Sunday, 13 March 2016

The lazy cat inside

Hmmm wow it's been a while again. My posts are just not going up as they should and well cause of that I have lost the few readers, who used to throw a bit of an eye on here and may be leave a comment, if they felt confident enough and a comment always brightened the day in a very simple yet exciting way such as a child would get the favourite candy bar. These days it's all about being virtual and into the world of cyber reality. 
I wish it wasn't like that always, but I learnt so much through this cyber world that I can not even count, from picking up my pen to write, to making friends and earning some good memories it all helped a lot, from talking to someone I really liked to getting her answer, it all sums up. 
But as i kick the tiny pebbles I find myself questioning why am I so lost? why does my eye always go towards the tiny indicator light on my phone.

After talking and talking to people, I went too far away from this blog, which is like a fortress to me. Here I can post what I feel like, may be I might feel better, some of you might give the time to read it through, one of you might even comment on it.

Well after the tiring journey which I made on my own and without this blog and the reader, I surely missed it very much. 
To the readers and to all, Have a very fun filled sunday cause tomorrow Ladies and Gentlemen, there's a Monday and the lazy cats inside does not surely love Mondays

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