Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A wish and a poem

I know this won't ever happen but still hopeful that someday someone reads my verses and poems, gives me the opportunity to make the most out of it but I don't know maybe I'll have the chance or maybe I won't but still may a miracle happen soon and i get acknowledged if I'm good.
Anyhow, here's the new one in case you guys read, it's about what goes on and I think that people can relate to it, would love some feedback if any of you read then do let me know
thank you :)

It’s best to leave than to apologize, it’s best to leave where the worth is forced into worthlessness
Why would anyone be interested when there’s nothing to offer, why would you be remembered when there’s nothing memorable about you

Why do you look back into the darkness of the failures, when all you can make out is how you fell down
No matter how much you think, time will not come back to take you up in it’s arms, once a drop falls it can not go back up in the clouds

Why are you giving up your values for a bag made of ice, beauty never lasts but the character does last for eternity
Why are you sacrificing everything you hold dear for the leavers, why waste your time on the ones who lie and hide.

Live the life I always wanted, alone but surrounded by the achievements of my dreams, a best friend always on hand
To be able to say I lived it all when the time comes to depart, depart with a smile and not with the cry of regret 

With a gaze on the horizon when the gentle breeze blows, I’ll say it aloud I lived the life I wanted to
Made a few smile, made a few cry but there’s no regret cause I realized that this life is about me not the leavers.

If I'm good then may I get the chance, please?

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