photo first, oh yeah sure I'm gonna propose to you.. Oh grow up will you? Buddy there are millions of other girls with more of an appeal than you, why do you think you're an exceptional case for me?
There are 40 year old plus pervs who try to have sex-ting with girls of their daughter's(s) age and still feel no shame, how would you feel if the tables were turned.
Just a realization that what the values are narrowed down to these days, a good face and some money, both of which porn stars are quite blessed with.
Sex isn't the only thing in life and a bit of make up can make anyone look stunning so just grow up

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