Monday, 21 October 2013

New verses

Not every rich person is bad, but not all of them feel the pain that the less blessed suffer

To the ones who breathe but yet don't have a heart, to the ones who smile but lack the compassion
To the ones who sit in bright lit rooms, surrounded by the blanket of warmth and comfort
When it snows, you don't feel the cold, when it's burning outside you don't feel the heat
When the poor dies, no pain is felt, when the rich departs the tears begin to fall like drops of rain

When a life is lost for the country, they are crowned as martyrs, but yet lives hold no value for you
Ego and pride go hand in hand, friends and foe they are both but yet you never stopped to realize
Your tables are filled with the exotic dishes, but yet a peasant strives to earn bread for his family
Your flesh is washed with the extracts of the fruits but the less blessed yearn for the taste of fruits

Not everyone on the top is born with the silver spoon, not every achiever is from the family of the fortunate and blessed
It's the strength, the courage and the desire to win which gets you ahead, the rabbit was fast but lost the race
Not every theory was accepted, not all the fights were won by numbers of soldiers, to every fight a spirit is a need

Not all the rich are whom I talk about, the only ones who don't consider the worth of a life are whom I point at
Health and wealth are the dreams of every man, to every man is his gain or loss, but to everyone is the story he lived
To crush someone's dream is easy, just walk over the sculptures of sand or throw water over, and look back with the devilish smile
To help someone with his dreams, is something most of us never think about, but a handful do put the dreams of others on the canvas.

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