Saturday, 26 March 2016

Somewhere else

Hmm what's new these days? Well the mid terms ended, which gave me an insight on something. If you do not make something fun, spending time memorizing it all won't help a bit. That's one thing which I found out after making something fun, given that it wasn't the best effort cause half a day isn't really good for a spectacular prep but still anyhow it works.

The next thing, what does good dressing help with?  Someone might notice me, I might leave a good impression, I might be distinguishable from the rest of the crowd but doesn't it happen when there's a row full of white cars with a Navy blue in the middle? Sure, someone might notice and even give some importance but nah not good enough to be remembered. 
So a good dressing just helps me with the confidence that I need. 

Something fun I came across, I was very much waiting for the ward rounds at Gynae&Obs. I have an interest in that field, but the thing I was ticked by was that you had to rely on your female colleagues but they always had their own groups. It's a ward where the females have an advantage which does not even need to be said to be acknowledged. 
The three week wards of Gynae&Obs have finished but I still wanna go back there and learn most of it. 
I have no issues on going on my own but in a field where the advantage falls in the court of the opposite sex, they do need to consider some points in the mind. 

But who'd give value to my points, they don't even know my name. 
At the end of the day, I am kinda glad that there are people who don't know me and my name. It all tells me that my final destination is somewhere else. 

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