Saturday, 7 December 2013

Have you wondered?

So looks like cobwebs are all over this blog.
Anyhow time for another post, have you ever sat around and wondered how many people you wanted to meet, spend time with, hang out and carry them along for years but all of a sudden they just vanished away just like the wind, yeah I was wondering that but hey the leavers will leave, you'll come across the ones who stay.
It takes two hands to clap and so if you wanna continue on making people to stick around then you probably should tell them that you're interested in their company, else-wise this world is full of people. They'll find new people and you probably will find substitutes too but there'll be a time when you'll remember them.
Tons of work remains, I guess that's what you get in med schools. Study, study and study some more.
Sweet and low by Augustana.

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