Friday, 18 October 2013

miracle may happen

I'm a U2 fan, U2 to me was the beginning of what I can surely call a change in my life. 
I first listened to their song, The hands that built america in the credits of The Gangs Of New York and I was just blown away by the vocals and the melody mixed with the rhythm that followed every word.
That was the first English song that had me attracted all the way and it's been like 4 years of me listening to them and their songs still are as fresh as they were when I first heard them. 
The lyrics are multidimensional, every line can be interpreted differently and still it is as crisp as it once was.

I have this crazy dream and it's that I wanna meet the band one day and get Bono to sing a song that I wrote, it's pretty crazy but miracles can happen anytime.


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