Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Coming around?

Years ago I was standing next to a swimming pool and out of curiosity I thought of landing a slap on the water inside the pool, as high I could as a 10 year old I raised my hand and brought it down as fast as I could and bam, I had received a pretty tough slap on my hand.
We hit, sometimes people, sometimes at things, expecting that it won't happen to us but when it happens it just gives some sense back and you realize how bad it feels and how tough you felt when you hit someone, either physically, emotionally or mentally. 
And then you realize oh I have had a pretty bad scorecard, you just sit around to wait patiently for things to come back and hit you.
Would it be a multiple of 2X or of the same intensity, I don't know but it will come just a matter of time.

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