Sunday, 23 April 2017

Beach and a Ferry

Years ago I was at a beach in Yorkshire, when you think of a beach you want a nice, sunny day and have a bit of a gentle breeze blowing, the kind that just caresses past your body, gives a bit of shuffle to your hair, a breath of fresh air you inhale, sometimes you want to walk on the wet sand without your shoes, with each step you walk a tide of water touches your feet, you feel elevated into a sensation which is way beyond the description of words.
How about sitting on a the deck of ferry, setting your eyes on towards what lies beyond the waters, you are able to make out the faint outlines, but why look so far away in the distance when you are able to look at the waves of water flowing gently, the cool hue spreads, if you wore a turquoise ring you might have been able to relate to the feeling you would might have. Look closely, on the ferries ahead there are others who might be enjoying the same view or some who wouldn't be able to grasp the depth of what this view could mean, but rest assured you are the only one reading this description. May be you are the one who could paint it in your mind without having the need to look at an image to visualize, are you the one?
But if you do need a picture, do look below.
Taken by Khizra Imran, a very talented colleague of mine from college

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